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hey there Starcraft fans it's Kalka paladin comin atcha with yet another edition of starcraft 2 legacy of the void and a very special patron edition of starcraft 2 legacy of the void you're gonna see this one month before everybody else because you are a patron of mine I really appreciate it and let's go ahead and get right on into its bottom right hand corner between Clem and Showtime is Showtime representing Arbit team and the country of Germany he's blue he's Protoss and top left-hand corner here on cyber forest is of the red Terran player Clem man Clem is from France and he is a young is a very very excellent player really love watching him play he's just his multitasking his ability to be everywhere at once make incredible decisions all over the place while Mac rowing like an absolute boss it just blows me away what he's capable of here I love the probe scout out of Showtime Protoss is the best race at scouting with workers right now it really seems to pay off for them a lot of the time checking for proxies not finding any that is heading out across the map to see what else is going on inside claims base it seems like the barracks is definitely there and by golly it is now showtime is going to be a tough tough game for Clem here showtime is the second best player in all of the EU saral definitely the best guy and by a longshot but the best Protoss player you can come up against on the EU ladder and in these tournaments is gonna be Showtime so Clem I'm sure he feels very nervous about this he wants to be the one he wants to be able to get here and get past showtime and become one of the best players in the EU he's getting there for sure but there are definitely other Terran players you're better than him right now I would say hero marine is probably better than him right now I would say Marine Lord possibly – I get those guys confused a little bit just because their play styles are fairly similar and their names are definitely very similar – but hold it up papa probe scouting around trying to see what is actually this is not a scouting probe this is a proxying probe what are you doing what are you tossing up here who's got the Adept on production going for the expansion and there's your second guess I mean this is a standard and opening as you're gonna get but this very much feels like it's gonna be a proxy Oracle it's gonna throw up a Stargate over here she's just waiting just waiting just waiting Oh waiting for the Reaper to move out and then he's gonna come in and harass the crap out of this SCV oh that's brutal that is brutal this Reapers name named him or is he gonna die too soon we'll name him he is of the Reaper wait never mind he's dead we'll name a different one that what happened to the probe Reaper moves out probe dances about sneaks his way on in and I really don't see anything stopping this probe from getting a ton of work done on this SCV which he does oh and there's the fight all but the probe out of the probe the probe dies okay well nicely don't ask to be waiting to defend yourself get back to work buddy I know you're microing this Reaper to within an inch of your life but Aaron so the Reaper gets effectively nothing done he does not deserve a name he gets no scouting at all oh gosh why don't even go in there yeah he's toast he got no Scouts look at this look at this he saw no buildings he'd has no idea what Showtime is doing that's brutal double adept cruising on up right now and assure the base was a delayed a tiny bit here and maybe the adepts will be able to get in and make something happen on this command center it's very close to finishing and if they could get in no amazing stuff there are deaths we're here to fight against your Marines and your alien though holy crap they do not care they don't care that a Hellion is here at all good micro good micro trying to keep that helling alive SCV's are in a lot of trouble here too one does end up going down hélène comes back in it just takes a shot to get murdered one adept gets focused down and yeah one adept on its own not actually all that good in the situation does three shot Marines and three shot s Seabees gonna try to shade maybe it's shade in for the scout I don't know more Marines are coming on out right now how many more s Seabees can we kill the answer is well there's a marine down think that's pretty good adapt play not too bad not too bad Showtime that micro was extremely impressive ends up killing what what did we lose there four Marines are Reaper a Hellion and two SCV's for two adepts yeah I'd say that was a fair trade for sure resources lost 500 per clam 300 Virchow time in the early stages here so Showtime makin it happened in the early game and that could snowball that can really cause problems for Klem into the mid game and a Val late-game here Marines and tanks in production working on liberators here to Clem is making sure not to be supply blocked building supply depots and SUVs at all times that's how this needs to work especially in the early game once you get up to like you know 60 70 workers or so you want to continually be making those SCV's unless you're going for some kind of a two base you know three base all-in style of a thing maybe stop making workers for a little bit if you're not planning on following it up with anything but you should always be planning a follow-up okay the best players do that they always have something to fall back to if their attack doesn't work but yeah this is great positioning by these stalkers coming up this ramp is gonna be very hard to do for Clem he can't see up here I guess the Viking is gonna provide some nice vision for that observer there to yatin forcing the tanks in to siege mode means the push is delayed and that's all you really need to do here if your showtime observer does get picked out of the sky inside that scanning range and the Viking it really manages to make himself useful their liberator trying to come down this way but the blink stalkers find it wow what vision there what map awareness from show time holy crap that was a dead impressive play for sure all right well the stalkers are like you know if we just find some units to kill that are trying to reinforce