Cyber Security & The HR Department

August 14, 2019 posted by

Julie Gordon, VP of HR, Clearswift. Over
the years, the HR department has evolved with handling sensitive information by
moving from an old-style personnel department to really working in
strategic partnership with the business. This involves moving away from
paper-based activities and moving towards automated systems for compliance
security and to really store employee data. GDPR has had quite a big effect
on the HR team as a whole. From the way that we apply our practices and our
policies, those have all had to be changed and brought up to date in line
with the legislation changes. From a hiring and talent management point of
view, we have to make sure that any CV’s, for example, that we have are captured
and candidate data is stored and looked after correctly. From an employee data
perspective, we need to ensure that employees are aware of what we store, how
we store it, where it’s kept, they can have access to it if they so wish. My advice
to other HR departments when working with the IT team is to work in
partnership and hand-in-hand with them. You work together rather than separately. From an HR perspective, we handle all sorts of employee data, that could be
salary, pension benefits, passport information, everything that’s completely
sensitive and needs to be held and kept secure. Working in partnership with IT
and technology means that you have systems to support your processes and
practices and ensure that employee data is kept secure at all times.

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