Cops And Ex-Felons Seek To Find Common Ground

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you my friend the first thing you said to me when I sat down was oh my god you look like somebody I arrested before dude I've known you for like two minutes I don't even know your name apparently people are a lot braver than I am so you know are they're a lot more comfortable with their stories I'm just more excited to be here and to share stories hear everybody else's story for me more so it's uh in our situations that you're kind of conditioned like you guys are the enemy you know I don't know how you guys feel about us or you know I've never had a deeper conversation with law enforcement probably from your point of view is is that it doesn't always seem like the justice system is fair I think that what you find though it's if you truly love this job and this work that you strive to find that balance in fairness I I'm puzzled by what he's saying because I've never heard anything like this before because I mean if it's true what you're saying then how come police aren't policing police why are you standing idly by while your fellow officers are going around shooting and killing unarmed black people why is that happening I sold drugs that's why I did I sold a shit ton of drugs and I didn't have family I never you know I mean I grew up in foster homes I I didn't have any type of family but I fuckin knew that when I went to prison I knew I didn't want to come back to this shit you know what I'm saying so while I was in prison I knew I needed to start there and build a foundation I've been out of trouble since 1999 you know so I chose to give in my own crimes when I was younger I wanted to violence I could have easily chose to do something else but I was always there when things were gonna happen I was talking about thinking about between my professional life or my personal life I think that like you know it's it's one of those things where like you look at for instance have I have I killed anybody have I robbed anybody have I like all these major felonies now have I have I sped before yeah absolutely you know what I hear is uh you're telling me there's levels of legality I mean I used to be sort of on that and to like I grew up well I went to private schools I mean I'm not somebody you know like which stereotype as somebody who gone to prison you know and then I've gone to prison and I just find out how fucked up the system is I mean what about that guy who goes out has dinner and has a drink ends up spending seven or eight years in prison because somebody started a fight with them but then I meet people in prison who shot somebody in the back of the head execution style and only got ten years for it you know whereas for me I spent 13 years in prison because somebody was hurting my family I thought like okay well we're gonna go get our stuff back from this person and I get conspiracy to commit robbery conspiracy to you know use a gun which has added another 10 years and it's nothing ever happened you know nobody got hurt and like maybe it's cultural maybe it's you know I grew up where like you defend your family you know and yeah like was it a bad mistake sure can ask the question they're like why your first thought wasn't like let me call the cops to help solve this issue cuz you know it like from my experience growing up cops don't help they just come by show up make a great show of doing their jobs and then leave but I'm just saying there's no consistency in the system it makes no sense it depends on which county you go to which judge you show up in front of it's a political game it's that's not justice what would you consider justice to be I mean I would like to see that you know there would be some consistency if I go to LA County or San Diego or wherever that the same crimes that carry the same time there would be some you know consideration for you know situation I don't think there is the criminal justice system truly does help to protect societies if we did not have it that there would be chaos well it may not be perfect right now but we need the justice system and we have to believe it for some reason it just seems to me that if you're from a wealthier family you're easy to get off the hook when I was fighting my case I had a sulli who was fighting the same crime that I committed for an attempted murder he had came back said that the judge gave him one year with two strikes I don't know how that went about but for me i end up getting ten years with one strike and his family was wealthy in that did you have priors did he have priors I had no priors I didn't understand why is it that you know if your family has more money it's easier to get off the hook a lot of times I I saw that if you have a private attorney high-power attorney I guess you have a better chance of getting off than having public defender that could be a little hole in the criminal justice system but that's how it is right now and then I don't know how to address that issue so I guess that's it shouldn't be a game it shouldn't be a game with people's lives like how how can I get this when how can I negotiate a win with this person's life at the end of the day man it's all about and it's about numbers and there's no there's no money in rehabilitation man there's money in recidivism money and if I could give up my job today as a result of no other people going to jail which means that they would actually stop committing crimes I would do it in a heart oh yeah but there's not too many people like you if we had a system guys like you awesome I think that that's that's but again see what you just said is that's the perception that you have is that there are no it's not it's a reality for us for me when I was inside and the nonprofit that I worked for we had you know the programs in there and this is a class that are is gonna help them you know actually do something with their lives every evening while the guys are going to class like they get harassed and they we come out of the class and all the cops are lined up and like get on the wall strip-searched tear up textbooks tear up their personal property their their homework like yeah that's how the system is like on the way out of prison officers were telling me like I'll see you back on the next one you know like that's fucking bullshit out of everybody in the circle that he was the first one to actually voice the fact that he made choices it's in that moment that they claim dominion over themselves so I appreciate that thank you I don't know how they feel about that I don't think any one of us right here sat here and say like I didn't make my own choices I understand I made my own choice I got myself my own time I thought yeah I get the sense that you do too I think the larger issue is that the system is broken and that's what I have a problem with I don't have a problem with taking ownership of my actions it's society not taking ownership of its own creation and I hope you don't hear that he was the one he was the only person of course local and say yeah I will ask you this so and I'll challenge you do you know who your representative is – have you ever contacted their office no have you ever contacted your Congress member no then I suggest that you should I mean I okay and here's the thing cuz you strike me as a very smart individual that has the ability to go in influence I agree with you as I just think that you need to take a walk in our shoes you know like and I don't mean any disrespect by this but you sound like an a law enforcement pamphlet you know like you sound like every perfect thing that they want you to say it's kind of like when you work in a company and the CEO says this is the policy but when you're on the ground level you know that there are certain things that just doesn't work in reality I think you have you know great views and I think your if we had you know long like just a team of law enforcement there's exactly like you to even I have the same views like it would be great you know but I also think that there is reality when you come out of prison everything is just so stacked against you like it seems that that's that commonality so like when a friend since when I talked about coming out of military I had people that told me when and where to be all these rules and regulations and when I got out you know there was nobody there same thing happens in prison you have to break out of the prison mind mentality here's difference between the mill and I agree with you there's a lot of similarities there are a lot of commonalities with prison in the military however when you're in the military you're told you're the men of this country are the defenders of this country you're men then you go to prison we were told that we're pieces of shit we were told that we're animals you know and when you've gone through a decade of that it it gets in your head inside your mind it's like Who am I like Who am I to think that I can do these things it just turns you into nothing you know and it makes you believe that you're nothing that you can do it and that's something that you can't put into you know LAPD policy you know and that's what the justice system does to you like it breaks you but you know what I can tell you this me looking at you I don't see any of the things that you that you talk about I would hope for you for actually all three of you think you know that you guys are able to to escape those those boundaries that have been created because guess what at the end of the day like you have one life to live and it's going to be predicated upon the decisions that you make now I honestly believe that they have a structure in place that can help the people who are running it are the ones that need adjusting I think it needs a lot of work I think the resources are put in to a lot of the wrong places and I'm not okay with saying well this is what we got so let's try to work with it like no I think that there should be moves to try to improve the system like I don't think we should ever be content you know like I said unfortunately when the budget crisis happens training is the first one that goes out the door I think they need more training if they're training said the one life I think is worth it I also think communication to build a unity in the community that way that it can be trusted with one another and be able to to work with one another with all the challenges that's going on in this chaotic world conversation what you have any information on your not bra I do actually hey guys much appreciation we get to do what we love because you all watch our videos so if you really love us you'll continue to keep watching videos there's more right here that you can check out you probably haven't seen all of them and if you really want to just commit to us you can subscribe right here I'll be around I'll be at the end of some more videos and I will keep in touch peace


