California Freedom Week DOJ Notice to Law Enforcement.

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hey everybody how's it going into daily shooter and I got some pretty important news that's gonna affect a lot of people and make a lot of people feel pretty comfortable about things I wanted to let you guys know that the DOJ has finally sent out a letter to law enforcement and all law enforcement agencies across the state of California letting them know about the injunctions and the stays and all of the new regulations surrounding the magazine ban being lifted for freedom week so let's go ahead and talk about it now unless you live under a rock you know what California freedom week was and what it was all about now if you live here and you failed to take advantage of California freedom week Wow you missed one of the biggest freedom trains to come through the state and a long time now what's sad is that in the state of California where you have so few liberties that even when we get a sliver of a Liberty back for a short amount of time it becomes an epic and momentous deal and people always talk about the purchasing power of California they talk about how we're just this huge economy one of the biggest economies in the world well I'll tell you what we proved it that day we spent a lot of money a lot of people maxed out their credit cards that day and I'll tell you what it was 100% worth it now I got to give a big shout-out to Palmetto State armory they were the first this is a big deal they were the first to say okay we will ship magazines into the state of California that was huge because it really gave people the confidence to start buying so as a thank-you I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna put a link in the comments section I'll pin it to the top and I suggest that you guys go down there you click it and you support Palmetto State Armory off this video because that was a big deal when people were saying are you sure you sure we can do it people kept saying it look dude Palmetto is already shipping him in and so it gave people the confidence actually jump up and get in on freedom week before it was over now I've gotten a lot of emails since it all ended on April 5th people saying that they're nervous about it they're nervous to have these magazines there and they're nervous to even keep them in their possession I mean I'm talking DMS emails personal messages text people just you know even though they bottomed legally at the time and they they do possess them legally without local law enforcement knowing exactly what's going on they were worried that they had these things in their possession and that they could get snapped simply because that local law enforcement wasn't aware of what had happened so I just wanted to ease people's minds and let you know that the California Department of Justice finally sent out a letter to all agencies across the state that basically letting them know of the stay and what happened because of that effect now I will put a link down below in the description box to Michelle and Associates PDF and this PDF will have the actual letter that was sent out to law enforcement now this letter was sent out three times a day for I believe three days so it was sent out morning noon and night for three straight days to these different law enforcement agencies so everybody should know what's going on and be on the same page now I'll try and summarize the letter essentially what the letter does is it kind of gives a little bit of a backstory on who created the letter who's writing the letter the head of the DOJ it also gives a little bit of backstory on what happened with Benitez and the unconstitutional ruling 4 3 2 3 1 0 which is the Penal Code that covers these things and it also let the law-enforcement agencies know about the stay the modified stay and then what happens afterwards and it also informs them that the possession of these magazines that were acquired during this specific time March 29th and I believe they give even a more specific time like 239 p.m. March 29th to 5 o'clock p.m. April 5th 2019 that those that were purchased manufactured sold or transferred during that time are all to be considered legal at this point until further notice so that's been given the law enforcement if you were sketchy about it before and you just maybe didn't even want to make it known you have no reason to worry I've been trying to kind of ease people's minds by talking about it on camera by showing mine by using mine by going out there and enjoying mine so that you guys can see look look I'm not concerned because I know that this is perfectly legal what I'm doing and so now you guys don't need to be concerned as well with that letter going out there's no need for anybody to worry if you are still worried go ahead click the PDF print it out and throw it in your range bag that way in case law enforcement still doesn't know where they have a question you know you have a paper that shows the DL J's ordered law enforcement so anyway guys I just wanted to say thank you all very much it was a fun week but let's go ahead and fight and continue to fight to restore as many liberties in the state as possible to try and get our freedoms back you know it seems like the country is kind of taking a turn it seems like there's certain things that are starting to take over that shouldn't take over and we definitely have a big fight ahead of us but it's possible and this shows that it's possible we just need somebody on our side so go ahead and keep fighting guys thank you all very much for watching I really do appreciate it please like subscribe you guys have a great day


39 Replies to “California Freedom Week DOJ Notice to Law Enforcement.”

  1. The Daily Shooter says:

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  2. Jim White says:

    I'm still getting orders in the mail from brownells from back orders

  3. FatRown says:

    The idea of a "freedom week" sounds a lot like recess or "free time" for prisoners

  4. Cameron pc gamer says:

    Thank you big brother for letting me own what I rightfully have

  5. chateau920 says:

    Where is the PDF,,, not listed below??

