China: How Surveillance Works in Xinjiang

July 12, 2019 posted by

in Xinjiang in northwestern China 13 million Turkic Muslims are already enduring extraordinary suppression at the hands of the Chinese government authorities there are building a surveillance state to be able to track their every move every 200 meters would have a police checkpoint if your Weger they stop you they would just say where's your ID I want to check your ID they'll punch in the ID number and then they would see everything about you one tool at the heart of Xinjiang surveillance system is the IJ o P or the integrated joint operations platform the IODP has an app that's used by police and government officials to track extraordinary amounts of personal information about individuals ranging from their religious habits to their blood type Human Rights Watch got a hold of a copy of the app and used a technique called reverse engineering to look at the source code basically the design of the app this is what it looks like when an officer pulls up an individual's profile they enter the person's name ID number ethnicity and then the officer takes a photo of the person's ID card to see if that matches the person's face as you scroll you see more information is being collected from the person including their address how tall they are their blood type their educational level their occupation their political affiliation information about their car if you use whatsapp or viber or telegram that might be considered suspicious if you go at the back door of your house instead of the front the police might turn up to investigate the list goes on the information from the app feeds into a central system and combines with information from other surveillance systems including CCTV cameras that rely on facial recognition software and even Wi-Fi sniffers that are used as people walk through checkpoints to pull information off their phones the IODP system aggregates all this data about people flags those it deems suspicious and sends alerts to nearby officials these dubious criteria are being used to identify large numbers of people many of whom are then arbitrarily locked up


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