Crazy New AoE2 Scenario – This is Amazing! [Rulick Unit Defence]

September 13, 2019 posted by

Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you a brand new
Age of Empires 2 custom Scenario – It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and it’s absolutely
crazy. You can play alone or co-oparate with up to
four friends and the best part is that it’s quick and easy to get started because it’s
on the Steam workshop. All you need to do is click on subscribe and
launch HD. This map is called Rulick Unit Defense, and
if you’ve ever played any tower defense type games before you’ll certainly have a good
idea about what to do. However, this video should hopefully serve
as a tutorial on how to play this game mode. It’s not super clear what everything does
so be sure to send this video to your teammates before starting so that they can get up to
speed too! Stick with me here – it looks like a complex
map but doesnt take long to learn to play at all. Your objective on this map is to prevent your
tower from dieing while you progress through waves of enemies, and bosses, until you reach
the final boss and win the game. Each wave of enemies will spawn at the top
of the circular path and walk all the way around to the other end – if 20 enemies make
it through then you lose. Or if any of the bosses make it to the end
you will also be eliminated. You can see each wave of enemies at the bottom
of the map – they gradually get harder and harder as you progress. You can see your current wave marked by the
orange ball above it. So you know that waves of enemies are coming
to kill you, but how do you protect yourslef? Easy, build units to defend! At the four coloured relics to the north east
of the center circle you will find your shop. I would recommend setting a control group
for your shop so that you can easily access it at any time. Selecting the shop and pressing control +
1 will allow you to bring up the shop UI at any time by simply pressing the number 1 on
your keyboard. Don’t let the shop overwhelm you, I’ll explain
what each of the buttons do. The top left button spawns Novice soldiers
– each solider costs 100 gold. These soldiers are what will defend you from
the waves of enemies. It’s worth noting that when units are created
they are on no attack stance – I would recommend putting them on stand ground and positioning
them where you want them to go. Melee units can attack the enemies as they
walk since they all have ranged attack! As your soliders fight, and the more soldiers
you have your food will gradually decrease. The berry bush button allows you to buy 50
food for 100 gold and keep your army fed. More about food later. The stone icon allows you to buy “Iron” – this
allows your units to continue fighting. For every enemy unit that you kill one stone
will be removed, at 0 stone your units will stop fighting entirely until you buy more
iron from the shop. The buttons next to the buy icons allow you
to buy in bulk. If you click this button it toggles between
buying a single Militia, 4 militia or 8 militia at one time. The same for the buying of food and iron – only
it toggles between buying 50 and 250 in one go. I’ll cover the rest of the shop items later
but for now let’s talk about your units. All units are created equal – as novice fighters
who just want to do their part. But Novice fighters wont get you very far
– you need to upgrade them. Putting two matching units together in the
left side of the center circle will allow you to upgrade them. If we check the top of the map we can see
the unit upgrade tech tree. Two novice fighters have a 1/3 chance to become
a Shield Bearer, Spearman or Bowman. Two Shield bearers have a 50-50 chance to
become either a Fighter or a squire. From there there are 6 unique classes of unit
which will progress further each time you combine two of them together. Once you get to fourth tier units your units
will start to gain special passive abilities – We’ll also come back to that a little later
on too. As you fight your units will slowly lose health,
as well as consuming food over time and iron for every kill that they get. By sending your units to the monk you can
heal them up between waves, or even during waves if they are getting a bit low. The food consumption is also something to
keep in mind – as when you reach 0 food your units will start taking heavy damage until
you buy more from the shop. The more units you have the higher food consumption
will be – you can check the rates of consumption by clicking on the villagers to the top right
of the play area. If you look closely you can see the center
area is split into four sectors, this is important for a couple of reasons. First, food is consumed based on how many
units you have ine ach sector. With no units in a sector you will lose 0
food, with 1-5 you will lose 1 food, 6-10 3 food and so on. If you had 6 units in all four sectors you
would lose 12 food every 5 seconds, as food is deducted in 5 second intervals. So keep that in mind when spacing your units
around the map and when choosing when to upgrade your units as well! Finally you can sell your units by sending
them into the right side of the center circle, but be careful not to accidentally sell units
as you only get 50% of their value back. This can be handy if you have ran out of gold
and need to buy food or stone urgently. You will get 25 gold for every kill that you
get, allowing you to continue buying new units and upgrades from the shop. Once you’re ready to go and start the current
wave you need to go to your shop and click on the icon in the bottom right. Once all players have readied up the wave
will begin! You have as much time as you need between
rounds to upgrade and heal your units. When the wave is active you can see how close
you are to completing it by the orange circles which progress around the outer ring. Once they reach the end the
wave is complete! The two other upgrades in the
shop are the villager icon and the gold icon. The villager icon costs 800 gold and increases
your population headroom by 4. This will allow you to create more units up
to a maximum of 30! The gold icon allows you to invest 500 gold
into a permanent bonus 250 gold at the end of each wave. When you complete a wave gold is awarded to
each player along with any bonus gold that you collect form this upgrade. Every time you spend 500 gold on this upgrade,
you will recieve 250 gold at the end of every wave that you complete. You can do this upgrade up to ten times for
a total of 2500 gold for each cleared wave. Now, thats the basics! But there’s some more important information
you need to know if you want to master this scenario and understand the deeper strategy. Going back to upgrading your units, until
you reach tier 4 units, which are the units with four stars in their name, you’re simply
pairing units together in order to make a new and stronger one. However, once you have tier 4 units things
change a little so be careful! When you have a tier 4 unit the rules for
upgrading change slightly, you no longer need to pair two of the same type together, instead
you have to pay gold and stone and pray to RNGsus a little bit. By sending a tier 4 unit to the upgrade area
you will pay 500 gold and 75 stone to respawn the unit with a chance of getting an improved
version. You can see the star values filling to indicate
how high the units level is. If you get lucky you may end up with the hero
unit, and if not, you might spend 500 gold and 75 stone on a single level. It’s completely random. However, it’s worth trying to get these hero
units because they will have special passive abilities which are a big boost. In fact, 5 of the tier 4 units also have special
abilities but the hero units usually have 2. You can see the abilities of a unit by clicking
on them at the top of the map. You can see that the Warrior has the Great
Vitality I ability and the Knight has the battle orders I ability. However, the highest level warrior becomes
the Vanguard hero which has the Great Vitality II ability and the Intuition of Vanguard. But what do these abilities do, what do they
mean? If you go to the hints each ability is explained
in detail. I won’t go through them all here as you can
read them for yourself – but for example: the Formation Collape ability reduces the
movement speed of the wave when the wave is in the same sector as this unit. Remember, the sectors are the quadrants of
the circle. So as you can imagine – once abilities start
to come into effect there’s a level of strategy involved in deciding which units to place
in which sector – especially since some of the abilities don’t stack. And that’s everything you need to know to
start playing this awesome new scenario! The link to the steam workshop page is in
the description to this video. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite
as amazing as this in all my time playing AoE2, it’s extremely innovative and the circles! Circles in AoE2! Huge shoutout to Rulick for creating this
scenario – He told me that he is from Korea and his English is not so good – so I hope
that this video guide can help you to understand his masterpiece and help it to gain some popularity. How far can you get? Let me know if you download this scenario
and tell me what your thoughts are! Can you beat the first boss? Here’s a clip from my livestream last night
any my reaction to seeing the boss for
the first time:
Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
and hit the bell to get notifications about my next uploads. See you next time!


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