Construction Safety at Mizzou

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[construction sounds] [Ominous Music] [Truck Starts] Oh! Geeze! [Truck Beeping] Hot coffee! Hot Coffee! Ahhhh! [Truck Beeping] Big fan of that spray cheese on a cracker but I’m not sure how I feel about it on a
sandwich [Dog clears throat discontentedly] Dog: Even I know when someone needs help. Never hurts to ask [discontentedly clears throat again] [Man gasping in disbelief] What do you think it means? It kind of looks like street art Maybe trying to say something to us Hmmmm, doesn’t matter Come on, let’s chow. I’m starving I’ve got the munchies [Ominous Music] [Upbeat Music] [Music Suddenly Ends] [music playing] [Upbeat Music Builds] Good morning Hey, look what the cat dragged in How ya doing, Robbie Can’t complain How’s the day treating ya Lovin’ every second of it Keep it up Good luck at that game Every day here at Mizzou thousands of people make their way across
campus on their way to class, work or to visit Among those thousands are many people with
disabilities For people with disabilities barriers that might seem harmless can present obstacles that are impossible
to navigate Blocking a sidewalk or ramp, not providing adequate fencing or providing poor temporary signage can have a huge impact on someone The safety of our students, staff and visitors is our number one priority This short video is intended to heighten your
awareness of those challenges and illustrate how seemingly minor actions can have severe consequences Not only for people with disabilities but for everyone The responsibility to ensure
safety and accessibility lies with all of us You can personally make a difference It’s surprisingly simple All you have to do is think and do the right thing. [music playing]

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  1. Christian Cepel says:

    Excellent use of the Wilhelm Scream. Kudos!

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