Cobras Protecting Sleeping Baby?

May 31, 2019 posted by

someone just sent me this video and I had to share with you guys it looks like he was posted a little less than a year ago it has 3 million views and has been causing a lot of controversy we'll get to that in a second here's the clip [Applause] so these Cobras protecting the baby or they keeping it hostage make no mistake Cobras are very deadly and while their venom isn't necessarily as strong as some snakes the amount of neurotoxin injected in a single bite is enough to kill an elephant or 20 people fortunately for us they're not very aggressive and as you can see in the video they don't seem to be threatened at all as a baby seems to grab on to one of the snakes and they don't do anything about it this is the only snake species that actually build nests for their eggs and guard them heavily until they hatch so could that be what's going on here well no one seems to be arguing that this video isn't real some people were claiming that these snakes had their fangs ripped out and their mouths sewn shut am I wrong for thinking that this is extremely cruel and disgusting as you can see in this example Cobras normally licked the air but in the video they do not I mean how did these snakes even eat


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    the snake thinking " i'm gonna protect my huge egg"

  2. AbsoluteMdot says:

    This is pretty scary but they are better parents than most people.

  3. Regnork Gray says:

    Like have fun with paying the child support then

  4. yarabbi şükür baboş says:

    dude has traps session all the week

  5. patriots #1 says:


  6. Mona Chabaan says:

    You abuse us

  7. Mona Chabaan says:

    So shut the f up

  8. Mona Chabaan says:

    God who let us have lives and animals would you like if humans were like animals and they want like kill you and all

  9. Mona Chabaan says:

    Human can't stop animals only god

  10. Mona Chabaan says:

    You stop vidoes

  11. Charity Diaz says:

    I have King cobras in my house everywere

  12. Charity Diaz says:

    It real

  13. Ariana Fan says:


  14. Bannana Toast says:

    Don't be an idiot mate, most reptiles taste the air when they're moving or if they are being moved. Alright? If you wanna get a hate boner over "animal abuse" join Peta. The snakes are not hostile because the baby is moving slowly, slow moving objects don't interest or threaten the snakes and they tend to ignore it or not care if the object comes into contact with it,thats why its easy to move a hand around the side of its head slowly and touch the back of its head. They see large, fast moving objects and perceive themas threats.

  15. Hang Mai says:


  16. no no name says:

    That guy is stupid…
    He doesn't have any knowledge

  17. General Heavy says:

    Best babysitter ever

  18. Brandon Gardner says:

    They don't lick the air you jackass. That's how they smell.

  19. INFO WORLD Yogabrata Chakraborty says:

    That only possible in India

  20. Just Sad says:

    Protecting his prey from other posible threats. Not protecting for "good" reasons

  21. mindless Magyar says:

    Maybe thw snack didnt wanna lick the air cause its to salty

  22. Dalia Flora says:

    They protecc
    They attacc
    But most importantly
    They’re badass snacc

  23. Jillyann Winslow says:

    This cobra is like my child now Suckers

  24. Robin Fo says:

    Are you shitting me this makes me nervous

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