40 Replies to “Cops And Ex-Felons Seek To Find Common Ground”

  1. Deadreader says:

    I agree with the felons because they had the most valuable information

  2. lockerby says:


  3. Cece Marie says:

    I think that the justice system does need to be better and I do think that some police officers shouldn’t be as violent as they are, however putting police officers in this category that their all bad is like putting black people in the category that their all gang bangers, and their not. I’m planning on being a Military police officer and my biggest concern isn’t dying or anything along those lines, but that I won’t be trusted Bc of the stereotype police officers have. I want to be able to go and save people’s life’s not be down graded in this world be police officers protect people and people don’t like that. I see so many of this stuff where it’s like “free my boy so and so” and I’m just like well did he commit a crime and now he’s serving his time? Bc if ur actions have consequences and you can’t blame the people that catch you doing wrong things on why you’re getting in trouble.

  4. Cassady Luv says:

    All cops aren’t the same , I mean put yourself in there position. No one barley talks about cops being killed . Imagine working this job , having a job where you can potentially die . You never know when you pull someone over , they might just have a gun . Because people are crazy in the world. I’m not saying all cops are angels but I’m saying all cops aren’t the same . Some cops do there jobs to make society safer .

  5. Jonah T says:

    Dude with dreads is very vindictive.

  6. Random Squirell says:

    The same crimes don't have the same consequences in different states because the states are independent from the government.

  7. Random Squirell says:

    The black guy says cops are shooting innocent black people, This is the problem the news portrays these stories badly, CNN and Fox News both biased news sources,

  8. Ahtziri Vindell says:

    The black guy did not come to play, he really came to defend what he believed in, he came to talk about police brutality right off the bat, mad respect

  9. Soanfvdimebdvsakndd says:

    This is the grown up version of losing a game and saying “well the game is just bad that’s why I lost”

  10. Amanda Rotberg says:

    these ex-felons and the retired cop are intelligent, speak the truth, and give me hope that our fucked up cj system can be fixed

  11. Creeper Bomb says:

    Uhmm, no offense of course, but the cops killing random unarmed black people is mainly false.

  12. Michelle Elle says:

    It should de “Prison Guards and Ex-felons” not Cops.
    They were complaining about the justice system and how they were treated inside. That has nothing to do with the cops. Sure cops are the ones that make the arrest but they don’t decide your sentence or how you’ll be treated inside bars.

  13. Felicia Aguirre says:

    Can we get more of this?

  14. Danny F says:

    You know if you don’t do crime you don’t go to prison right? Lol

  15. Arabella T says:

    They need to redo this episode with correction officers because it seems likes the convicts have more problems with them than cops.