the front free tank there so time is sort of kind of just picking apart Clem right now it's got I mean this brings the stalkers in picking off some SCV to do didn't really want to handle this many Marines necessarily but with the blink stalker micro it's not that bad just bruising up those Marines if you can there are no medevacs out and no huling available for those guys either so future attacks you're doing much more effective replacement observer is here first immortal in production I believe that is the first one that we're seeing here out of that robotics facility Showtime as a third base he's being taken and he's going for a Templar archive so he's got storm he's gonna have a mortal's look at him just blinking up like he owns the joint he said oh right so you don't you want a double pump Vikings or anything here no you're not allowed at all he does focus down the Marauders trying to make sure it's a marine heavy composition here and look at him just blinking down okay so we lost that one did end up losing that stalker but keeping them a Rotter count low so that storm is more of affective kind of liking this really loving how Showtime is setting up for future engagements here in the early game with these stalkers one kill one kill one kill one kill one kill four kills two kills and two kills so the stalker is really making this emselves incredibly a useful here free tank good golly not a free tank did he not lose a stock I don't think he lost a stocker there Showtime you are disgusting another Marauder focus down look at that losing a stalker in the process but Marauder Count kept low marine count getting kept low here too just by bruising them up keeping the medevac count low by taking down that reactor temporarily and slowing down the production of a medevacs this is incredible stuff storms coming in right now three Basin Protoss versus a2 basing Terran does not look good for Clem here in the first seven and a half minutes of this match I know Terran fans are not happy about the state of PPT right now and I can understand I can understand to a certain extent here but man show time is just he's just Out playing climb this is not composition this is not stalkers or imbalance this is just his micro nevermind where did I say about the micro geez just kind of lost a stalker there for free another one goes down because he wasn't quite paying attention he doesn't have CUSIP shell or those stalkers would mostly all be dead there I mean they're all mostly dead anyway but even worse so Clem is finally attacking but not with the army he wanted he'd lost tanks look at this he's lost how many tanks two takes 15 Marines and four Marauders for eight stalkers here at least Showtime definitely trading out exceptionally well in this match trying to drop on in with a couple widow mines at the third base while engaging at the front here the widow mines do get burrowed in Wow no reaction time from Showtime at all only five probes I that could have been a lot worse zealots and stalkers and immortals chasing Clem all the way back home but CNE managed to evacuate with the widow mines present in that medivac that's insane Clem trying to bring it back here guys trying to make it back by killing five probes unloading here in the natural base blink stalker and bam what a mind gets picked out as it was not off cooldown and therefore was entirely visible to everybody Clem finally takes a third he's mewling it up he's making additional barracks here working on upgrades plus one infantry armor is on at the way here plus two Protoss ground armor is coming in now and that is just a massive massive upgrade advantage showtime is gonna have here throughout the rest of this match high Templar in production storm is done there are six High Templar out already and storm is done Showtime at nine minutes as at a hundred and forty supply he's got immortals he's got High Templar he's just absolutely killing it his plan is going perfectly right now Ghost Academy on the way from clammy wants that EMP to probably try to deal with those high temp are to some extent it's gonna have to split versus the storm the immortals are gonna be really good versus these Marauders and overall I just feel like Showtime is in the driver's seat right now I mean army supply is fairly similar but showtimes got a 70 to 260 worker supply lead free wouldn't mind free wouldn't mind why not observer scouting that one as it was on cooldown but affection was able to reveal it quite nicely here so Tom looks like he's probably setting up for a fourth base to this stage actually there we go fourth base is already done fifth base is when I'm picking up down here at the six o'clock position possibly but Showtime is feeling incredibly confident right now well I got close split up his army so that one storm doesn't just hurt everybody but freemar our fruit Marines what you want to do though you don't want to donate units to your chair an opponent nice to duck jabs scanning and getting rid of that observer there and here we go here is a heart engagement storm on the southern side largely Marauders down there so they don't all die picking off a medevac nice control by Showtime in that situation guardian shield managing to pop here to help some of these units inside the guardian shield anyway there's only one immortal here and very surprised by that but a ton of storm an absolute metric ton of storm here rocks get destroyed easier access to Clem's third base he think oh he does he does go for the drop down here three medevacs go down but does he have enough to handle this army at his front is the question where is your storm no storm happening because he's dealing with this drop down here at the fourth base the Nexus looks like it is going to fall here Showtime not really attacking not really defending here either and Lam doing some stuff he's dodging storm as best he can the Nexus and the pylon does end up going down is there enough here for Showtime to push through I don't know that there is the storms getting dodged again enough army here for Klem to actually march up into the natural base deep powering oh the zealots are getting trapped on up there that's perfect positioning for Klem right now zealots not doing nearly as much as they