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Merry victory Vice President Biden just about 160 miles down Interstate 80 and Davenport again this is after a day of each man slamming the other the neither waiting to get to Iowa Biden early this morning releasing an advance copy of his Davenport remarks describing the president as an existential threat to democracy the president weighing in a short time later on the South Lawn well I heard Biden who's a loser I mean look Joe never got more than 1% except Obama took him off the trash heap and now it looks like he's failing now I have to tell you he's a different guy he looks different than he used to he acts different than he used to he's even slower than he used to be so I don't know I think he's the weakest mentally and I like running against people that are weak mentally I think Joe is the weakest up here that was the president this afternoon followed by mr. Biden by now Will's down in Iowa the idea that I believe and I didn't believe this if you had asked me this five years ago I told you you're crazy I think there's a genuine threat to American democracy you know think about this no president on his cases ever ever ever since the end of World War two we built that Atlantic Alliance and NATO ever threatened to leave NATO never got after our allies embracing dictators and thugs from Putin to Kim jong-un calling them my friend sending lovely while he's sticking his poking his finger in the eye of our allies what's going on here this is really dangerous stuff he's a threat in my view a threat to our core values and folks the fact of the matter is that four years of Donald Trump will be viewed as an aberration in American history eight years eight years will fundamentally change who we are as a nation and how were viewed around the world again we're monitoring both live events and as a backdrop to this all new nationwide polling from Quinnipiac University showing a 13-point Biden lead over the president with senators Bernie Sanders Carla Harris and Elizabeth Warren also ahead by nine eight and seven points for spell it's really joining us now to veterans of campaigning in Iowa and nation why 2004 presidential candidate and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean also a sixth term governor of Vermont and David Axelrod senior adviser to President Obama and currently hosted the acts files here on CNN so David this virtual head-to-head battle today in Iowa what do you make of it because it's only the first time these two men are campaigning the same place at the same time and taking each other on in such a direct way well I think for Joe Biden this is an ideal situation he should send the president a gift for this because the whole thesis of his campaign is that he is the he's the old warrior coming back to rid the country of this scourge that he is that this is all about him and Trump and Trump is affirming that with everything that he does by going after him in such a personal way in his tweets in his comments this is Biden's strategy for getting nominated the Democratic Party most Democrats are desperate to get rid of Donald Trump by a two-to-one margin they say that is more important to them than ideological kinship and the theory of the Biden campaign is to run run against Trump from the beginning that's what he's done from his announcement forward for the president I think he's looking at these polls like the one you just showed and he's concerned and he should be concerned he was trailing not just Biden but several other Democrats but he sees Biden as the front-runner right now and he's not waiting to try and cut him down to size governor do you know I mean can you imagine President Bush ever taking you on or one of the other frontrunners so directly in the run-up to the primaries in 2003 I mean at the stage we're at in this race know Trump you know does things his own way you know Trump is an unattractive person I I think you know I read the whole speech that Joe gave and I thought it was very good but that is that speech is not gonna get us to the victory line he he has to say what he's gonna do not just the Trump as an idiot everybody who hears Donald Trump and Donald Trump likes to talk about himself is reminded why they don't like Donald Trump Joe doesn't have to do that he just has to say what he's gonna do what are we gonna do about health care what are we gonna do about the economy for all those people who are trumpet is Trump didn't give a tax cut to what the vast majority of the American people so you know this is sort of phase one Trump Trump is not gonna rise above this because he can't rise above anything Joe Biden was the vice president United States he can and when we get really get into this if he turns out to be the nominee we want to see him acting presidential that's he's capable of doing it Trump is not David a reporter from the Washington Post pointed out on Twitter today that both President Trump and vice present bindings they seem to be obsessed with how much the other is obsessed with them might being obsessed with voters you know needs to the governor's point you know talking about what you're for what your policies are and doing in a way frankly I mean you juxtapose the way President Trump speaks the way you know Vice President Biden speaks it certainly it seems to be weather I don't know if it's a different energy level