Cyber Security In The US Is A Complete Joke

September 12, 2019 posted by

Cyber security here in the United States currently
is an absolute joke. Earlier this week, a settlement was reached
with Yahoo for the world’s largest data breach that took place in 2013 and 2014 and affected
close to 200 million people here in the United States. Three billion, actually, worldwide were effected
by the hack that took place with Yahoo accounts, 2013 and 2014 and to make it worse, the company
actually kept it a secret for two years before finally letting users know, “By the way, your
address, your name, your phone number, your date of birth and other personal information,
yeah, that’s all been stolen by hackers and that was actually stolen a couple of years
ago. Oops. Our bad.” The same thing, I think, with up to 50 million
users affected here in the US just happened with Facebook. A couple hundred million people also had their
personal data breached with Equifax about a year and a half, two years ago almost. These hacks and these security breaches have
become the new normal with online internet service providers, email providers, social
media sites, credit monitoring organizations, they all have such poor security. The United States is in absolutely no position
to put any kind of security up there that our data is permanently at risk. If you’re on Facebook, if you’ve got a Gmail,
if you’ve got a Yahoo email account, if you subscribe to one of these crediting monitoring
services, your data is currently at risk. We have seen too many stories like this come
out in recent years and here’s the biggest problem. The reason why we’re not seeing any action
on cyber security is because of the lobbying and campaign money coming from these organizations
who actually profit off of it. Equifax is a great example. They did not lose their government contract
even after they leaked all of our personal data that we never gave them, actually, and
that’s one of the worst things about it. We didn’t give them our data. They actually got it from the government and
then accidentally leaked it and then got another government contract after it was revealed
that they did this. Then companies like Equifax actually profit
even more when other groups like Yahoo or Facebook accidentally let our data get stolen
because as part of this new settlement with Yahoo, which still has to be approved by a
district judge, that’s coming up late November, they’re gonna offer people $375, assuming
you can prove that your data was stolen and you had to spend your personal time dealing
with the fallout from that. If you can’t prove that you had to deal with
anything from it, you get $125 but nonetheless, that money is actually supposed to be spent
paying a credit monitoring service to make sure nothing bad happens with your data. You don’t even get to keep that money from
the settlement. That actually goes back to these other corporations,
most of which are actually subsidiaries of big banks here in the US so they profit again
off of your stolen data. That’s how it works in the United States,
that’s why we have such poor cyber security, why cyber security laws in the US are lagging
so far behind the rest of the world because we don’t care enough to let corporations be
punished and instead, we actually reward them when they put everything you have worked for
for your entire life up for hackers to grab. That’s what’s happening in the United States
and unfortunately, it appears that all of our internet service providers, our cell phone
providers, social media sites, all of them are vulnerable because the US continues to
fail to act.


53 Replies to “Cyber Security In The US Is A Complete Joke”

  1. Franklin Hatch says:

    Trump 2020

  2. The P says:


  3. tracie day says:

    Yes we're all online now and most of us (myself included ) have no idea what the implementations can be.

  4. wrightterence680 says:

    This is why I don't have an online banking account and the companies that have our personal data online need to do a better job of keeping our personal data safe

  5. OrionPax09 says:

    All of these corporations are just massive parasites. They're stealing from us at every turn, and profit off of our suffering. They don't care how much misery they cause us, just so long as they continue to make even more money. All the more reason to fight to hold them accountable, and ram some muich-needed change down the throats of both the corporations and those they've bribed into doing their bidding.

  6. David Timmer says:

    When have corporations not leeched off of the average consumer?

  7. Austin Zappas says:

    This is news to no one who knows anything about the internet and America. Robber barons will take your shit, especially of you put it on the net. Just makes it hard for the little guy. Seriously.

  8. Austin Zappas says:

    There are no accidents.

  9. Neptuno says:

    Republicans are to blame.

  10. SuperAlby65 says:

    Well this is bad, and the irony is that I'm glad I don't have a bank account.

  11. CyberPrime 935 says:

    Who's the real hack in this scenario? One person with a bunch of data or the idiots that corporate shitheads that actually think were too braindead or stupid to notice that they deserve to have their career ruined?

    If the Dems take back the government, they better start punishing the corporations that actually pull this shitty stunt and start spending on the very thing that is promised by many service providers. As it should've been. If that ain't met, they may as well have their heads forced out of their asses and forced to do it.

  12. Goofus Maxemus says:

    Our value system comes to a full stop on money. How you acquire that which is sine qua non to value is wholly unmoored from ethics altogether.

  13. Zed Wolf says:

    Don't mean to go off topic but check out cnn some moron has been putting packages that looks like bombs at different democratic places

  14. Lex Cameron says:

    aka, The Global Public needs to create a new internet framework that the sites have to comply with.

  15. Ralph Glatt says:

    All right, you've hit a nerve with me – there is NO "cyber." It's called the internet. Cyber was just a catch phrase meant to sell science fiction books, and is now used as an attempt to sound modern. Besides, didn't Anonymous set up a firewall for the elections in 2012?

  16. Dryglide says:

    But you have the greatest country on earth……………Pass the Kool-Aid around

  17. Brian Garrow says:

    All you Amazon Addicts and keyboard shoppers might want to get used to some gang in Russia, or China using your credit to purchase new cars. Or lifelike sex dolls.
    At least that's the story I'm gonna use…

  18. dans h says:

    It shows how a joke it's when china and russia kept targeting it over and again.