want to be able to do because they don't have the surface area to get us around their whole army is coming back to deal with this down and yeah everybody gets left behind by the medevacs wow they both managed to escape never mind BAM where are they even going they're trying to join up their friends but that took them over the Protoss army and that was bad hmm +3 Armour on the way from showtime +2 attack upgrades by Klem are not nearly as good he's got +1 +1 but nothing else is in production right now army upgrades are definitely favoring the profiles even more than they were before steady targeting coming down on something a High Templar I think that was they got removed from the game their army supply 89 to 81 Clem has the Lieb again Showtime continuously having more probes he's replacing his fourth base that sniped by Clem was really good especially considering cliff did not lose a third base of his own kind of deal like Showtime should've just kind of all in gone for that third to snipe it down but in the end was not able to do it bunch of archons in the mix now I'm not sure if that's the right choice they're a bunch of ghosts with P and P here all the surround the surround potential here EMP does get tossed down to that actually hit not sure if that actually hit on these guys another pause well I guess the last game I cast with Clem had a pause in it that's why I'm saying another pause here but anyway Bam Bam Bam rocks hitting knocked down on the other side allowing easier access to ship types fourth base clemens landing a fourth base of zone down here along the left side about the three hour nine o'clock position widow mines in the mix that is a gorgeous storm the flanking storms weakening a lot of these units here they are working on the 2-2 but they're not there yet they won't be there for quite some time free what Oh mines and Marauders along the topside army supply for Showtime is now 120 to 277 in favor archons already to know that bonus damage versus biological really pretty good against these marines marauders and ghosts that says the emps can be the great equalizer there mmm robotics bay coming in i'm not sure if that's good to be for colossus or not probably gonna be for colossus clinton leaves his third base entirely exposed to your forces of liftoff does show time with his attack EMP on a bunch of the zealots oh and the immortal helping to slow it down and hurt a little bit free barracks there everybody else is going on out the income for clements gonna be hurting a little bit as that third base is out Klem chasing but a lot of these medevacs are very low on energy they're trying to their best to heal this group up and everybody's in the yellows and the oranges and the Reds okay mostly just yellows and oranges and against a couple other in green there you just can't see him because they're at full health oh yeah three three finishing up ground number level three is done at 14 minutes for Showtime which is just insane timing for him yes I Templar kind of exposed right now but Klem is not taking advanced hit nice feedback on that Ghost nicely done there ghosts not able to throw down there am Peas and I might be just time to go down but now sometimes like you know we're good let's go to take a fifth base down here at the six o'clock when we're ahead let's get more ahead army supply for Clemens definitely starting to increase right now charge Lots heading up to try to do a bit of a run by into the third of a switch again is not a planetary fortress tacking on up to distract right now call charged lot attacks are just devastating even if you react to them well five six seven SUVs go down the third-base is absolutely just a ghost town from mining at the moment the army moves out of position but a drop shows up in the fourth or the fifth base of show time and is gonna manage to take that down without even a cancel zealots warping on in the main base to kill more STDs up here too and the army has to come back to deal with his drop so Klem is managing to be in several places at once right now look at this marines and marauders kind of free inside the main base it is disruptors by the way with extended thermal and so maybe both for show time on that robotics bae tech and he does manage to escape with his medevacs nicely done kind of hanging out right now so that base does get wiped out claire manages to hold on to his fourth base where four base two four base right now this is a good match this is a really really fantastic back-and-forth pvt without question stalker Laura Collins trying to fight on an EMP is getting tossed down very nicely disruptors not finding any damage whatsoever Showtime replacing a base that he lost down south with one up in here in the North Klem finding whatever damage he can taken out a couple of those pylons forcing the entire army to respond to this this is kind of insane how much of a response it takes for Showtime to deal with this thing 193 to 192 supply Archon with six kills not much by way of shields but those will regenerate by-and-by they're still dudes alive from this drop good golly well they're all dead now cuz the medevac sir out and that means everybody on the ground is out trying to attack on into the third and that is a lot of marine Marauder those archons don't want anything to do with that they don't wanna be in the front for that anyways not sure what does want to be in the front with that much marine Marauder to be honest here nice dog is on the disruption Nova's storm clarification of is on the disruptors widow mines into here trying to get some shots off weakening and taking out some of the zealots again not much hit on the Nova here he's trying to make stuff happen oh this purification gnome is but I don't think they've done really anything to clumps army whatsoever other than zoning them out which is totally fine here you could seriously warp in some zealots you know if you wanted but reinforcing units are here what prison does manage to evade the army oh no never mind got caught got caught out or prism does get picked off there nicely done what are the upgrades on these dudes it's a 2 2 it is 2 2 no 3 3 on the way from club and despite the fact that 3 3 is now done for Showtime including +1 shield upgrades