obviously the content is different and the approach is different but it is a very stark juxtaposition yeah well you know I just want to echo what Howard said I don't think that this is gonna be adequate for Biden the fact is he had a kind of a bad week last week he mishandled this question of the Hyde Amendment and did kind of a flip-flop flip and the Iowa poll came out on on Saturday night Howard's familiar with the Iowa poll and what it showed was that Biden had lost 1/3 of his support since December still the front-runner eight points ahead of Bernie Sanders but right behind Sanders was Elizabeth Warren Pete Bhutto judge and and Biden the enthusiasm level of Biden supporters was not as high as that of the others so he's got his work cut out for him and I quite agree with Howard I don't think it's nearly enough to say that he wants to defeat Donald Trump and I'm not even sure that it's enough that polls show right now that he may have the best chance to do it he's going to have to show more this was only his second visit to Iowa since since May and you know that proud this is a process it's not a national primary it begins in Iowa and Joe Biden as the front-runner is obligated to win that primary if he comes in second or third the whole thing could unravel so he's got a lot of work to do well in governor Dean I mean to be honest you know as he has run before he has never done well in presidential races so I mean a lot of people a lot of Democrats are sort of looking at him because his name recognition is high and his poll numbers show him to be in the lead but the history of him running is not a good one well you're gonna hear me say this many times between now and November of 2020 the poll numbers that you showed really not helpful because my guess is that he their national poll numbers and this is 50 separate races starting with four races which are Iowa New Hampshire Nevada and South Carolina those are the poll numbers we have to have it doesn't do any good to show Biden's 13 points ahead that could be all California in New York that doesn't do us any good we're gonna win those states no matter what so there's a lot more we information we need to know before we can start making judgments and I think also I think one of the candidates that nobody's ever heard of is gonna catch fire I don't know who it's gonna be but I think they will Oh for a moment I was girl I thought you were gonna say who that was but but you're like everybody else you don't know who that is governor I want to play something of what president the president said about Biden today on the White House lawn he's a different guy he looks different than he used to he acts different than he used to he's even slower than he used to be so I don't know but when he mentions my name that many times I guess I should be complimented I like running against people that are weak mentally I think Joe is the weakest up here the other ones have much more energy but I left look but I don't bring them up it's so interesting governor and also I want to talk to David about this the way the president you know identifies what he perceives to be weaknesses in his opponents and then sort of throws it out time after time after time and is already kind of laying the groundwork for you know sleepy Joe Biden and low-energy you know you know with hints of age does that I mean it's clearly a strategy the president has employed before for all his Republican challengers you know two years ago well yeah he had to deploy that before the problem is people know Donald Trump right now and the country is unbelievably polarized so Trump is annoying when he talks like that but I don't doubt that he moves much votes much in the way of votes he's got a hard core minority of about 35% as he once famously said I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and they'd be still with me that may be true but you know Trump is not presidential and people actually do care about that one of the great points I thought that Biden made in his speech was do you want your children to be look up to a president that behaves like Donald Trump and I think most Americans would say absolutely not Davis sorry David do you I mean do you think what the president is doing does that work I mean implanting the idea of Joe Biden's low-energy well it is a familiar tactic he has and I've said it before kind of a feral genius for painting his opponents in a caricature but the thing that I think is important for Biden is to run an energetic campaign that dispels any of these caricatures he hasn't had a very heavy campaign schedule he's sort of played into the caricature and and I think he's going to have to come forward as Howard said with ideas and he's gonna have to campaign energetically one of the things about the Iowa caucuses and Howard Dean knows this as well as anyone is people expect to see you they want to interact with you you have to be there and you can't do drop-bys too and use them as a backdrop to attack the president you've got to do much more than that so I think that's very important down it's fascinating Howard Dean thank you David Axelrod as well coming up next as we continue to monitor the two live events the man who now holds Joe Biden's old Senate seat Center Chris Coons is going to join us and later hard to do justice to the power of Jon Stewart's congressional testimony today on behalf of 9/11 first