31 Replies to “Cyber – Together [Mastered Rip]”

  1. justiz _18 says:

    very very nice cyber

  2. Rkayees Kirmani says:

    This is a damn Cyber …Hats off !!!

  3. Callum André says:

    Something legendary delievered by the legend himself!!!
    CYBER <3

  4. Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl says:


  5. Mikhail Tal says:

    Loved the vocal part but melody is boring. ☹️

  6. journey1186 says:

    damn he chooses good vocalists for his songs

  7. Dante Runin says:


    I thought that i'd be the only one,
    That i belong,
    With you by my side,
    But feelings collide in the city,
    Of broken dreams.

    All the things we used to do,
    Just me and you.
    We never look back,
    To watch all the tracks made in the city,
    Of empty streets.

    Uuuhu, Uuuhu, hahahahahaai (x2)
    I need to feel your voice, your heart may make me breath again. (x2)

    We should be together,
    Uuuhu, Uuuhu, hahahahahaai,

    Uuuhu, Uuuhu, hahahahahaai,
    We should be together,
    Uuuhu, Uuuhu, hahahahahaai.

    We should be together.

  8. Game of thrones Rodrik Forrester says:

    Melodic rhythem + smooth and LOVED this!! pis! [💑😆]

  9. Jesus Christ says:

    God Damm This Song Are Great Nice Work Cyber

  10. Nick Lecci says:

    This is not my genre, I'm into pop punk, indie and shit, but this song is a fucking LEGEND

  11. Joey says:

    Fuaaaaark this track <3

  12. Mitch Bouton says:

    i love this so much. <3

  13. longlive the king says:

    This made my day better.

  14. Khalifa Almurar says:


  15. Hoan Vu says:

    i chucked a phat hakk to this brahs

  16. Rikkerdt says:

    Best song that cyber ever made 😀 <3<3

  17. Freonz Hardstyle says:

    This song is part of me <3

  18. Abu Nene says:

    Not to forget sylence too

  19. Hassan Rassol says:

    For our brother zyzz

  20. Sebastian Araneda says:


  21. Minecraft Tricks says:

    cyber is awesome!

  22. Marcus Laurberg says:

    is this on spotify?

  23. Elias Pauwels says:

    still wondering where the vocals came from

  24. Dion Oudshoorn says:


  25. Dion Oudshoorn says:


  26. Boris Banegas says:

    Wtf? I fucking love this song.

  27. Josef Strauss says:

    I really thought that Shawn Mendes sang this. It sounds like him. HAHA!

  28. rick peeters says:

    This song makes me so happy

  29. bas janssen says:

    Eraze vocals?

  30. julian Sanne says:


  31. Shun Ching Claudia Fung - Jacaranda says:


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