Canada’s Defence Policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged highlights

November 4, 2019 posted by

The Defence Team continues
to make great strides towards realizing the objectives
of Strong, Secure, Engaged. We have to pay first
for our people, for our human capital, for a workforce that is
satisfied, confident, resilient, and wanting to be here,
and in fact, is so satisfied and
confident and resilient that it is a beacon to others
to want to join the Forces. ♪ We are in the second year
of a 20-year defence policy, and we’ve already delivered on
a lot of initiatives, and we’re preparing
to deliver on more. The decisions we make
affect people who’re out doing
very, very dangerous things, and are protecting our nation. And so the decision we make
on procurement, the decisions we make
on any number of things affect lives,
affect this country. ♪ This is about as golden
a moment as we get. We’ve got the money,
we’ve got the team, we’ve got the leaders,
we have the mandate. This is about
as good as it gets. We’re building that environment
for you to flourish in, so flourish, and we’ll be fine. Strong, Secure, Engaged.
Canada’s Defence Policy. ♪

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  1. JS the Canuck says:

    I like how they worded it “business of defence”

  2. MANGO CHUTNEY says:


  3. Raheem Aman says:

    Awesome! I wrote my CFAT earlier today.

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