responders will play a bunch of it for you at length and talk as well with one lawmaker who was actually there and in front of me we're talking tonight about the primary campaigning in Iowa the president Trump and former Vice President Biden already appear to be treating in general election terms both campaigning tonight in Iowa the president in West Des Moines Vice President Biden speaking Davenport largely campaigning past his primary opponents attack the president instead here's what he just said you know Donald Trump and I are both in town today or in at least in the state today wasn't planned that way but I hope Trump's presence here is maybe a clarifying moment for us all [Laughter] American farmers American farmers when crushed by his tariffs or we China and no one knows that better than the folks of Iowa you know he thinks that being tough he's being tough well it's easy to be tough when someone else is feeling the pain and taking a hit let's do Biden just a few moments ago Senator Chris Coons the Democrat of Delaware joins us now Sarah Curtis what about that is Vice President Biden making a mistake by focusing so much on the president you know David Axelrod was making the point or and Howard Dean was as well about you know needing to be for something and and and talking about what you actually want to do he certainly did talk a lot about the president today well Anderson Joe Biden has laid out already some strong and concrete and positive policy plans for how he would tackle climate change how he would address education today in Davenport tonight in Davenport what he's doing is drawing a very strong contrast between how he would lead as president and how Donald Trump has been misleading our country on his tariffs taxes on his attacks on health care on his failure to lead on climate so I do think it's important for Vice President former Vice President Biden to draw a strong contrast with Donald Trump because that's what most Democratic primary voters say they want is to understand clearly what Joe Biden would be for which he has been laying out in detail the last two weeks and how he would beat Donald Trump in the general election campaign which is exactly what he's speaking to tonight you know what I think is David I shot also said was that you know the Vice President has run so far you know he hasn't been out on the campaign as aggressively as no doubt he probably will be does that play into what President Trump is trying to do right now which is you know kind of road-test nicknames or attacks that might work on Biden and he seems to be focusing on the idea that he's you know that that he's not as fast as he once was that he slowed down that he's low-energy which is of course what he said about Jeb Bush well you know look I think it's ridiculous if we play into Donald Trump's hands by repeating the sort of eighth grade bully nicknames that he loves to throw around against his most feared opponents the reason Joe Biden wasn't in Iowa at the state party function on Friday it was his daughter's birthday and his granddaughter's high school graduation and I think the American people know Joe Biden they know his heart and his values and they respect the fact that rather than being at an important campaign event in Iowa he was at an even more important family event at home in Delaware I frankly would expect the average voter to question Joe's priorities if he had missed his granddaughter's high school graduation in order to be at an event where he was going to speak for just five minutes I think it's important that he has been campaigning vigorously he's been to each of the critical early primary states already he's been doing events all over the country his campaign launched in Philadelphia I thought laid out a positive optimistic and clear path forward for his candidacy and I I couldn't disagree more with both the substance and the strategy of Donald Trump of rolling out all these middle school nicknames against his most feared opponent Joe Biden I just want to just finally I just want to play something that the vice president said today in Iowa to a cratylus listen I promise you if I'm elected president you're gonna see the single most important thing that's changes in America's we're gonna cure cancer obviously cancer is very personal for the vice president and his son Beau died in 2015 vice president spearheaded the cancer a so-called cancer moonshot program for the Obama administration promising to cure cancer though I mean it that's it's something that if President Trump said that I think a lot of people a lot of Democrats would you know maybe a go after him for it is it appropriate for for Senator for Vice President Biden to make that promise look one of the things presidents have done throughout our history is to set ambitious and optimistic goals for the American people Jack Kennedy said we will go to the moon and not because it's easy but because it's hard and by lifting our sights to the ambitious goal of landing on the moon and mobilizing our nation in that direction I think he played a central role in getting it accomplished not while President Kennedy was still alive but within just five years so I think you know it's important to remember that President Obama entrusted his vice-president Joe Biden with the so-called cancer moonshot and I can think of no more ambitious and uplifting goal for him to lay out