Cobra Security Surveillance System at Harbor Freight

May 20, 2019 posted by

okay here it is the Cobra surveillance system and I picked it up at Harbor Freight and it comes with two HD cameras and a seven inch monitor now I've already pulled the camera out of here I wanted to show you how it come packaged owner's manual you want to keep that through these cameras I've got one mounted and I'm going to show you that in just a second and here's the seven inch monitor and I'm going to get it plugged in and show you how that works okay I've got the camera screwed up there and right there's the mounting plate and screws that I've put into it and I drilled a 7/16 hole to get the wire through right there runs up into the attic okay so here I'm going to take some ear plugs and I got a girl here I'm gonna so these are soft and pliable and they'll work good to plug that hole so here's my little ear plug piece that I cut up go around that wire I'll slide it up plug it into the hole there and I'll tack these up okay now I'm gonna try the Stanley Sharpshooter want to be careful cuz right this way I'll show you the view that we should have from that camera going out into the yard and this is what would be we should be able to see in that corner right there I want to make sure it's just partly in view and some of the steps so right about like so we'll compare the shot now you can see the wire from the camera coming up and plugged into that extension cord that runs on up to my light which is up there now on the box that says that it supports a 256 gigabyte memory card an SD card which I didn't have but I did have a 512 SD card and it worked so give you a heads up on that you can add up to four more or two more cameras which would need to be paired the two that come with it are already paired to work with the unit I found that out when I hooked up my first camera and I got camera number two hooked up camera one is still in the box so I'm gonna go ahead and and the site here is where your SD card goes there's a little symbol for it you know put it in this is a stand you can open that up so it sits up right over here is where the power cord goes right next to the on/off button and power button and there it is it's looking out my front door right now out in the front sidewalk now it's at night right now so the camera does come with night vision it's black and white but it works pretty good I'm gonna show you if I push this button here it will come to the recorded file listing and it's got a calendar on here zoom in a little bit and the day is highlighted which means that there's some recordings on there and there it lists the recordings you can thumb down through them it's got the date and the time you can scroll up and down and pick a time and push the button and it'll play and you can see here I've got a shady character walking up to the house can I help you oh I'm from the scuttlebutt what's up Foundation I'd like to talk to you about our program okay now show you some more features there's a 10 on it right there raise that up and down here your buttons for functions and up top there's the volume – or positive and this is the speaker button when you want to speak to someone through the camera that takes you different settings you can have settings for the camera record settings an alert and detect settings so you can scroll through those with this little joystick right here and go back to viewing and there's a cat walking through the end of the driveway but here again if you have multiple cameras there's a button over here and push that which I don't have so won't do it but you can also zoom in or zoom back and if we go to hit that button back to our settings we can turn off and on detect for whatever camera up to four and you can turn on an alert or an alarm and you can set record times so the book explains it all and it's very simple user-friendly and right there's the corner of the house that I was talking about when I wanted to make sure I knew where I was viewing looking out onto the front steps and the driveway okay I decided to change out the wire grommet from this ear plug and improve it with this okay I needed something for a mold and I've got this little rubber thing here I don't want peeking see that and it's about a half-inch diameter in there so I'm gonna pour some of this be 6,000 it's self-leveling adhesive industrial adhesive and you can use it on metal wood glass fabric and most plastics I've used it before it works pretty good takes a while to dry though I'm just going to fill up this here and let it be my mold and the diameter I need is 7/16 diameter with this being a half-inch I'd rather have more than not enough cuz you can always take it off you need there we go well settle down in there and let it dry now it's all the glue is dried and I'll take it out of my little mold here I'm gonna throw a hole through it you I have a round piece of blue with a hole and a slot in it now there you can see it's a much better grommet for that thank you for supporting and visiting the corner today remember use something nice for someone today love you you


45 Replies to “Cobra Security Surveillance System at Harbor Freight”

  1. PappysCorner says:

    Not a solar unit, power cord needed, "Wireless" WiFi signal, allows the monitor to be anywhere in our home. Nothing professional going on here and normally the cable hole can go (unseen) behind the camera base. I run the power cable to front over hang making it easier to pull thru the attic floor. Inside the doorway my ceiling ramps up from 8' to 12'. This video is just a guy (buffoon) having fun sharing home grown video's for family and friends. We bought this affordable camera system so we can answer the front door without actually being there while in our underwear…. Enjoy my friends.!!

  2. 4FIVE HD says:

    nice vid

  3. Sk Joe says:

    I like the way you presented the monitor to us with a Price Is Right hand presenting gesture @ 057! Lol.

  4. zhihua yu says:

    We are cctv cameras factory,@t,wechat/whatapp/TEL:13687784973,Email:enster06

  5. misty sapp says:

    my tv to my cams got broke can i put up the cams with my phone

  6. jqaces says:

    The COBRA 63843 manual specifically says not to plug the power adapter to an extension cord. The supplied cords add up to only 14'; I need 28' from outside of house to power supply. Shopped around for an extension CABLE…none fit. Called COBRA…no luck. Every other company, e.g. Swann, provides up to 60' xcables or sells up to 250' separately. Will have to return cams and go with Swann or similar. Ridiculous. Major COBRA fail.

  7. John C RV says:

    It's a neat system for the front door. Thanks for sharing.👍

  8. John Crawford says:

    Can u plug that small monitor on to a larger TV ? Or do u have to only use the small monitor ?