which is really really good especially if you have this many archons EMP is getting tossed on down here and again Nova's catching maybe a widow mine or two here but otherwise not taking much by way of tearing that blood which is kind of what you're going for with those another Nova nope absolutely whipping storm Cana catching some stuff here clubs controllers been absolutely mind-boggling good here so he's happily on 4 bases he's got 55 workers which is not great for him but it's not like he's done zealots trying to cruise on up this left side see what they could do the fourth base is a planetary though and with somewhat Emine support means that zealot run my eyes are gonna be difficult to pull off all these drops this drop from PLIM while simultaneously attacking into the right side of the map Oh stalkers left behind at the fifth base to defend it nicely done some zealots and High Templar left behind oh nevermind High Templar is out I guess a replacement one is down here too a backup if you will if necessary ium he's tossed down again all over these guys incredible incredible place here by both of these players those whipping on that Ghost nice pickup there's a lot of tearing that blood down there for sure Clement is pulling back now 199 to 172 supply what are we looking at Showtime has managed to retake his fifth base missed up on the right side never really ended up happening there so we're at 1 2 3 4 5 bases versus a 4 basing a 5 facing Teheran now but multi-pronged attacks from Showtime trying to see turn to catch a medevac to there all right Klem is starting to go down and supply a little bit but picking off some immortals is never a bad thing you're trying to keep up here zealots getting caught out by Clem's army I mean there is just action all over the map right now the whole losses are here the Viking count is officially zero there are plus three Colossus with extended thermal Lance this might be a problem for clammin and by golly it is he has absolutely no fantastic way to deal with these Colossus they are burning stuff alive agon kenny dodging can he dart and he does pick one off nicely done but the other Colossus is still alive with five kills already despite just showing up right now the third base of Klem is gonna go down I really don't see any saving it here at all the SUVs are desperately trying to repair here oracle comes in for revelation which I don't know I guess we could see everything anyway liftoff on the orbital command the +3 stalkers and the archons are gonna go ahead and take that thing down and it does finish off the third orbital command it is done clemens officially on four bases right now the army do they know about this one they don't but now he does a DT finds the base in the top all the SC DS are in mortal peril right now army supply 111 is 77 in favor of Showtime yeah it Clem's on three bases another base coming up first showtime and that's your good game showtime does get the win there and then absolutely backhand knock em down drag them out style their whoo both players just killing it here but Showtime ends up being the winner in the end I mean all the Splash Damage you can get archons Colossus disruptors and storm if your opponents go and bio like this splashes your best friend and Showtime knows how to use that stuff boy – Nexus is killed one orbital command goes down so I mean Klem won that battle but overall it was definitely not enough 33,000 resources lost for Klem 29,000 for Showtime there forty SCV's killed 68 probes died that is way more probes than I thought were killed there Showtime ended up with 68 no wait hang on 21 looking at the wrong thing 40 35 suvs die 21 probes died okay that makes more sense come on Falco look at the right thing here we got this we got this thing how many Marines died hundred in 1723 ghosts 60 Marauders three tanks didn't really have tanks after that first initial push six archons went down only one immortal died in that whole game 10 kills on that immortal nine kills on that immortal it's only the two alright so not really all that immortal heavy to be honest only three made the entire game that surprising 111 zealots went down but again the upgrades were a huge play right – to here for Clem three three one out of Showtime including +1 air weapons and storm and charge and blink and extend a thermal Lance so just uh non-stop action there I don't know I don't know if it's even fair to say Protoss was overpowered here was just show time was multi-pronged attacking everywhere all the time warping in zealots pushing defending losing stuff rebuilding stuff keeping the pressure on the Terran player and the Vikings weren't out soon enough to deal with these Colossus and I think that was the death knell for Klem so GG indeed for Showtime and that is gonna be it from me so this has been falcon paladin comin atcha with yet another edition of starcraft 2 legacy of the void and a very special patron edition for everybody who subscribed to me on patreon Kampf or at least a dollar a month if you're watching this and you're not a patron it's cuz it's a month late is how that works out but anyway thanks again for watching again you can find me on Twitter Facebook patreon and twitch all the slash falcon paladin and until next time thanks for being here and you take care of yourself you


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  1. Cgi Dude says:

    Wow mad skillz from both players. Its hard to say if Clem got value from constant mine production… don't know how much that contributed to the loss though, I'm not about to question a top 60 player lol.

  2. charlespk2008 says:

    4:20 (bad joke not intended)
    why does everyone forget that? it's like a "super bunker to save your scv's"
    common, how do the pro's not even remember it?

  3. Billbo88 says:

    Best single-commentator channel out there 🤙

  4. kennedy m. says:

    crazy good game.I'm Zerg at heart, but I love a good PvT

  5. eddie_current says:

    Hey Falcon, do you have a list available with all the Reapers you named in the past (possibly with the episode matched?) No Reaper should ever be forgotten 😉

  6. Eva Willingham says:

    Didn't this come up yesterday?

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