Chickens Attack The Farmer To Protect Their Golden Eggs?!| Kritter Klub

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The biggest housing complex for chickens in the world PD : Did you put chickens in the box? Guardian : No, they went inside the box by themselves Let’s eat up~ Do we look like a joke to you bruh? Guardian : They don’t eat and drink at all It’s been like that for a week… I’m so worried about them… Others live well in their own nest.. But why are you guys living in such a narrow space? So crowded man.. Even dem chickens start to rotate inside… Hey, babe The rooster’s reckless approach.. Get away! Rock-solid defense Argh, that hurts my pride man.. Decides to take them out, one by one Perhaps they’re sitting on a golden egg..? However..! Chicks gon’ back home *repeat* Anyway, after taken dem all out… Found a carton of eggs Well, I don’t know what happened. I guess they’ve been laying eggs while staying in here..? Mama chickens going home in one line.. Don’t you dare touch me, huh! Imma peck at you so hard man! Argh I’m angry Move dat stoopid camera away!!! What’s wrong with you guys..? The guardian collects the eggs?! If the temperature goes down, Eggs can’t be hatched So I collected them every day.. Dat guy is stealing our eggs. Vet : They naturally figured out where they have the least chance to lose their eggs So they found that the small box in the corner is safer than the nest made by the guardian Daddy couldn’t understand them… As an apology, Remodels their nest to be warmer Mothers work with all their heart, day and night and finally brought the little and precious fruition out to the world Even if they don’t know which is their own egg;; Daddy doesn’t want a chicken housing complex But wanna provide the chickens a better house


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  1. kyungsoos kimchi says:

    I love how he changed the home for them instead of forcing the eggs away 😭 they have such a loving chicken dad

  2. Lucas Legion Elite says:

    Крутые куры)

  3. Jenny Huara says:

    Eran q los conan a los huevos se veian deliciosos

  4. You Mee says:

    Ekekkekek hrnna saif stoooopif

  5. Afshan Mohsin says:

    So sweet ♥️😢

  6. Dawn Gayle says:

    Great video! A Mothers love rules.💟💟💟

  7. Helen Poornima says:

    Hens are so possessive mothers!! They love their chicks very much!! I love to see this !! Thank you!!

  8. Aydreean C says:


  9. Yunus Sharief says:

    i love his chickens, Hope one day i will have my own farm with lots of beautiful chickens.

  10. Naomi Osaka says:

    Умные курочки😊.. не отдали свои яица злому хозяину😋🙈.

  11. Mogli says:

    Love chicken

  12. رويدا جاكوب says:

    Waaaaaw🤣🤣🤣 cute🥰🥰🥰

  13. Lonely Gemini says:

    I love chicken so much😃

  14. LAUTARO FLORES says:


  15. GAMING AMATEUR says:

    Mums love greater than Daddys, guess he realized that and wantes to redeem himself so he made them a new home or a home for chickens, glad it helped those eggs hatch

  16. MysMiranda M. says:


  17. павел никифоров says:


  18. Cibelle Marques says:


  19. kim shin je ai 에이스 says:

    Me to have3 mother's :O

  20. Adriana Albuquerque says:


  21. AMCA says:

    annelik işte yunurtalarda yavruları var. kuluçkaya yatmışlar

  22. Bruno Cst says:

    Video divertente anche perché la conclusione felice non nasce da situazioni di pericolo di animali domestici.

  23. tyrant dragonboy says:

    Why no comment from Korean?

  24. ха кер says:

    Интересные курицы есть у них голова умная и понимает.ЛАЙК!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  25. Khadija Khadija says:

    كم هم حلوين رائعين و اولادهم اجمل

  26. Mickyholic says:

    Awwww, cute!!!

  27. Ginny kitty Lovett says:

    Woooooooow what is a beautifull video, that is amazing ❤️ ❤️ that owner of chickens is priceless. Nice.

  28. Sumaira Naz says:

    So glad that all the moms raise chicks together

  29. gurjit singh says:

    God bless you all💕🌷🌺

  30. Bt Rec says:

    I started craving for eggs watching this. I'm gonna make myself some omelette😋

  31. SLUGGISH MAGE says:

    It is not actually impossible to have 4 hens in one nest full of eggs [it is pretty common though in my uncle's farm because of lack of nest nor even all 4-3 hens that lay in one nest in a method of Switching causes them to protect their eggs in one nest]

  32. hk man says:


  33. Wendy Miller says:

    Babies! 🐥🐤🐣🐔

  34. nelda blanco says:

    They just wanted protect their babies! Do sweet, and sad!

  35. Dolores Murillo says:

    🐔🐔🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤sweetheart cutes

  36. Svetlana Lupesku says:

    awww cute hens 🧡

  37. J D says:

    Do we look like a joke to you bruh?

  38. This isZoree says:

    Move thaat stoopide camera away… Hahahaha i just died

  39. alderi vieira says:


  40. Kratos Zeus says:

    Прикольно ! 😂😂😂

  41. Jenjen 100000 says:

    Hens power !!!! 😉😊

  42. stof stof says:

    Best Cotecote best coq

  43. Charlyn Zaenz says:


  44. Charlyn Zaenz says:

    Is important to show Compassion& Respect, Thanks for Animals!! Thanks Kitter Klub!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  45. Castle Rock RAIL FAN says:

    great video liked 🐥🐤

  46. SurikenTSD says:

    Зачем курицы высиживают яйца? Почему он просто не собрал инкубационное яйцо и не выращивал их в инкубаторе? Это же эффективнее и проще. Технологии, туда-сюда.

