Customer Spotlight: Proactive Network Security with Layered CyberSecurity

September 24, 2019 posted by

My name is Dan Ambroziak, I’m the VP of Information
Technology at World Shipping headquartered here in Cleveland, Ohio. We are a global logistics solution provider. We have a domestic trucking division, a freight
forwarding division, a warehousing division, and also operate as vessel agents for the
Great Lakes. We had several customers and suppliers in
our own industry that were affected with Ransomware in the past two years. There were multibillion dollar companies that
when they suffered an outage, it impacted us directly, so this really forced us to escalate
our security awareness and security program – therefore we looked to TEC and Cisco to
leverage some of their technologies. TEC came in and really helped us in implement
technologies that are more proactive. We’ve implemented the new generation of Cisco
firewalls. We’re using the Cisco Umbrella web-filtering
suite and we’re also using the Cisco AMP for endpoints. All of these were very proactive approaches
to cyber attacks, giving us a peace of mind for our security program. We now have real-time visibility of cyber
attacks before they hit our network and we’re also able to leverage a Cisco security cloud
for their robust security awareness, as well as TEC for their expertise. TEC has always been a trusted partner for
us. We like that they focus on the core technologies
that we use within our own organization. I think TEC, they don’t try to be the jack
of all trades for technology solutions, they work with what works and they are confident
in the solutions that they sell to their customers so they’ve always been a trusted partner for
us. And also act as an extension to our IT staff.

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  1. Timothy Roth says:

    Awesome video TEC! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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