for us then to make a real dent in this tragic disease that has taken so many loved ones from so many American families including Joe's own beloved son Beau no sir Cruz I appreciate your time thank you very much thank you Anderson as we both as we watch both events it's worth noting the president is about 20 minutes into his speech safar hasn't mentioned Joe Biden once other words we said talked about him earlier today the White House respectful now in all of it from three top campaign elantra CNN senior political analyst David Gergen depositors to Republican and Democratic presidents like over the years also former Obama White House communications director Jen Psaki and my cheals former Republican National Committee chief of staff David I mean I'm on the cancer you know again if if President Trump said he you know his emitters I promised that if you elect him next term his administration is gonna cure cancer he would get attacked was it you know I mean it's you nobody can promise that all right well I grew that and I think going to the moon is quite different than trying to cure cancer you know we've been working for years and decades and and finding cures cancer we've made a lot of progress but the final answers have been really really elusive and it's hard to believe we're gonna do it for years he's entitled to say that I don't think that's his problem though Anderson Joe Biden or the Biden people must be encouraged about the coin TPX all in the sense that he's got this 13-point lead currently over Donald Trump but there is rising concern democratic circles about his candidacy about what it does David Axelrod said he you know he had a bad week last week and he came out to give this major to address today and it is a very very long address I think senator Coons would even who's a good surrogate would admit that but what was what was lucky was something fresh there it's hard to tell what the lead was coming out of a long speech like that and when that's the case you know what you say to people the rhetoric sort of becomes mushy and he needs to be clear-cut and to have a sense of freshness not have a sense of that he's still thinking in terms of the 1990s yeah I mean Jen you can you know you can knock the president for you know the insults eighth grade insults and coming up with nicknames itself it's certainly you know rightly or wrongly it's 6:00 in people's minds and you know to David's point what Joe Biden said today you know if you read it it's one thing but it was it was very long and hard to sort of you know take some things away I think that's right Anderson I agree you know I think in some ways today was set up in a way that Joe Biden couldn't have asked for something better and that he was aligned kind of head-to-head with President Trump that's part of his message that he's inevitable that has never really worked for Democrats in the past and we have a long way to go his speech had some good grit good moments I thought his language on climate change and the prepared remarks was good you know he talked about in an accessible way about farmers and droughts but there was a lot of missed opportunity there I mean look if you look at the recent CNN Des Moines Register poll issues like abortion rights issues like guns those are issues democratic voters in Iowa really care about he has a story to tell there but he can also be forward-looking and there are events that have happened that he could have touched on I mean the defunding of Planned Parenthood's sex education by the legislature so he needs to do a little more that's forward-looking and I agree there needs to be a central theme that people can kind of you know grasp into yeah Mike I mean watching you know the split-screen seeing both both men speak today are you pleased with the juxtaposition well look I think Joe Biden is sort of losing the rationale for his candidacy and when it gets sucked into a fight with President Trump he thinks that's the smart thing to do to prove he can go fight him but really then all he's doing is talking about President Trump and I think what's been proven with Joe Biden through three failed presidential campaigns and the horrible week ad last week is when you put pressure on him makes mistakes and so I think the president's gonna keep messin with him and keep trying to suck him into this and in the meantime there's an entire Democratic primary electorate that want to hear about issues that the other candidates are talking about and so Joe Biden is sort of running this I'm the front-runner just sort of nominate me because and I just don't think he's good enough to pull that off I think he makes a lot of mistakes when you put he said vice president Pence was a decent man he got criticized for that immediately said no that's not what I meant to say he was on the wrong side of an issue like abortion you put pressure on him he immediately changes his position on it so I think we're seeing the real holes in his campaign and he's getting sucked into a fight with the President and that's what the president wants to do and once he's done with Biden he'll pick the next guy and do the same thing to them yeah I mean David I think Mike makes a great point that you know we've all seen the danger of somebody being you know allegedly a front-runner because they have name recognition early on and then there's this sort of inevitability that then