39 Replies to “CYBERPUNK 2077 Keanu Reeves Trailer (E3 2019)”

  1. Irwan A.Sofar says:

    Still cool man

  2. Random Dude says:

    Baba Yaga

  3. Dylan Smith says:

    God Keanu reeves is so fuckin badass.

  4. Rafael Rodrigues says:

    Hes a "SHAM-MOO-RAH"

  5. DJ WoofBork says:

    Yeah boi black thanos is in this



  7. Fernando LeleaiInuMainuu says:

    Keanu Reeves is a fucking boss

  8. Toshi Yoshida says:

    Keanu Reeves has entered the chat

  9. tyson leota says:

    John Wick makes it into a game

    Jason Bourne and James Bond: AM I A JOKE TO YOU BUDDY ?

  10. Mehmet Burucu says:

    We are wet right now.

  11. Hoshang Hersh says:

    This is going to my what to buy list

  12. Levi says:

    Well, damn you John Wick. I need to say goodbye to my paycheck now

  13. Jujulover69 says:

    Holy crap! That dude is The Reaper from Fortnite!!

  14. Fire Boogaloo says:

    XbOx WoN e3 BeCaUsE oF tHiS eXcLuSiVe

    – Ignorant Xbox fanboys

  15. Pro Logic says:

    so it's Ki-ya-nu and not Kee-Nu. Okay.

  16. FLAME SWORDS says:

    Keanu reeves is
    so he shoots 3 2019 movies
    and a videogame

  17. BADDOGGY says:

    GOG Deluxe edition includes – a fuking pencil

  18. Janitra zahran Ibrahimovic says:

    Welp rip to all of his enemy😂😂

  19. Charon Underground says:

    1:37 GAY ALERT

  20. Vanskis Jenkins says:

    I just want to watch this game.

  21. Biggs Nigga says:

    It’s official. Xbox won, they have Keanu. Us ps4 users lost

  22. Robert Bennett says:

    Didn't watch, but this is how Keanu WILL look in actual 2077.

  23. Abu Hajaar says:

    Damn. This game looks fucking good

  24. Adeeb Momen says:

    Everyone saying John Wick…. all I see is a badass Ted 😂

  25. Gordon Freeman says:

    15. İzleyişim

  26. benlitten says:

    Xbox exclusive? 🙁

  27. M3J1K Joclaw says:

    Am I the only one to whom that samurai and his dead friend looks like celebrities too? Idk their names but they do remind me of 2 actors.

  28. Sanoj says:

    It's that guy from fortnite

  29. Luis Sanmin Chacon Choi says:


  30. dat nyugga says:

    Keanu for mk11 lol

  31. Nim Luikham says:

    That's how you make a game great.

  32. account here says:


  33. 陈杰 says:

    This looks too real

  34. Smoky Mcpot says:

    Whats up with that collar 😂😂

  35. Russell Fairman says:

    I already wanted this game. Now I want it more.

  36. p tavangar says:

    Let's be honest … just clicked cause of Keanu Reeves?

  37. 92 otaku says:

    I feel like this is xbox revenge for making spiderman ps4 exclusive

  38. Player BRUV says:

    John Wick: The Winter Soldier

  39. Gaming Super says:

    Now John Wick have metal pencil

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