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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām || I welcome all the devotees, disciples, visitors,
viewers, Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, SriMahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, everyone who
is sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, You Tube live, two-way video
conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world.
Let me enter into the 3rd and 4th verse of the Kenopanishad, which I was talking yesterday,
recite along with Me : na tatra cakṣurgacchati na vāg gacchati
no manaḥ na vidmo na vijānīmo yathaitadanuśiṣyāt
|| 3 || anyadeva tadviditādatho aviditādadhi
iti śuśruma pūrveṣāṁ ye nastad vyācacakṣire || 4 || Listen, the literal translation of the verse. Where the eyes goes not, the speech goes not,
nor the mind and intellect, we do not know, we do not understand, how that Reality, Consciousness
can be taught, it is distinct from the known, as it is far beyond man’s finite objective
nature, that is, what the mind eyes ears or speech, the senses can perceive and it is
beyond the unknown as it can be known by man’s divine infinite subjective nature. Thus we
have heard from the ancient masters who revealed and explained that to us. Please understand, you need only one thing
to understand this whole verse, Purity. I am not saying, when I say purity means, I
am not saying some big, big tapas, austerity no, no. Purity in understanding this verse.
Anything, which you can see, which you can visualize, is not the ultimate. Anything which
you can speak or which you can verbalize internally is not ultimate. Anything which you can conceptually
explain or think through is not that ultimate. Listen carefully, human mind’s greed to
grasp everything and bring it under our frame, should be sacrificed when it comes to the
ultimate, that is where authentic experience happens. Please listen, anything which you
can grasp, visualize, verbalize, debate, analyze understand, cannot be the ultimate. I just wanted to remind you the lesson I got
from Swami Vairagyananda, which I was sharing yesterday – develop something in you which
will be holding, supporting, nourishing, keeping you alive even after your eyes fails, speech
fails, mind fails, the logic with which you are able to connect the things and fails.
Listen, when your sugar level goes low your visualization capacity will collapse, same
way if your insulin level goes high your fantasies will just take over you, you do not know what
is reality and what is fantasy. If your salt level goes low your verbalization will lose
its power you, will not be able to connect and see. There will be a time in your life while you
are leaving the body or after you left the body, all these will not be functioning, will
not be useful for you, develop something which will be useful for you at that time, where
all these will not be functioning for you, that which will continue to be alive in you,
even when all these things are not functioning anymore, that is what I call the goal of life,
Nirvakalpa Samadhi, Space of Sadāshivoham. Understand, even when I say the word SADĀSHIVOHAM
don’t think you understand something, if you think you can grasp that word Sadashiva,
it is not Sadashiva. Actually if you read the original Kashmiri Shaivaite text and the
Adi Shaiva text, which Sadashiva Himself has spoken. Now I am doing a work, collecting
“The Complete Works of Sadashiva”, whatever book available in the name of Sadashiva – Neelkantha,
Mahadeva, Bhairava, collecting everything and consciously scanning, and organizing “Complete
Works of Sadashiva.” Anything directly he delivered, if you read
you will understand the definition of Sadashiva, you can never grasp. It is again:
na tatra cakṣurgacchati na vāg gacchati no manaḥ
na vidmo na vijānīmo yathaitadanuśiṣyāt || 3||
anyadeva tadviditādatho aviditādadhi iti śuśruma pūrveṣāṁ ye nastad vyācacakṣire
|| 4 || Please understand, the Upanishad should be
heard only from an Enlightened Being, only then the purity will be retained and the beauty
of Upanishad is, if the person who is talking, if he is retaining the purity and you are
retaining the purity of the listening, you are done, nothing more needs to be done, you
are done, because shravana [listening] becomes nididhyasana [powerfully living and radiating],
that is why I always tell people, do not read Upanishads from unenlightened sources. Please do not read Upanishads from unenlightened
sources. See there are many people who provide alternate readings. Max Mueller is a criminal,
forget about him. He is an intellectual criminal. He did what he did only to abuse Hinduism,
forget about him, but in the modern day many people are trying to protect the alternative
readings. Never read Upanishadic truths from their alternative reading, the alterative
styles. Please understand, as long as they do not touch our Shruti, I don’t mind what
they are doing, but they have no right to give an alterative reading style for our Shruti.
