City of Antioch code enforcement and clean up crew Vs homeless man and homeless advocate Mr. Kenny

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city of annia code enforcement and cleanup crews came to downtown Antioch today at 3 p.m. prior to this they gave 24-hour notice of cleanup to all homeless people in the downtown area as they approached local homeless activists and homeless man himself mr. Kinney this is what he had to say it really are trying to help really Sassoon Sam you know it's ok right here no no he was stuck with me like you know I don't want to be a bad guy to you man let me know what I can do you know he's the bags you need this and he did he is actually help what does name I don't want to mess it up Greg I'm not for sure but okay not properly house and a live-in help when I can't be captain is fine when you take the light that's fine these will we return tonight the elements of killing us here we lose one every year not personal has been what three to the elements to the elements man for us to put up a champ they called it camping that's a joke that's a joke you know I got to have surgery yes ladies a diabetic we try to get to women that's out here in the punch to stay closed in there because if Anita won't call oh yeah no that's the job to protect to serve but it's not their job to harass to tell someone that actually violating civil rights you kind of bind a muscle arrest by telling me I cannot come across the street and stand over on across the street I I got a protest that and I got to put him to the point on it yes I can if I'm not impeding the sidewalk and people can go freely back and forth how come I can't stand there you deem this a park what kind of park is this with no restaurant what kind of parking just with no water faucet what kind of parties with no swing for the kids but hey you got a big moving train here with no no guardian you know no nothing it's easy for a kid an infant to chase his ball and not be so engrossed in that and not hear train I've seen older people just people in general walk the track came down yep you know and don't have a place to go I've been another person – where's you didn't offer a 24 – somebody go further down I don't want to say no names or even point out where they're at because god bless you know if they have not been to a school I'm gonna blow this spot up whenever I bring you more people and more comfy so find us a place all right better yet if we're gonna edit in camp leave us alone clothes go for the party we clean up our mess and they do we don't have no late night party and you know you blankets let's face it mr. mayor I'm is not doing anything and the matter of fact he's the advance man during us seeing that what homes people oh they're they're all drug addicts and you okay and people were decreasing and able-bodied workers you know you gonna call it look anything you know you surrendering their name yeah maybe he should come out here and meet some of us get to know some of us before he can slander us because how do we know he's not you know when you campaign he came out here you know dad gave vibes and shook hands and it was all a mirage you know to smooth this over I still have been very leery out of man even in you know he's we talked a good game you know but at this point I guess he was the only game in town but just interest is in the real estate which is interest is is poised prints the real estate owners in you know most homeowners but you know development of downtown you know you gotta get cracking on where people should live and helping folks here that that's underprivileged you know and need a hand you know what do you want you like you said I prefer you to go to the next city to go to the next city when the next city is in there folks there isn't it's a revolving door revolving door you're gonna send us to Oakley then here come Pittsburgh all right Thank You Kenny thank you thank you

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  1. melissa callahan says:

    Hey thats my dad kenny

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