people kind of resent and then nobody can really live up to that yeah I think that's right that's one of the reason to keep an eye on these polls ordinarily at this stage you think you'd say well there's so many months out whether they're they're useless but if you see a changing dynamic and there are signs of a changing dynamic when by when bidented announced after his announcement nationwide in the Quinnipiac he had a 38% that 38% of Democrats said I'm for Biden that number nationwide new Quinnipiac is down to 30 and the other candidate said these are moving up each one is moving up two or three four points that makes it but Iowa could become a chimeric competitive state yeah we don't know I think what could be working for mandersohn in the long run is if you can maintain 30 if you can maintain 32 with four or five other people you know running against him in getting a 8% 6% you know he'll emerge as the winner because nobody else can put it together although Jen you know governor Dean in the last segment pointed out that you know if that's Quinnipiac it's a national poll that could be those numbers could be California and New York what matters is Iowa what matters is New Hampshire you know what the the early stays that's exactly right and I've spent a lot of time in Iowa over my career and people expect and I know that other guests have brought this up already that you're gonna spend time with them in the state they want to meet candidates not just once but twice but five times they may to sit on their couch and so I expect when Biden if he goes and spends more time there the the relatability of Biden and the decency of Biden that's something that comes across for anybody who spends time with him but he really needs to go and spend days and days in the state really you know work for every vote as he said he would I expect he will but he needs to do that soon yeah David Gege and Jen Psaki Mike shields thank you appreciate it still to come president Trump says he has proof of a secret immigration deal with Mexico it's not that simple however Moorhead [Applause] president Trump has sworn since Sunday that he is a secret immigration deal with Mexico and today despite Mexico saying there is no such deal the president offered what he called proof a folded letter when he repeatedly waved at reporters that's the agreement that everybody says they don't have throat but here's the agreement it's a very simple agreement so here's your thing you know they all say oh he does it I just give you my word inside here and I would love to do it but you will freeze action if you will stop it so right here is the agreement it's very simple it's right here and in here is everything you want to talk about so it's like the Wonka golden ticket there is actually writing on the letter according to multiple reports there's nothing that would constitute proof of a secret deal seen in global affairs analyst in Washington Post columnist max boot joins us now I mean whatever was or wasn't on the paper it's certainly so classic president Trump for to like drum up a dramatic reveal right whether or not the reveal ever takes place well here's a rule of thumb Anderson if you actually have a secret deal don't take it out and wave it on international television that's not what you do with secret deals but as you say the writing was actually legible when he held it up in a Washington Post photographer took a picture which was in and large and basically what it suggests does that no there is no secret deal it was a non agreement where the Mexican government basically said if there is not a major reduction in 45 days we'll agree to look at other steps to reduce immigration so it's basically an agreement to talk some more in 45 days which is essentially this kind of it fits into how this whole thing has played out I mean all the things that the president said resulted because of his threat a lot of it was worked out long ago ya know this was part of a pattern with Trump where he is both arsonist and firefighter he creates crises than he claims credit for resolving them even though he hasn't actually resolved the mine for example he claimed to have averted war with North Korea and there wasn't going to be a war with North Korea but the odds of one had actually increased because it was fiery rhetoric and now of course he claims that there were going to be all these terrorists which would have been an economic crisis with Mexico and lo and behold 72 hours beforehand there's this great deal that he's negotiated that will end illegal immigration except it won't actually end illegal immigration and most of it was already negotiated months before so it's a complete non deal well so you wonder what sort of you know foreign governments think of this I mean the the the prisoner who literally showed his hand today I mean if you are making a deal just seems an odd way to go about diplomacy well the whole thing is just shows why you know no foreign government can take Donald Trump seriously even though sometimes they have to deal with them because you can do actual bad things to them they can't take him seriously as a negotiating partner because remember there was actually an agreement that he trumpeted the USMC a turret laughter which was supposed to be a much better free trade agreement Mexico and Canada and then he ignored the terms of that agreement by threatening these massive