  6. Enter User Name Here. says:

    So I have an amazing question. Can we return or exchange or mags? I got some series 2 Hex mags. They seem defective the bolt gets jammed up when pulling off rounds from the mag. If they are willing to exchange my mags, am I legally ok to send them back, can they ship me replacements?

  7. Speedin Speedy says:

    Anybody that is an American citizen and a true patriot of the United States should not follow the gun laws of California

  8. Erin Vasquez says:

    Freedom lol this only for all the pigs not the real citizens

  9. Spushed says:

    Fuck California…the people need to take that fucking shithole over from those damn fascist democrats. You’ll NEVER have freedom until you do!

  10. Ghost Peper says:

    How does the police or state know that I purchased those magazines during freedom week and not at another date?

  11. Bundy 4Prez says:

    So shameful that California's put up with this tyranny. California allowed the people a week of freedom and the poor bastards feel lucky about it.

  12. Praneel Chand says:

    Dose Anyone Have A Copy Or A Link OF The Notice To Law Enforcement From DOJ? The Link Dosen't Work In the BIO

  13. Yes Its Me says:

    FML…I’ve been living under a rock 😐

  14. Acries 314 says:

    🤦‍♂️ still doesn’t change anything these politicians need to get an injection of fear from it’s people…ugh.

  15. Loks420 Too stone says:

    A week of freedom really fuck up of telling us we can control you at will ,,, we heard “Obama’s AR 15 “are being band there we go lol 😝 waisting all your money on them only get what you need and enjoy your life time of freedom don’t let this fuckers control your savings account I come from where I can only afford a couple of those extendos but if you’ll got money like that would be nice to share the fun sticks or the 🥁s

  16. Snake Plissken says:

    We're all worried about a piece of plastic and metal. Sad.

  17. Alex GottmitUns says:

    Who drafted the letter?

  18. EddieN says:

    Sucks they keep changing these laws like a baby’s diaper

  19. EVO1011 says:

    Do you have to carry a receipt to prove that you bought them during "freedom week"?

  20. gerry etheridge says:

    Greetings from South Carolina.

  21. Silbaugh4liberty says:

    Fuck it, I’m buying a silencer and machine gun too!! 🤫

  22. Jesse Paredes says:

    what if i use high cap mags i received in a different way and just say that i bought them in the date they began legal , how will they be able to tell the difference

  23. Christopher Cain says:

    I guess we have to keep the receipts with us. Lol

  24. Jason Ramit says:

    Thanks palmetto hooked me up with mags.

  25. James McCall says:

    Long live the 8th State. Born and raised. Guns and babes. Here California; shoot your way out of tyranny Gives 30 round magazines Stop those bastard politicans signing away your freedoms and one day you'll shoot 45 round magazines like we do in the Palmetto State. God. Guns. Freedom. No exemptions, no exceptions. Polite Society is Armed Society.

  26. Junior Cruz says:

    My cuzzo got me some from VA getting them this week as he is coming down. Super excited.

  27. gavonni ericks says:

    How do you stay updated with this info

  28. young duce says:

    What happens when something breaks and we need to fix the 30 round mag can we order parts or is it now u less

  29. John 27 says:

    👎Screw California

  30. Jason Beecroft says:

    Just stop making videos dude. You are part of the problem.

  31. jordan hicks says:

    Just come to AZ or Nevada and buy mags here. No one cares, no one will know, just take em home with you.

  32. Marcos P says:

    Any updates on Young VS Hawaii????

  33. wht02lightning says:

    You can vote and legislate rights away, but the only way to get them back is force. Until you Californians rise up and literally fight you will live under the foot of government.

  34. liyah1234321234 says:

    our idiot governor is Pelosi's nephew -so cali btw in orange co

  35. liyah1234321234 says:

    it's those silicon valley asses and of course the dems

  36. humunculus44 says:

    Wait so California was selling high capacity magazines recently?

  37. THOMAS C says:

    Every week is Freedom week in my state. Sucks for you… 🤣🤣🤣

  38. Phil Parnell says:

    love the channel man keep up the fight!

  39. Phil Parnell says:

    PSA has ALWAYS been awesome, big fan of the company, and still buy from them, even though i moved to a free state. 😉

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