  47. carla maria says:

    So cute! 😍

  48. Рита Орлова says:

    Несколько куриц, в одно и тоже время, захотели стать мамами, устроили
    гнездо, отложили яйца, и все вместе стали их насижевать, как хозяин
    ни старался их выгнать из гнезда, они ему не подчинились, цыплята
    дружно вылупились, образовалась большая семья, и курицы счастливы, 🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐓
    и хозяин доволен.

  49. RyuJiw0n says:

    Angry birds in real life!

  50. Vikrant Verma says:

    Lovely video

  51. Michael Goodliffe says:

    My Auntie Pat!

  52. Usha says:


  53. Sengul unver says:

    Magnifique rien à dire

  54. May Riddell Archelot says:

    Chicken: Bitches can't touch my swag

  55. shahi Ambika says:

    So cute parents…love u all muahhhhh always stay blessed happy healthy🤗🤗😍😍

  56. JOHN NADA says:

    Good family

  57. Rrso es menticalde ra Calde says:

    Qe v9nitas las gayinitas si eyas tan bien sienten igual qe uno lo unico qe no pueden es avlar son iguales qe los perritos sienten como les asen maldades los humanos no tienen corazon

  58. Ford AFG says:

    Those lil chicks are so adoreable

  59. Shanti Cardoza says:

    Angry birds 2.0

  60. Fred Smurf says:

    Very nice chicken coop. Looks like my Uncle Russ coop on Michigan. Farmer is top notch.

  61. RobertPayne556 says:

    Here from your cat surgery video and Ali-A. 😻 Just dropping a sub here.

  62. Whitwin says:

    I like that at least somebody saves animals in this world

  63. ana laura padilla espinosa de los monteros says:

    Las gallinas de la caja quizás salieron muy afectadas por la ultima perdida o la ultima posibilidad de perdida de sus huevos vivida, como luego les pasa a los perros y los gatos de estos vídeos, y se organizaron para buscar un método de incubación y crianza mas eficiente.

  64. Banzhi Lian says:

    It's just natural instinct to protect the eggs, humans raise chickens so they can steal the eggs, smart hens👍

  65. ana laura padilla espinosa de los monteros says:

    cuatro gallinas nada interesadas en el gallo para unos treinta polluelos que estarán deseosos de amor maternal

  66. Şadan Kurtkaya says:

    Oyyyy oyyy maşallah çok güzeller. Anneler çok mutlu şimdi. Civcivleri hep beraber büyütürler.

  67. Yanti lah says:


  68. Zack Donovan says:

    Amo a las gallinas con todo mi corazoncito. 😭💕



  70. Brad says:

    Broody chickens 🙄 this is what happens when chickens get baby crazy

  71. theblazikenmaster aka a chicken pokemon says:

    Dont worry hoomans u can hav all meh torchic eggs i dont have a mate so they cant hatch also you epic 4 making new home for chickenz and chickz ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  72. Data Oke says:

    Induk-induk ayam bergotong royong menyelamatkan telur mereka supaya aman dari manusia. Mereka semua ingin menjadi ibu.☺

  73. Miss Kitty-1 says:

    Too too cute!!

  74. Barbara Rodriguez says:

    Wow cómo defienden sus huevos. Hermosas madres y Pollitos todas las Gallinas son madres de todos los pollitos que vídeo más hermoso. Gracias por ponerle su camita más grande

  75. si blo'0n says:

    Goblok atau gimana masa ayam lagi ngeram di kasih makan… Ayam yang lagi ngeram itu puasa memohon pda Tuhan agar di lancarkan proses penetasan telur nya,,,,

  76. Salto Del Puma says:

    4 hens in a same nesting box at the same time?!….only in China….🤣🤣🤣

  77. Salto Del Puma says:

    Those chickens will have 4 mommies….🤣🤣🤣

  78. B vegan Now says:

    Quit stealing eggs from chickens.

  79. Bouvier Céline says:

    Não é justo! Vocês querem roubar os ovos das galinhas?

  80. Fran says:

    lol, whoever did the subtitles. good job bro

  81. Lely Gaming says:

    Good mom

  82. coy voybien says:


  83. Malcolm MacLeod says:

    The Kritter Club never fails to brighten my day. Kudos!

  84. Albanise Dos Santos Pires says:

    Filho vale mais que ouro!

  85. a kid named Sam says:

    Am I the only one who wouldn't mind having a chicken as a pet lmao?

  86. Muhammad Rohimin says:

    Hello new friend …
    Like video ..
    I am indonesian
    👇for all

  87. Hamster Xiumin says:

    The chicks after birth: "Who is my real mother?"

  88. Léia katsuki says:


  89. glez700 says:

    0:14 du fuq you think we stupid….

  90. ĐỜI THƯỜNG says:


  91. เข้ม มะลิวัฒน์ says:

    Wow so cute. I love that.
    There's gonna be my nucket.

  92. Mehrnaz Khatib says:

    I love chickens , They're beautiful 😗😗😗😗😗😘😘😘😘😘😘❤💙💚💛💚💙❤❤💚💛💙❤💚💛💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💝💝💘

  93. Dusk Myerva says:

    These sound so much like the average Silkie chicken that I'm convinced it's what they are.

  94. Mass Kent says:

    Argh..That hurts my pride man. LOL

  95. ツNutella says:

    I have 500 XD

  96. اسماعيل ضياء says:


  97. Tasfia Nina says:

    3 chicken together 😱

  98. Emirhan Kısacık says:


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