Caught on Camera: Thief stealing security camera

January 3, 2020 posted by


9 Replies to “Caught on Camera: Thief stealing security camera”

  1. Slytiger says:

    The diversity Gods are happy

  2. Matthew Meditz says:

    Those people are getting ready to break into the place. That illegal is going to another sanctuary city. It's not that hard. The politicans in the west are criminals.

  3. Jerry cohen Cohen says:

    They should get 5 years in jail if cought.

  4. Fuck You says:

    why a camera tho , stupid ass thieves

  5. PapaKryptoss says:

    What he did?

  6. Southwest med grow says:

    People that live in New Mexico are stupid why would you still a camera

  7. PerceptionDeception says:

    License plate shoukd have been run and APD says nothing? Yet?

  8. Ninja k says:

    Wow. Thats albuquerque. Thanks kellar.

  9. Drew 2tall says:

    S*** I want to know what kind of cameras they had so I can scoop me up some too

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