Civil Defence Recruitment Meetings 2017

November 5, 2019 posted by

Waimakariri District needs more Civil Defence
volunteers. If you’re 18 years or older, you can join
us and help protect our community. Our Welfare Team supports those who cannot
look after themselves during emergencies. We do information, a shoulder to lean on. We could be issuing them with blankets, sorting
out beds, anybody in the community can join us. Our Sector Post teams scan their local areas
for people who need help and for dangers to the community. Getting information out to people, what’s
the local situation? What’s things are expected to develop? It’s rewarding to be able to help them through
that situation. Our Rescue Team engages in a wide range of
emergency tasks and carries out rescues. If you have a hint on interest, then it’s
well worth coming down to our open night. It also has a cadet programme for those aged
15-18 years, which provides hands-on rescue training and excellent life skills. Basic first aid, ropes training, how to respond
to floods and storms… It’s really interesting finding out what we
do, there’s so much that we do that people don’t know about. Come to our information night on Wednesday
1st March, meet our teams and find your place. Come along and find out. It’s not all physical, it’s not all mental,
it’s simply being trained up and helping out when things go wrong. Support your community in emergencies and
volunteer with Civil Defence.

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