  16. Mrs.George Glass says:

    I have and he wouldn't agree to meet with me. He said; while wearing designer, nor name brand, mother fucken designer suit, with 1,000 dollar snake skin boots, that our homeless population is the eyesore of our community! I left out how it was 0 degrees outside, and that not a degree, it's anti warm, these people found a place to get out of the wind! I had some questions about the fact that human beings are not an eye sore, of all the sores of my eye was his boots, that cost more then what would feed everyone that was trying to get or stay warm for several days if not weeks! So not knowing who your government representatives are, yet seeing them portrayed in the media, and as a person who's been misrepresented on the local news, I do infact realize they manipulate the truth in multifarious means. However if I am not an individual, I am not college educated and say a law enforcement officer make the same effort to make contact, personal, private contact to discuss resolution, our own ideals for any different resources and resolve not inclusive of humans being a means of more federal funding, or something worthless, invaluable, an eyesore, or disposable and they won't agree to meet with u then who do u call Ghostbusters? I think the one dude made an excellent point when officials aren't willing to hold one another accountable who is the example?

  17. Isaac Saldivar says:

    Is it just me or does the Asian guy look like Post Malone?

  18. NCarmine1 says:

    In Finland we have life sentence maximum 15years including murder,how sick is that

  19. Isabel Barnes says:

    Idk if they have this is the US, but in the Uk, there’s a charity organisation called Clink. They set up Restaurants beside prisons and the prisoners staff the whole thing. All the money earned goes to Clink which helps with rehabilitation.

  20. Hold Fast says:

    This was a really moving one. We never really get to hear the side of those who have been through prison so it opened my eyes for sure

  21. livluvCARA says:

    Woo ping

  22. Insightful Shawn says:

    Asian American, European American and African American coming to discuss their thoughts on the questions asked.

  23. ah tan says:

    No white ex-felon?

  24. Malikyusra 0 says:

    In conclusion, the justice system will and always will be fucked up.

  25. Nick Troller says:

    1:44 i no joke said outloud "Oh here we go.."

  26. Peeping Xanarchy says:

    Officer: “Hey have you got your information?”
    Ex Convict: “yeah sure” reaches for pocket
    Officer: “HES GONE FOR HIS GUN”

  27. Kakashi Hatake says:

    Is walking down the street with a katana swinging it and getting in practice in the street ilegal

  28. Geoff McConnell says:

    So much ignorance.

  29. MINsportspruduction says:

    The guy in dreads is pissed at cops even though he was the one who broke the law

  30. Bryan Ricci says:

    My common ground would be a little from both sides. I dare anyone to think of a better system that is in place right now in our judicial system. Judge, jury of our peers, lawyers, bail, etc. The whole system if done properly is a good system. However just like any plan that looks good on paper once you add the chaotic element that is us human, things don't always work the way you want them to. Expensive lawyers, Racist Jury Selection Voir Dire, innocent people going to jail, guilty people walking free, etc. So to that I will say that the system needs some help patching up some problems but I think it helps more people than it hurts.

    "You don't tear down a lighthouse because a few ships crash ashore"

  31. vegetal says:

    A lot of the issues discussed here came more down to the courtroom and what happens after someone gets arrested, which I don't feel like the cops have much control over. Obviously they chose to partake in the system, but it's not like they're directly responsible for a lot of those injustices. It would also be cool if we heard suggestions as well as the critiques, because I feel like everyone is on the same page that money plays a huge part in your sentence but what do we do about it.

  32. XI XI says:

    I really liked ping.🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  33. Jeanette Sanchez says:

    When the asian guy started talking about not going to the cops to deal with the person who was messing with his family LIKE PREACH! Cops rarely actually help so it makes you feel like you have to do everything on your own

  34. jordan brown says:

    He nice video

  35. bob robbins says:

    Judges and sherrifs should be elected

  36. Little Sailor says:

    The man in the suit learned a lot

  37. Lil adolf Hitler says:

    More white people are killed by cops than blacks not all cops are racist. cops are afraid everyday that they won’t go home and someone has to tell the kids why daddy is never coming home.our brave police force try to help us not hurt us so when someone says cops suck they should try to arrest someone like themselves

  38. KingThorax says:

    Something so many people dont see is that there is a huge differance between the American legal system and the California legal system. Im from Pennslyvania and if someone here kills or steals or murders, they get a long time in prison. There should be like a list of sentences for a crime commited. Murder X ammount of time, robbery gets X ammount if time, selling drugs should get X ammount of time. There shouldnt be seperate setencings for people who did the same crime. But the reason I said there is a difference from the CA legal system and the rest of the country is because they seem to give a lot less of a setencing to people (probably cus their jails are all full). For instance, a man and woman in my state murdered and tortured their daughter to death in Philly and both got sentenced to life in prison (its really fucked up so you can look it up if you want to but I think the mom got life and the dad got death despite the mom was the one who started it) but i've read of people in CA who have commited murder in horrible ways yet they only get sentenced to a few years in prison. I think there is a big disconnect from CA's legal system and the rest of the countrys.

  39. Nichole says:

    This is an excellent conversation.

  40. Nichole says:

    Hellooooooo Christopher. You fine. 😍

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