Ceramic Coating Explained – How to Protect Your Tesla Model 3 – Part 1

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alright guys I'm here at elite finish detailing and we're gonna do some cool work on test because as you know the paint on them Tesla's in general and the model 3 mine in particular is pretty soft now there's speculation as to whether or not it's because it's not multi coat and that's why you pay extra for the different colors and those ones are so they're stronger but what we're gonna do is do some protective coating on it then show you how you can wash it very easily and just take care of your Tesla now these guys are sponsoring this episode so I want to give them a big shout out but I think you're gonna learn a lot as well because I don't understand this stuff fully and these guys are the experts in the whole world a lot of my friends that have had does this forever I've been telling me to use these guys and I don't know why I'd never got through my thick skull but now I'm here and we're gonna have some fun and dive into what exactly you can do to protect the paint on your Tesla alright guys I'm here at elite finish with owner Wes and we're gonna take a look at tez because I've done some damage unfortunately by taking it through the carwash and just not knowing how to care for it and I don't even know if I told you this but a lot of my friends use your guys product that's the the wash missed one yeah and so when they found out you were in San Diego they were like we you have to go see them and so here I am it's asking begging for your help to repair fix and then teach me how to take care of my model 3 for sure so yeah thanks for coming and helping and yeah tell me you know what we need to do here and how to do this but I want to understand from you so you came down here to get help what is it that you are trying to accomplish right so I've got some some I think they're called swirl marks that I believe may have been either just came out of the factory that way or when I went through a carwash one time I think they said hand wash but I didn't know that meant like a giant broom and so I don't know whether using their hands I mean I guess so somewhere in there I got some damage to the paint and for as beautiful and amazing as this car is I want the paint and the exterior to kind of reflect that as well sure so absolutely hand wash centers they serve a purpose and that purpose is to get the car clean quickly it's not necessarily to preserve a showroom show car reality of finish right for people that come in to really finish their enthusiasts every little thing bothers them typically on the car and they want it right and they want to know how to maintain that so so that's really a good distinction between you know between the two different approaches of cleaning a car so you are correct there are there is wash damage the swirls that you just discuss and really what that's caused by is that there's dirt that's that is already on the car mm-hmm and whether they using a broom or even a wash mitt towels whatever it is they're using if they're not using the proper soaps that have good lubricant just because by the way just because soap foams doesn't mean it's actually properly lubricated yeah they're often additives in there that make it all frothy I shouldn't use dish soap so one of the things that you mentioned was you didn't know if some of the damages caused at the factory if some of the damage was caused you know through the car wash one of the things that's important to understand it is very seldom that any brand of car comes into our shop completely flawless you have to think about the amount of hands they're touching the car from the point that was finished being painted they literally can measure out the exact amount of paint that they need so yes they're not laying it on super thick if you ever see like about this big a little dull spot sometimes in paint it's called the Dean imp spot and what that is is they're using a little sanding disc about that big about a centimeter and a little polisher and they just zip that down and what and what that is when this when the little dust proko got in the paint it looks like a little pimple okay so they sand that smooth the nice thing is for shop like ours we fix those pretty quick it's right it's not a major thing all right so to help for me to understand what to suggest for you you know what this car is what I understand if you think so for instance like how long you gonna keep this bar that that's an interest it's a tough question honestly because of the business on man I am interested in the performance model which Elon just talked about might be coming in July so I so it depends if that comes out and I can sell this for what I paid for it then I may sell it as soon as July and then get the performance model and then I'll be back here doing skin with you but but let's say let's say that that doesn't happen I would say typically I'd probably keep it three to five years perfect and then what is this daily life look like in other words are you are you driving on the freeway a lot does it sit outside at work you know is it in the garage what is this light football so so we have a one car garage and we have one charger to Teslas so we have to alternate because it gets to charge me and me or my wife so you know it's sitting outside a few days a week we both work from so we don't drive a lot typically I would say in a month she'll maybe go like 70 hundred miles tops perfect so lower than probably your average person cool so let me run through then with you a couple of different types of ways to protect this car okay and then we'll start narrowing it down so your traditional type of protection would be like the carnuba wax it's actually a pretty cool so you actually