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(cheerful music) – Why would somebody want to go into law enforcement, or corrections? That's easy. Because the students
here and the people that are out there working in the field, they genuinely want to make our world a better world and a better place. – North Hennepin has a
lot of experienced people, instructors with experience in life, experience in the field that they work in, and law enforcement is
one of those fields where you will be able to get the
training, the education, and the stories from these
instructors to be able to relate to the field
that you're going into. – North Hennepin's law enforcement program is designed for people that
are going into law enforcement, or being a police officer, or deputy sheriff as their career goal. The criminal justice program at North Hennepin Community
College is for the people that are interested
in going into corrections, probation, parole, working with juveniles, and all sorts of other private security and private prison systems. – Being a police officer
is not always about law enforcement for me. It's about education. It's about community relations. It's about making an
impact in somebody's life. – At North Hennepin, you meet all the post board requirements, and then you go on to what's known as the law enforcement skills program, which is just down the
road from North Hennepin. There you go to the shooting range and you get to learn how
to do patrol operations, traffic stops, felony
stops, building searches, crime scene investigation,
all those things that you traditionally think of
as a police academy. For our law enforcement students, many of them get a two year degree, go over to the skills course, successfully complete that, pass the state post exam, and then they obtain employment in a law enforcement agency. – North Hennepin gave me a start for my police officer position. I'm a police officer
because I got the education from the instructors and the courses at North Hennepin Community College. – If law enforcement and criminal justice is your passion in life, North Hennepin is the place to start. (cheerful music)

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