tariffs with Mexico the mexicans negotiated with them and of course they didn't make any real concessions he claims that they did but you know this is kind of a pattern with him where he will create these crises and then pretend to resolve them even though he hasn't really resolved them and I think what foreign governments are saying is this guy is a bluffer he is a very bad poker player he is so eager for a victory tweet that he will issue a victory treat even though there's no actual victory to Harrell well he also talked about Kim jong-un today again his appreciation for a murderous dictator is pretty extraordinary mito again talks about a beautiful letter about not letting the CIA you know would not have anybody spy on him this kind of remarkable yeah I mean this is you know Trump lives in this bizarro world where he treats our friends as if they were enemies and treats our enemies as if they were friends and you know he's blustering against Mexico which is one of our closest allies and trade partners and he's saying that he has a beautiful relationship with Kim Jong and you know he doesn't have anything bad to say about the fact that his buddy in in Pyongyang with whom he's supposedly in love assassinated his brother using weapons of mass destruction in International Airport he has not one negative thing to say about that to women putting Michael weapons in right guy's face right and instead instead he's promising kim jeong-hoon that he's not going to authorize essentially the CIA to recruit assets who could spy on the leader of North Korea which is as crazy as you can imagine because if they had recruited his brother that would have been a huge victory for the United States max boot appreciate it thank you so it's just had Jon Stewart ripping lawmakers over benefits for 9/11 first responders take a look indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity time earlier today community Jon Stewart appeared before Congress with 9/11 first responders members of Congress to argue for something that should get more attention in this country the fund that provides support for the families of those who gave their lives and those who are still giving their lives where their health is running out of money and must be reauthorized and his testimony Stewart pleaded for Congress to make this a top priority behind me a filled room of 911 first responders and in front of me a nearly empty Congress sick and dying they brought themselves down here to speak to no one it's shameful it's an embarrassment to the country and it is a stain on this institution and you should be ashamed of yourselves for those that aren't here but you won't be because accountability doesn't appear to be something that occurs in this chamber the official FDNY response time to 911 was five seconds five seconds that's how long it took for FDNY for NYPD for Port Authority for EMS to respond to an urgent need from the public five seconds hundreds died in an instant thousands more poured in to continue to fight for their brothers and sisters the breathing problem started almost immediately and they were told they weren't sick they were crazy and then as the illnesses got worse and things became more apparent well okay you're sick but it's not from the pile and then when the science became irrefutable okay it's the pile but this is a New York issue I don't know if we have the money and I'm sorry if I sound angry and undiplomatic but I'm angry and you should be too and they're all angry as well your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity time it's the one thing they're running out of and the idea that you can only give them five more years of the VFC because you're not quite sure what's gonna happen five years from now well I can tell you I'm pretty sure what's gonna happen five years from now more of these men and women are gonna get sick and they're going to die I'm congresswoman carolyn Maloney of New York represents part of Manhattan was at the witness table today with Stuart and several 911 first responders represented Maloney you're clearly a supporter of this bill you're wearing a fireman's jacket right there can you just explain why this funding is even an issue I mean the shouldn't funding for the healthcare of first responders be a non-issue it should be a non-issue and Jon Stewart has every right to be angry and so am i but I'm hopeful we will be reporting the bill out of the committee tomorrow we have over three hundred and eleven co-sponsors for the bill which is a large large number for the house and over 81 Republicans so it's strongly bipartisan I hope that we will pass it on the floor of Congress before the fourth of July when we celebrate the principles of this country and values of this country of which the first responders are an example so I'm hopeful so I mean do you hear that argument that though this is a New York problem why are we focusing on this I mean and part of the part of the compensation fund part of why it's running out of money is because medical claims from first responders are on the rise more people or needing treatment these are long-term medical needs that are going to go on yes particularly cancers cancers have have grown substantially a third of the claims now are are cancer and it's a very very serious saw problem it's difficult to pass anything

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