scrape it off the leaf out of Brazil okay process the wax that's naturally occurring on that leaf and then they process that into a wax put on the car so it's it's been for four years long before we've been alive the form of protection to protect the paint it does form a nice basically think of it like a sunscreen for the car okay gives us some hydrophobic properties gives it a little UV protection but you mentioned before dish soap your soap can strip it off in one way yeah so because of that for us in our business because we're so specialized we just don't offer that anymore we're I know right now we're really focused on sio2 silica oxide type products so spray-on sealants cream sealants or cream waxes but they're still silica we've based because those the the silica is not affected by temperature and by detergents we're not nearly so I can't wash it off with dish so you you would have to like if you were using dish soap you'd still be like grinding away they're trying to get it off okay okay so the difference between a sealant and a ceramic coating or even the sio2 wax versus in sealant the difference between those in the ceramic is the binders the chemical agents that bond the sio2 to the surface okay on this on the sealant and on the waxes you're just not going to get the same level of bond because they're also not bonding thick so in the ceramic coatings as the those materials as raw materials are not bonding to the paint they're also bonding to each other and forming this 3d structure Oh gotcha okay so it's creating just like a thicker more protective layer that's right but with the ceramic coatings we've been working with secrets for years I think a little over six years now and the reason why we stayed true with them is there's a lot of different fly-by-night companies as they come out with you know new product I mean honestly I keep seeing Facebook ads like crazy for the next ceramic great right but when you're a consumer and you're doing your research there's a lot of misinformation out there about what they can do and they'll often like this is this bulletproof product and you put it on the car won't ever get scratched you'll never do a full mark again marketing yes and it's really important to understand what you what you're getting into in different ceramic coatings have different benefits different drawbacks but what we found with see quartz is that time and time again in the laboratory testing and the real world testing it's the most durable against worlds it's the most durable against you know water spotting and stains things like that it's stunning and probably the most important thing to me is the network that I'm a part of the secrets is filled with the best of the best each others so they're all over the US they're all over the US there's a map if you go to see courts finance calm okay click authorize installer you can see the whole map you can type by your search for your zip code and find someone who's near you so so somebody watching this not here in San Diego obviously if you're in San Diego this is where you're coming but if you're not in San Diego they can find people that also offer this absolutely the final form of protection as well is pain protection film which is something that I think we've I think we've talked about might make more sense when you get your performance okay predominantly because you know the it is it is an investment it's a smart investment but if it's not wrap yes it's a clear wrap the paper Texan film is really important if you told me that you were daily driving this car on the freeway right and is getting a lot of miles the front end of your car the rocker panels of your car the rockers are what run underneath the door right right that that panel right there and the fare and the front of your car are gonna get hit with rocks right no just going to so if you had told me that I would be saying that is a top priority we'd be getting that paint protection film put on right away and then we would be ceramic coating the whole car so okay wait a minute so you do the rap and then you ceramic coating absolutely protect the rap yeah Wow oh yeah part of that is too is is that the the ceramic is adding quite a bit of shine especially with secrets okay it's adding a lot of hydrophobics slick feel a lot of shine so we put that over the wrap and over the over the paint's that you haven't even perfect yeah because I know sometimes people get wraps for like a satin or matte kind of finish yeah so would you put a ceramic coating over them actually yes there'd be right ceramic coating at ceramic coating well there's so there are some there are some coatings that say they're matte specific which I would argue as a marketing yeah gimmick but but that being said there are some ceramic coatings that you absolutely should not put on a matter of satin okay okay but the same that the two different coatings I'm going to talk to you about today for your car either of those if you had decided you know what I'm gonna do a full satin wrap over my car either of them would be just fine okay gotcha so and here's what happens it will make it look more rich and finished sometimes a satin or a matte finish can look a little bolder or dry yeah and whenever I mean sometimes they when you first get it it's like whoa that's amazing but then maybe after a few months it looks just kind of dirty and old and like you spray painted your cars it looks like not well done yeah and for something that cost so much money yeah like that seems that seems bad so you're saying that this can help that they can and the nice thing is is that you know smush two here at our shop if we were to do that satin wrap we start Makoto right at the same time right let's finish so it's abut the ceramic coating on a wrap like that is a much smaller