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I’m Denise and I’m a Child
Protection Worker with the Public Service. I knew from the beginning when I started my education that I wanted to do
Child Protection and become a Child Protection
Social Worker, so I started out doing my first two years of school and then took a break and worked running
a Young Parent Program. And then after I completed that, and worked in
the Young Parent Program for two years, I then went to university
for two more and completed my Specialization
in Child Protection. Children need someone to look out for them and to be able to protect them, and so that’s why I decided to go into
Child Protection. It’s trying to ensure that
they’re somewhere safe, their home environment’s safe… I worked with a 12-year-old girl who was quite street-entrenched. She ran away from where she was
staying quite frequently. Both of her parents
were deceased. She didn’t have any supports or any access to anything. She didn’t have a connection
with anyone individually, so it was great to be able to work very hard to be able to have that child be able to trust someone to be able to want to get
some help, to be able to get connected
to a psychologist, to look at their
physical health, look at their environment
around them and be able to get them connected with those supports so that when they move along in life that they are able to cope
with things and cope with crises
if they come along. So what I like best about my job is there is variety. Every day is different, I’m always doing
something different. I do intake so I work with families when they’re in crisis mode, so it’s having the resources and having to think quick
on my feet and be able to provide family with the needs when they’re in a crisis or need assistance, especially with children when they do have a
family-home environment that we need to provide
supports for. I like every aspect of my job. I like the fact that every day
is different. I like being able to work with
children in schools, be able to talk to children,
interviewing them, working with parents and just trying to figure out what we can do as a community in order to make life a little bit easier on kids.

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