Cardi B – Invasion Of Privacy – Unreleased song dedicated to her daughter.

July 12, 2019 posted by

I'm seeing on my business while I score on the phone I was hoping that we can have this moment alone but ain't no secret that the Internet is safely and with these logs seem like nothing is sacred I even eat when I love you to death performed live on TV I wonder my trap to get the rough bones your fur coats a hundred different ways but seems like you get a larger every day I'm overwhelmed the pressures starting to swell the time to turn in my album is winding down so our last day started working I was trimming tearing public opinions about my private decision and guy right there see no to drive you crave complete changes talk about my baby come with your people back never shut their Barney penis but nothing off the registry party you sir super you gonna ruin their career I know I won't but if I did I wouldn't care I spotted winning when the whole Road was bad money think I'm a loser Lou


3 Replies to “Cardi B – Invasion Of Privacy – Unreleased song dedicated to her daughter.”

  1. Nuramira says:

    im coming after she posted bout her daughter's birthday in instagram

  2. XxJasmineAliciaxX says:

    the beat reminds me of some late 90s, early 2000’s stuff

  3. Nathan Azalean says:


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