Cyber Security Tutorial – Part 1 : Why Study Cyber Security?

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welcome to this course introduction to cybersecurity literacy this is lesson 2 why study cybersecurity in this lesson I'll sketch a definition of cybersecurity for you and I'll make the case that cybersecurity is something that everybody can benefit from studying it's rewarding for both casual computer users and technology enthusiasts alike so what is cybersecurity exactly one rough definition looks like this cybersecurity is protecting yourself and others from attacks that are carried out primarily with computers now because the overwhelming majority of computer-based attacks are attacks on information we may use the term cyber security interchangeably with the term information security cyber security is a rewarding study because no computer is secure including yours every computer and every system has security vulnerabilities including Wi-Fi networks the servers that host your email accounts your bank every retailer that swipes your payment cards and any computers that you might be holding or wearing right now even if nobody knows what those vulnerabilities are yet be assured they exist now maybe at first that perspective makes it sound like cyber security isn't we're studying at all why worry about a problem that I can't fix you might ask the answer is that you can still be more or less secure and the more secure you are the less of a target you are cyber criminals who are out to steal passwords or credit card numbers or whatever else they're usually going to target less secure machines and less secure systems I mean think about it imagine that you're a bicycle thief and you find two similar bikes sitting on a bike rack one with a lock and one without a lock which one would you be more likely to steal the lock less one right criminals are practical like that they attack weaknesses all other things being equal the more weaknesses you cover the lower the probability of a security breach now you might be thinking that all this talk of computer weaknesses doesn't apply to you you might be thinking but I use a Mac or a Linux machine I thought Mac and Linux machines were secure but that's not really the case Mac and Linux machines are just less popular why does popularity matter well think like a criminal again for a minute imagine that you are a bicycle thief and imagine that everybody in your city has bought a new lock for their bike now imagine that 9 out of every 10 cyclists has purchased lock a and one out of every ten has purchased lock B which kind of lock would you learn to pick well you'd learn to pick lock a right because there's many many more opportunities to pick that lock now imagine that it's computers instead of bicycles it turns out that there are about nine windows computers for every Mac out there assuming for now that we are including tablets and smartphones and even fewer people or on Linux machines so for now it's easier and more profitable for cyber criminals to focus their attacks on Windows PCs but if the market were to even out so that Windows PCs didn't dominate like they do now we would begin to see more attacks against Mac and Linux users as well there is nothing inherently more secure about a Mac or a Linux computer it's just easier for cyber criminals to focus their attacks on one kind of system and it's more economical for them to attack the majority but really all this talk of attacking computers themselves is somewhat misleading in reality cyber criminals don't attack your computer at all they attack you we tend to think of cyber criminals as computer geniuses who use their technical mastery to hack into our systems but most cyber criminals are more like con artists who exploit user behaviors rather than exploiting computer systems themselves in many cyberattacks the brand or type of computer that you're using is completely irrelevant because the criminal isn't attacking the computer the criminal is trying to exploit you the user now a few cyber criminals out there probably are geniuses but the truth is that most cyber attacks are carried out by regular criminals who have simply looked up how to attack a computer user they're simply just following a set of directions when these attacks work they work because many computer users are naive they don't understand how cyber criminals think and they don't understand what kinds of cyber crimes are common or possible they don't really understand how the attacks are carried out if you go online you can find some lists of do's and don'ts for smart computer usage do's and don'ts are okay but they don't really help you to understand why your computer's under attack or how those attacks are carried out but we think that if you have a deeper understanding of cybersecurity you'll be better prepared to recognize and avoid cyber attacks and we also think that if you have a deeper understanding that goes beyond just simple do's and don'ts then you'll be better prepared to teach yourself about new security problems when they arise for this reason we're going to go beyond do's and don'ts in this course and introduce themes like how computers work how the internet works how cyber criminals think and what security tools are available to you in this class instead of just giving you a list of behaviors to blindly follow we're going to help you to understand the issues surrounding cyber security so that you can take a more active role in your own digital defence finally you might wonder whether this is gonna be any fun well our answer is yes we think cyber security is loads of fun cyber security can feel like a great big strategy game a game where everybody is a player including computer users security professionals hackers virus writers con artists corporations banks mobsters armies and nation-states all playing different roles and interacting with each other on different levels maybe it's the greatest most complex strategy game in all of human history and like it or not you and your data are already in the game somehow ok I hope that you're beginning to agree that cyber security is a valuable thing to study in the next lesson we're going to begin building your cyber security vocabulary by introducing some of the new language that we're going to be using in this course you


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