investment right because the prep involves is much less than prepping a painted surface right and putting that painted surface so so let's dive in a little bit to some of the tech and some of the differences so secrets professional and secrets finest reserve are the two professional authorized coatings that sea courts offer if you're an avid DIY ER and you want to polish your own car and you want a ceramic coated there's secrets and then secrets UK and they just the secrets UK they just came out with the 3.0 version which is a phenomenal version it's a lot easier to work with typically though we are focusing on the professional authorized products right secrets professional carries a two-year warranty and secrets finest Reserve carries a three year warranty the finest Reserve has a unique technology to it that has an epoxy resin okay that epoxy resin is so durable that in our testing even one in fact the air knocks over in Atlanta yeah helped a lot with his testing he put one layer on a hood and took industrial floor stripper and tried to strip it off and finish whoa now secrets professional is very durable against chemical you know chemical resists and things like that but one of the things that you said to me that makes me think that reserve might be the right choice for you is the fact that your cars are switching ones inside the garage ones outside the garage yep so at night what happens at night we get a lot of condensation if you're anywhere close to the coast yeah we're getting all that salt water yeah if there's trees nearby they're gonna drip yeah got all kinds of pollen and I mean and honestly this car was clean two days ago and I parked outside last night and there you go well one of the things I notice even here on this leading edge you know at first I was looking to make sure that wasn't a thin spot in the paint yeah what it is is there's some buildup of some dirt right here and the it feels kind of crusty see it's not even wiping off right what that tells me is that you've got a salty moisture in the air right gets kidding that's basically so it's like taking it is taking the light dust and then it's bring it together let's I mean concrete's and a strong analogy but it's kind of doing that you know when you when you mix concrete together you're taking this powder and different like with right and it's making it hard is there anything that's happening right right yeah and this is where I have even on the maintenance side and I'm excited to hear about you know how did how to handle that afterwards because I would come out in the morning and I bought this little duster thing from Amazon for ten bucks and if it's in the garage and it was just a light bit of dust that happened it would come off really clean and easy for sure but like this kind of thing I could take my duster over that and it's it's not doing anything yeah what you need is something that has some surfactant and lubrication in it and that's exactly what wash mist does for you so here's kind of a couple approaches you know if if you truly feel like you're gonna move on from the car one of the things we might consider is what we call our next ear enhancement just a nice light you know kind of what we call a light polish but in the world of detailing is actually very extensive polishing right and we'll put on a high-grade sealant that I'll give you about six months to maybe a year of protection so that could be a service that could make sense if you know hey you know what I'm I'm I know I'm moving on from this car very much but I'm not sure if I am getting rid of it though is the thing right so I think yeah I mean something a bit longer lasting which it all would be would make more sense so what I would be looking at is this is the the looks between the two secrets professional and secrets finders are very indistinguishable for most people mm-hmm I think that the extra protection that it comes with the secrets finest Reserve is going to make a difference for you I will tell you the finest reserve there is a higher level of expectation that comes with that with that brand with that name mm-hmm you'll find that anywhere in the country even in a smaller towns the price point for finest reserve is definitely set very impressed because we don't put them on yeah you know even if you say you know what I don't mind this or that once we get working we don't care what your expectations are we now have our own expectations which I promise are higher and with that reason we are we are going to the to the absolute you know for this degree possible amazing you know so that this car can be entered into a shell yeah and win for Best Buy that's the goal well I think you sold me on it I mean that seems like the right one you know cuz I mean yeah I have the I kind of hold this car even though it is a very early model and there will be better ones to come I wanted to represent you know not only my company in my brand but also Tesla yeah right I want to show them in their best light so I think that's the right one absolutely so so yeah let's let's just take one I like to go around and make sure that everything like this is solid where I know that that nothing feels like it's loose and the reason for that is you know for one I'm protect I'm really protecting both of us because I don't ever want us to get into a situation where well that wasn't there before and I'm like well actually it was and now we're now we're at odds I want you to pick up your car just be excited right so you know so I just checked some different things out sorting in secrets finance reserve on this sequence – Reserve let's do it oh man all right all right now I want to take you and give you a quick tour the shop and we're gonna get started on your car okay


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