See if they try to give an alternative reading for Rama, Krishna, all that…I am not accepting
what they are doing, but I don’t mind, it’s okay because our Incarnations are there to
be cherished by people as they want. Each one for their taste, their metal set-up they
will cherish, they will give their style of interpretation, but no one has right to give
alternative style of reading or understanding when it comes to SHRUTIS, Upanishads. Please
understand, because this is the core of our life. See, there are 2 methods atomic energy is
generated. One: trying to put both atoms, hit both and
them, merge both of them and manifest energy. Another one, try to break one atom and then
the energy starts exploding, manifesting. See these Yogic methods are all where 2 atoms,
where they are trying to put 2 atoms, unite. Those methods are totally different, but these
Advaitic methods are trying to break that one atom. The method, system, the effects,
side-effects everything is different. These ADVATIC PURE SHRUTI literatures should not
be commented, interpreted, the alternative reading styles. Thought currents on these
Upanishads should not be tolerated, not only that, please do not read Upanishad from unenlightened
sources. Because if you see the 2nd verse of Kenopanishad,
if you see the 2nd verse of Kenopanishad: śrotrasya śrotraṁ manaso mano yad
vāco ha vācaṁ sa u prāṇasya prāṇaḥ |
cakṣuṣaś-cakṣur-atimucya dhīrāḥ pretyāsmāllokād-amṛtā bhavanti || 2
|| The verse, the whole verse is not at all pointing
to somebody, something, it is only intensifying your Pure Questioning. It’s the method of
breaking one atom, opening up one atom, and manifesting the energy. It is not a method
of trying to put two atoms together, hit them, try to unite them and manifesting the energy,
no. Please understand, if something is defined, and you are asked to move towards that, it
is putting two atoms together, hitting both the atoms, and manifesting energy. That’s
the method of Yoga, but if you are breaking one atom and making the energy manifest, that
is the method of Shuddhadvaita, the Advaita. See when it comes to Incarnations, Avatars,
Rama, Krishna, all these Masters and their biographies, people having alternative thought
currents or alterative story telling method, I have no problem, because we have almost,
almost 100,000 versions of Ramayana, that is the way we cherish Rama, but, this modern
day alterative reading style interpreters should not be touching the core concepts of
Hinduism, they should not try to become authority on SHRUTI. The danger is modern day people
don’t know what is SHRUTI, what is Smriti. All these alternative reading providers, all
of them are trying to play with the Smriti itself, with the original source texts itself.
That is where the whole problem starts. The other day I was reading one of these alternative
style guys, he is very comfortably interpreting the Kenopanishad second verse as if it is
showing, declaring, Consciousness and he is using this verse even to define Consciousness,
no. The second verse nowhere he uses the word, any word which can be remotely translated
as Consciousness. śrotrasya śrotraṁ manaso mano yad
vāco ha vācaṁ sa u prāṇasya prāṇaḥ |
cakṣuṣaś-cakṣur-atimucya dhīrāḥ pretyāsmāllokād-amṛtā bhavanti || 2
|| Over. Nowhere even a word exists which can
be remotely translated as Consciousness, but very comfortably these so-called modern day
interpreters go on translating this verse, using, adding the word ‘Consciousness. Consciousness
is the ear of the ear.’ They go adding everything they want.
Understand the beauty here in this verse. I need to explain one more thin. In English
only singular and plural, in Sanskrit it is not – singular, dual, plural. So this verse,
second verse, when it comes to ‘shrotra’, ear, dual is used. When it comes to ‘mana’,
singular is used, when it comes to ‘vācā’ singular is used, when it comes to ‘chakshu’,
plural is used, means three eyes, not two. Understand, when it comes to ears, dual is
used. When it comes to ‘manas [mind]’ singular word is used, when it comes to ‘vāk’,
singular word is used. When it comes to ‘prāna’, singular word is used. When it comes to ‘chakshu’,
plural word is used, more than two; not two, more than two, means three or more than two. Our Masters were in high conscious frequency,
even in their poetry they do not miss what they are trying to convey. So when they have
not used the word which can be remotely translated as ‘consciousness’ and if you insert that
word into this verse, that whole thing is collapsed. This modern day alterative reading
style writers, authors, as long as they keep their border, they just play with the Incarnations.