  19. Clarence Watts says:

    United States government does not punish the companies that do this they made a hundred million dollars and then they find them 1 million. Why wouldn't you do it again look at all the money they're making. Term limits get the old folks out.

  20. hellshade2 says:

    one of the things here is that these companies,social media and whatever companies /banks don't want to upgrade security because it affects their bottom line. then you get all the bullshit of selling peoples information. it is a never ending viscous cycle….

  21. Dreamy Dreamland with Sensie Owl Bob says:

    all security is a joke when you give up Freedom when you give up your own Integrity for the illusion of security all you get is a totalitarian state we were the beginners the innovators and why our security is a joke the powers-that-be Want It That Way so there will always be an excuse to take away freedom and the other way you can secure and everyday and every way bringing the Peace of the earth through co-creation of love always your Sensei owl

  22. saprissa9 says:

    There will be no blue wave. Mark my words. I have a theory that republicans will win this midterm election and 2020. And in 2021 Trump will declare himself ruler for life. So voting doesn't work because of hacking and democrats hate guns. How are you gonna save your country? I'm not a trump supporter. I'm just looking at the facts. Voting systems suck and republicans own almost every branch of government. No changes will be made.

  23. fkujakedmyname says:

    security is an illusion

  24. Elsa Loebell says:

    The whole system is corrupt.

  25. Coffee is for closers says:

    I remember this was quite scary, as this hack was worldwide. It was quite shameful of Yahoo to keep it secret for 2 years. It's not surprising that Governments are in cahoots with all this data leaks.

  26. jacktheripped says:

    I never yahoo'd…guess I'm good on that front anyway……maybe….

  27. Keila Fleischbein says:

    Hackers wouldnt be able to steal data from unsecure corporate servers if corporations didnt collect peoples information in the first place. Make it illegal for them to hoard digital versions and detailed records of our person.

    Just sayin'

  28. David Richardson says:

    You can't call US cyber security a complete joke. A joke implies something to laugh at.

    This can't be laughed at, and those that do laugh at it need to be purged from public influence.

  29. Neon Shadow says:

    And Congress and the government couldn't give a shit less because most of them are so fucking old, to them the Internet is still some "crazy thing the young people are on". Most of these idiots don't even know how to check their email without a younger family member to show them. We all saw the horribly ignorant Facebook Testimony which was basically Marc giving Congress an FAQ on how the internet works.

  30. King Achmed Detroit says:

    The United joke of the world

  31. MrBlaq says:

    I've been working in tech for over 15 years. This is nothing new. There are some areas of the gov't that are still running Windblows 95. IMO this is not an area that should be contracted out to the lowest bidder. What inevitably happens is companies are more concerned with turning a profit and selling products instead of actually tackling the problem. Then when breaches occur, the contractor simply up-sells their latest piece of crapware and the cycle starts anew *cough*Microsoft*cough*.

  32. rockenrollbass says:

    Who bet or Marissa Mayer, for so long?

  33. MrBlaq says:

    Facebook will go out like AOL.

  34. bigraviolees says:

    corporate gods are immune to punishment for their crimes

  35. John T says:

    Of course it's a joke. This country has feared and shunned intelligence since the invention of the atom bomb, not to mention we can't even get to our computers without wading through a sea of trophies from constantly being number one at everything.

  36. Massimo O'Kissed says:

    Bigger question:
    Who the fuck's using Yahoo ?

  37. BeachBum says:

    I watched the Senate Hearings on those and the whole system is in cahoots, Feinstein actually did a great job pointing out that ALL of it is a sham because Equifax failed to install security software and are actually, as you said, in bed with LIFELOCK.

  38. scott mcdaniel says:

    Almost every aspect of our govt. is a joke

  39. Barbara Bertke says:

    Complete joke? Thanks yo the ilkegal, illicit usurper of the Oval Office, cyber security is all but NON EXISTENT!

  40. Deacon Verter says:

    Corporations are great for blame obscuration and obfuscation. No person can be singled out.

  41. William Dunk says:

    Our personal data is public knowledge. Chill

  42. Kevin McAlpin says:

    yahoo's a thing?….

  43. BigMickeNo1 says:

    MEGA= Make Earth Great Again,get rid of Trump

  44. MountainMan23 says:

    What if the National Surveillance Agency were repurposed as the National Security Agency?

  45. Chris Weir says:

    But, but, but, IBM's X-Force Command.

  46. Nisha Ann says:

    It wasn't a complete joke when Obama was in office. The guy that used to run it quit when Trump became president. It's companies that give out our information that are also to blame. If they got my data I want to be apart of that lawsuit! Just like the FCC hit a Arizona company with $37.5 million FCC fine for spoofing, my number has been getting spoofed for months and I want to know if numbers that were spoofed are going to get something out of that lawsuit!

  47. elfboi523 says:

    If you make the data really secure, then FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. will also have a hard time getting their hands on it.

  48. Alan Gann says:


  49. What You Need To Know says:

    Here's our Information Security video we have one on Data Protection and GDPR which has captions in 15 different languages including Turkish, Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Korean, Russian, Thai and Spanish

  50. sparramore says:

    I couldn't agree more… most companies are ripping us off and cybersecurity is a joke. But if you're a small business and you really want to be protected the only way is through

  51. Harold075 says:

    USA developing country of cyber security, haha!

  52. John Campbell says:

    Another person to talk to is Bruce Schneider…

  53. Franky Maffetone says:

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