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– How would you feel if you got called into your
boss’s office tomorrow, and you were no longer required? How would you feel? You’d be gutted, right? I know I would. That, the world was falling in your whole world is just
collapsing around you, you gotta pay the bills, you gotta support your family. Now it costs a lot of
money to live these days. That’d be horrible, right? But I gotta tell you, there is another way because what you can do, you can start another business on the side and build it up in your spare time. So if that should happen, you got something to fall back on. Now what happened to me, I was watching YouTube one
day having a pretty bad day ’cause suddenly I realized
that, my job isn’t that secure. And I could easily lose it, ’cause people in my company
were losing their job. And I’ve so far been lucky, but maybe tomorrow, next month, who knows when I might lose my job and then the jobs are very
hard to find these days. So I was watching YouTube that same day. And this guy was explaining to me how I could start my own online business. So that I can create income streams in just a few hours a day. And then basically have that, financial protection if you like, should I lose my job. And I was really interested because this seemed like
a great opportunity, ’cause we’re leveraging
the internet, right? ‘Cause the internet in
the last 10 or 20 years is just growing tremendously. There’s so many opportunities there. So I watched these videos that he sent me and I was really excited about them, yeah, this is really good. And I signed up straight away. And I haven’t looked back since my life has completely changed. Like how I’m still doing the same job, but I have this other job on the side, which I’m doing few hours every day, I’m building and building
and building this business. So that should I lose my main job, I got something to fall back on. And as my business builds, eventually one day,
I’ll just be able to go, Okay, bye bye, and then doing something
I really, really wanna do. ‘Cause my main job right
now is something, I like it. It’s okay. But it’s not what I’m
really passionate about. My side business is what
I’m passionate about. And you can do that too. You can build your online business about something that you love doing something that really drives you, that gets you up in
the morning and go yes! Come on lets go another
day, it can be done. A lot of people are doing this, this fantastic opportunity. And they offer you have
a similar kind of thing there’ll be some workshops, you click on the screen or down below and there enter your
name and email address. And I’ll forward you these
these on-demand workshops. And you can watch them and get a feel for what
opportunities are there. And also explain to you all the backing that you’ll get. You’ll get all the training that you need because you have to re-skill right, You have to learn new skills, you don’t become a doctor
overnight or within a few weeks you become a doctor by
training by skilling up, it takes you years and years. This is not as hard as that, right? It doesn’t take you years and years but it’s a skill you need to learn So you have all the training there, you have all the tools there you need online tools to make it all work, bring it all together. And internet coaching and mentorship. The more coaching mentorship you have, the more successful you’ll be because they’re the people who
can really, really help you when times get tough, these guys can make such a big difference. So it’s all there. So when you coming to
sign up, not only that, my passion if you haven’t realized already is to help people, help people like you. People like you who are worried. People like you who are… yeah you just worried
about losing your job, you need some financial security. And I wanna help you. So when you sign up, I’ll offer you a free
six week coaching program to help you through the early stages because it can be a little
bit daunting at first, bit overwhelming, especially if you’re learning
all these new skills, right? So it’s gonna be fantastic. This is what drives me and you can build your business
about whatever you want. You can build it around Amazon products, you can build it around,
just some passion you have, maybe you love writing, you love writing blogs or things we won’t go through it now
because it’s all in these videos, but the opportunities there are massive. And then all I ask you
to do is just to sign up, click on the button or down below on the screen or down below, and come through to my website enter your name and email address, you’ll get these workshops and just see what you think. And this could be the big change for you. For me, my life has changed completely. One of worrying what’s gonna happen next, where I’m gonna be in 10 or 20, 30 years. To one now of I know where I’m going and exactly where I’m gonna be hmm pretty much yeah, things always change. But I’ve got a path there. I know, I’m gonna have a
successful online business, and it’s gonna give me
that security that I need. And that passion I need that love for life that I need. So anyway, enough of this. Thank you very much for watching. I know your time is precious. My name is Scott by the way. Sign up and I’ll be speaking to you soon. Take care.

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