I will not accept but I will not bother about them. Okay, its okay, dramatized version,
a portrait. Portrait is artistic expression, but, if they try to become authority on the
original science, SHRUTI, then something seriously wrong, then they are trying to subvert, they
are not trying to support they are only subverting. DO NOT READ these great Truths from the people
who are interested in subverting and not supporting, that is what I call maintaining your PURITY.
Not reading from the unenlightened sources, is what I mean by the word PURITY. Fortunately
that personal moment of listening to Vairagyananda Swami, the fortune of listening to Vairagyananda
Swami where he says, “Hey Kokaa, my eyes have failed, but I do not have problem, because
I never built myself on something on which my eyes can see, or cherish through visualization.”
If you meditated on certain form your whole life visualizing when your eyes fail you will
fall into depression because what you meditated will not be there, you will not be able to
hold that in your inner space. Understand, do not mediate on any form, which can be seen
or be visualized by your eyes. All visualizing meditation can be initial entertainment, theology
lite. Okay, just to have a little celebration, excitement, inspiration to start your journey.
Wow! This God looks so beautiful. And you may be wondering a person who is all the time
making huge Deities and putting tons of jewels on It and worshipping, he is telling, don’t
meditate on a Form. Understand, the truth is a truth, is a truth, is a truth when it
comes to the pure science. I’ll you later why I make those huge Deities, why I put all
those jewels, why I myself bow down again and again, all that I will explain later,
now listen to the truth in it’s pure form. Vairagyananda told me very clearly, not only
he told me, I experienced it, anything which you can see and which you can visualize based
on what you saw, see all your visualizations can be developed only based on what you saw,
for example; if you see elephant with one trunk, you can visualize elephant with thousand
trunk, but the one trunk elephant you should have seen, so all your visualizations are
nothing but, expansion of what you already saw. So when your chakshu fails, and it will
fail, and it will fail at one point of your life, either before you leave the body or
around the time you are leaving the body, it will fail, that time you will fall into
depression, you will fall into emptiness, you will fall into abyss, if you have built
your whole personality on visualization, no. Same way if you have built your personality
only on verbalization means, on some ideas, concepts, speaking or internally verbalizing,
even if it is a great mantra, when the verbalization fails, you will fall into depression, no,
and if you have built your personality cherishing some concepts, sometimes you don’t meditate
on form, you don’t meditate on name, but you cherish certain gunas, characters, quality,
sacchidananda parabrahma, the Pure Consciousness, light, intelligence, bliss all these concepts,
your cognitions, even if you contemplate and meditate and build your personality on that,
when your ability to connect, when your intellect fails, you will fall into depression, because
your intellect also will fail, before you leave the body, before you die. The only thing, which does not fail even after
all these fails is: the space of Unclutching, Nirvakalpa Samadhi. From the beginning start
building that. More and more time, energy, life should be spent, by every individual
to build that safe chamber in your inner space where Unclutching is experienced, where Complete
Completion is experienced, where Perpetual Completion is experienced, where Sahaja Samadhi
is experienced, where Nirvakalpa Samadhi becomes your personal reality. Understand, only the space which cannot be
visualized, which does not need to be remembered, which cannot be remembered, which cannot be
verbalized, is your safe chamber. Only that is the essence of life, understand this is
the most important lesson I got from Vairagyananda Swami, not what you left matters, how you
left matters, not what you left when you leave, but how you left, matters. Ramakrishna says beautifully, if you are going
to a new place, first find a lodge, put all your luggage, then go round and enjoy the
whole place because you know you can always come back, and you will have a safe place
in the night. Same way I tell you, first find that Nirvakalpa Samadhi chamber inside you,
put all your luggage and rest, then go round and enjoy everything because you know you
can always come back, and rest there, when you are supposed to leave the planet earth