  9. ronfamous1 says:

    Resolved the password issue and the system has been working great… Until yesterday.. The motion detection stopped working. Im not getting any alerts. Ive tried force stopping it etc. Any ideas for this issue?

  10. John George says:

    i have bought 2 different sets from harbor freight, what a fucking joke! you will never find the supplier, harbor freight does not warrant the camera shit they sell so a couple hund bucks down the drain! don't believe this bullshit!

  11. Sara Gonzalez says:

    how do I rewind or forward to see what happened a few hours ago from my camera??

  12. B B says:

    Pappy looks likes Stephen Kings doppelganger.

  13. Mitch Stout says:

    Good show, pappy, hope it last for a few years is sure buy one.

  14. adrian murillo ruiz says:

    Can some one explain the differences from the sd cards and what would be the best one for this system

  15. seoulkidd1 says:

    Easy set up

  16. ronfamous1 says:

    Any idea how to reset the password on the mycam app? I had a power outage for a while and i tried deleting and reinstalling the camera to the add. I entered the code and password and its saying WRONG PASSWORD. Im pretty sure im entering the correct password. Any idea how to reset?

  17. Nanci Felix says:

    How can I connect my to be seen on mobile

  18. PappysCorner says:

    In the video description…$259.99.

  19. Bob Kotoff says:

    Can anybody tell me how much??

  20. ray peet says:

    Pappy: I also found out if the power goes off you have to reset the time and dates. Get aggravating. Must monitor it or all the days and time won't be accurate!

  21. pablo jesus says:

    Does it require internet

  22. ray peet says:

    Pappy: found out that on camera #2 a folder pops up to let you know that some motion was detected. After you view the folder goes away. Then reappears after motion again. It's a shame the owners manual doesn't explain this.

  23. cdw willow says:

    Thanks from Australia , I will see if I can get one here !

  24. World Coming Down 5779 says:

    YouTube is complete garbage now.

  25. David Lanphear says:

    "Support Farting" in the background in the beginning! Lol. I do!!

  26. MPLS Car Sales says:

    I have a question so you actually don’t need to have WiFi for this to work ? I’m trying to use this for a site that has no WiFi as long as it has the SD card to record that’s will work perfect . WiFi feature is nice but not needed .

  27. Joe Marotta says:

    Do you know if the system automatically turns back on and reboots itself after a power outage ? Or do you have to manually turn it back on with the button ? I would hate for the system to stay off for hours or days after a slight power surge until it has to be manually turned back on.

  28. Lennie Knorowski says:

    Left after he showed how to fill drilled hole. WTF

  29. Ginger Bread says:


  30. Scott King says:

    I have the same camera system and its not recording when triggered could I ask what brand Sd card you use. I thinking that could be my problem

  31. Tacoma FAN says:

    do u still have this security system? did it survive in a cold winter? im looking to buy one like this!

  32. Chris Iman says:

    That's a real Shady character alright!!
    Looks like a relative of Mr. Magoo.

  33. JIM'S WORLD says:

    If it had been ME I would have drilled the whole above the camera and ran the excess wire across the attic INSIDE rather than outside…to me that just looks tacky imo.

  34. Glenn Bankson says:

    lol, Awesome!! funny

  35. Keith Lauer says:

    I have the same thing screens rotate or All four on at once or stay on one camera . it works good has good audio and video . the only wire is for power . the video is wireless picks up signal up to 80 feet away

  36. ram franc says:

    I went ahead and purchased a set of these camera, and I have a question when I mounted the camera on the left side of my home the antenna gets in the way with the base, this is a not too good, the antenna should be put on top of the camera or away from turning the camera, what can I do in this matter?

  37. armadillo platypus says:

    720p is no good for facial recognition at night. You need at least 1080p with HDR or WDR function.

  38. James Lemon says:

    Ah you were shady charecter. Lol

  39. rockytop roasters and adventures says:

    Do they need wifi…thank you

  40. alan sullivan says:

    Nothing against pappy but funny how all these wireless systems have wires-ha ha

  41. Another comment says:

    You get those ScuddleButt What's Up foundation jerks outta there! Nicely done Sir!

  42. Jeff Reid says:

    Calking would have easily filled that hole

  43. Terrie Cotham says:

    do the cameras have Motion sensor build into it as I notice it has record times listed
    all so what is the voltsge to each camera from its power supply
    what is the voltage to the display unit as well from its power supply
    are they 12 volts andis it AC or DC to the units

    The reason I ask if 12 volts DC then you could power them from a Deep cycle battery if the main power ever is lost
    and one of the questions was could you use them in a RV if its 12 volts dc it would be no trouble to midfield the power connector to the units and run them off of you RV battery as some computers routers are used 12 volts dc from the power converter in homes and could be power from a deep cycle battery

    i took a look at one HP computer connector and found it seems to have 2 or 3 power inputs at 18 volts DC if remember right and look at using a 12 volt and one 6 volt battery system to run a laptop computer without wasting all that power in stepping up 12 volts dc to 115 ac and then back down to 18 volts DC

    Thanks love the video

  44. Dan Kirchner says:

    my god – ive got an 06 model year 2 cam wireless set up that cost around $100- then thats color -night vision etc may not be hd yet the cams are 1/4 that big and it still works !

  45. tubedude54 says:

    I'd feel better if you mounted the camera to the outer part of the eave so it was catching the area at the front door AND the garage door if possible. As it is you have a blind spot at the garage door that someone can come up to going from the fire hydrant, left, then to your garage. Also… what does the camera cable hook to?

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