Cardo prioritizes Chloe’s safety | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

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Doctor, gunshot wound. Transfer her
to the hospital bed. Another clamp. Dalisay, call Guzman. Ask for updates
on Chloe Delgado. Yes, sir. [PHONE RINGS] – Dalisay.
– Hello, Guzman? How’s Chloe? Her condition’s stable now. Listen, Guzman. Avoid answering questions
from the press. – Why?
– We have to protect Chloe. I’m sure her killer
won’t stop… Sir, Chloe’s stable now. Sir, it’s the second time
this has happened. And I’m sure Jacob Serrano’s
group is behind this again. I just don’t understand why
they’re after Chloe Delgado now. This can only mean one thing. She knows something about
Serrano’s transactions. That’s why they
want her dead. I hope she cooperates
with us soon. So she can finally point us
to Serrano and Hipolito. We still have to report to
General Dela Cruz, Dalisay. Yes, sir. Major Basco, Captain Dalisay,
how is Chloe Delgado? According to Captain Guzman,
she’s in stable condition. She is being transferred
to the CIDG Hospital. And how about the suspect? Sir, we’re investigating
the suspect to figure out why he wanted
to kill Chloe Delgado. Okay. Keep me updated. Sir, I have an idea. If Renato Hipolito
and Jacob Serrano were behind the attempt
on Chloe Delgado’s life, they’ll continue
to stay in hiding if they find out
Chloe is alive. What is your plan? Sir, why don’t we say
Chloe Delgado is dead? That way, Renato Hipolito
and Jacob Serrano will come out of hiding. That will be our chance
to capture them. That’s a good plan, Dalisay. But we have to inform
the PNP Chief. Thank you, sir. They’re coming.
Record everything. Sir! What is Chloe Delgado’s
current condition? I’m sorry, but we don’t have
clearance to give information. – Is she in critical condition?
– No comment. Excuse me. Just a few questions, sir. Sir, this is
highly confidential. Chloe Delgado is still alive and is now under
the custody of CIDG. Police Captain Dalisay
has a plan. We will tell the media
that Chloe Delgado is dead to lure Serrano and Hipolito
out of hiding and capture them. We need your approval, sir. Thank you, sir. [SIRENS WAILING]

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