or leave the life. The moment you add the word ‘Consciousness’
into this verse, the whole corruption starts, then it is no more pure questioning, then
what happens, you start visualizing, consciousness means, wow, shining, shining like thousand
Sun. A thousand Sun too hot, I should add a little cool. A thousand Moon and thousand
Sun put together.., you go on making that into a visualization exercise, no. The pure
questioning need to be retained, as pure questioning, when it comes to creating the Nirvakalpa Samadhi
in your system, understand. One more thing from this truth of Nirvakalpa Samadhi if you
operate, the powers manifest in you, is Shaktis. It is like breaking the atom and powers manifesting,
but in the Yoga method, where there is a definite visualization, and definite identity about
you, these both are made to merge, when they both hit each other, the energies expressed
are Siddhis. That whole science is different, this whole science is different. This verse if you understand without the manipulation,
interpolation, the alternative style of reading without adding the idea of consciousness into
it, because nowhere the verse even remotely adds a word, nowhere this verse has a word
which can ever remotely translate as Consciousness, no. It’s only very clearly saying, śrotrasya śrotraṁ manaso mano yad
vāco ha vācaṁ sa u prāṇasya prāṇaḥ |
cakṣuṣaś-cakṣur-atimucya dhīrāḥ pretyāsmāllokād-amṛtā bhavanti || 2
|| If you retain the purity of this verse you
will understand, the answer which Upanishad is trying to give through this verse is “Pure
questioning”. Going on and on and on and on, Unclutching. Going on and on and on and
on, into Completion. Nirvakalpa Samadhi is not verb, it is a noun,
understand it is not action, it is a space. The pure questioning is an action which leads
to Nirvakalpa Samadhi, which is not action, which is the pure space, but any visualization
is a verb, action, you need to go on holding it, maintaining it, retaining it, supporting
it. If something need to be supported it cannot be Nirvakalpa Samadhi; If something need to
be done it cannot be Nirvakalpa Samadhi; If something need to be, you need to hold on,
you need to keep that alive, it cannot be Nirvakalpa Samadhi. Retaining the purity of
your listening and from whom you are taking the lesson, is most important when it comes
to the understanding the pure science. I tell you, just few days I spent with Vairagyananda
Swami, clarified very clearly, experientially to me: when your ability to see and visualize
fails; your ability to think talk verbalize fails; your ability to connect the memory
and make meaning out of it fails; when all these fails what can hold you; you should
be putting all your time life energy to build that chamber in your life, that safe chamber
is what I call Nirvakalpa Samadhi and I want to tell you, it is not difficult as yogis
make you believe. It is difficult for Yogis, I tell you, it is a hard work for them, but
for Advaiti’s it is a smart decision. Understand, Nirvakalpa Samadhi is not Hard Work, It is
Smart Decision. When you don’t do that smart decision, you have to do hard work. If you
do the smart decision hard work is not required. It is as simple as, try to fast for 1 or 2
days, when your body gets dehydrated have water, continuously try to be Unclutching,
try to be completing, and go on to the source, actually one or two days of fasting, when
I say fasting not only no food, no TV, no visualization, feeding inside, no iPad, no
Facebook, nothing, all five senses, just fast for one or two days, when you feel dehydrated,
those moments go on doing that smart decision of Unclutching, Unclutching, Unclutching,
Completion, Completion, Completion, without holding on to anything. Sometimes even the
great fantasy of your ishtadevatā will appear, don’t hold on, don’t support. Sometimes
even My form will appear, don’t hold on, don’t support, go on Unclutching, Unclutching,
Unclutching. Just do this smart decision, in two, three, days you will catch that glimpse
of how your organs and intra organs will fail when you leave the body. That will make you
take smart decision. Smart decision is Advaita. Hard work is Yoga.
Understand, when people can’t do smart decision, they have to do hard work, but if you can
do smart decision, you don’t need hard work. People ask Me, many people even sincere Hindus
they ask me, “how can the powers manifest so easily in hundreds of people around you?
There is some magic you are doing?” Array, If I am interested in showing Myself
as a great mystical, mysterious, the branded alone possible personality, I know that drama,
I know that game, no. I am neither interested nor that can be true as per Vedic Tradition.
I am very clear, it is a simple science, too simple than chewing gum, just like how you
chew your gum, chew this concept of Unclutching. While your body is getting dehydrated, when
you fast, all five senses, don’t eat, you can drink water, don’t allow the TV or music
any input through any senses, just 2 days try, surely you will not die in 2 days, I
am not asking you to do it forever, just if you try for 2 days you will see how the senses
will become powerless, when you are withdrawing, while you leave the body, so during those
moments, if you are able to be Unclutched without falling into the abyss of chaos or
confusion or incompletion, powerlessness, you will just catch this smart decision of
Unclutching, not only that, it will start manifesting shaktis in you. Sadashiva says beautifully, when you sneeze,
just be in the space of Unclutching, you will manifest the power related to air. Please
understand, when you sneeze, it’s actually one of the techniques He gives in Vijñāna
Bhairava Tantra which is the most powerful Agama, there are ten Agamas – Shiva Sutra,
Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, Mrigendra Agama, and Mahanirvana Tantra, these ten Agamas,
straight techniques, techniques, techniques…while you are sneezing, if you can just Unclutch,
suddenly the whole circuit of that air energy, the prana will be available to you, you will
have it like a, the whole software’s password, the whole network’s password you will catch
it. Even if you have taken two, three smart decisions in your life..See all the techniques
of Sadashiva is smart decision. All techniques of Yoga is hard work. That is why even Yoga
Pāda, Yoga you should learn from Sadashiva, because Yoga, even Yoga He looks with the
eyes of smart decision, not with the eyes of hard work. These major ten Agamas – Rudrayamala, Mahanirvana,
Kularnava, Kamika, Mrigendra, Vijñāna Bhairava, if you see the techniques, techniques, techniques,
everything, it will be, with this base of smart decision, making you take smart decisions
during the right moments. This whole 3rd and 4th verse of Kenopanishad,
the 3rd and 4th verse of the Kenopanishad: na tatra cakṣurgacchati na vāg gacchati
no manaḥ na vidmo na vijānīmo yathaitadanuśiṣyāt
| anyadeva tadviditādatho aviditādadhi
iti śuśruma pūrveṣāṁ ye nastad vyācacakṣire || 3 || It is simply a smart decision, not at all
hard work, but if you translate this verse as these alternative reading guys are translating,
trying to use this verse to give and answer you will be doing hard work. See for example,
Bangalore is this side, Mysore is that side, if you are trying to drive this side and reach
Bangalore it is smart work, but if you are driving this side and you reach Bangalore
it is hard work naturally because there is no smart decision, if you try to drive this
way, because Bangalore is this side, it is a smart decision not hard work. If you try
to drive this way, and reach Bangalore because there is no smart decision you have to do
hard work, no other way. The basic cognition from which start functioning
matters. Understand, basic cognition with which you start functioning matters. PURVA
PAKSHA matters. Always we tell, I have seen many people coming and telling,
Swamiji you just tell me what should I do and I don’t want to read all this.”
Array, unless you read and clarify your cognition, you can’t start, but everyone wants to jump-start.
Just the jump starting, if you want I will immediately jump start, you will be doing
only hard work, because many of the cognitions need to be altered, cleared, you need to do
the Purka Paksha about you, only then your actions will be smart decision, not hard work.
Only then it will be smart decision not hard work.
Understand. na tatra cakṣurgacchati na vāg gacchati
no manaḥ na vidmo na vijānīmo yathaitadanuśiṣyāt
| anyadeva tadviditādatho aviditādadhi
iti śuśruma pūrveṣāṁ ye nastad vyācacakṣire || 3 || Let the whole effort be concentrated on developing
Nirvakalpa Samadhi, the space of Sadashivoham, the space of Sahaja Samadhi, the space of
Complete Completion, the space of Perpetual Completion be developed. I’ll continue on
the details, the sacred secrets, elaborately in further Satsangs.
I bless you all. Let’s all radiate, with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching,
causing Living Shuddhādvaita Saivam, the eternal bliss. Nithyananda. Thank you. Be


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