Cyberpunk 2077 – Official Cinematic Trailer ft. Keanu Reeves | E3 2019

June 12, 2019 posted by

be my man you made it you blown up all over the news are you alone I just want the money you got the chip all right start it up back why don't you go to the bathroom wash up we gonna be with you in a minute aha come on man your neck it's a mess initiating combat mode destination all right in and out bitches we're rich oh we are going to the major leagues charity Jake Oh sick get through clinic now it's toilets condition critical immediate medical on hey hey just think about all the good shit we're gonna have huh oh sorry take the fuckin shift X every corporate cop in this city is gonna be blasting down these doors after what you and your psycho Franti we didn't need all this cocksucking attention damn it wait the fuck off samurai we have a city to burn


26 Replies to “Cyberpunk 2077 – Official Cinematic Trailer ft. Keanu Reeves | E3 2019”

  1. Andrew G says:


  2. Виктор Маужитов says:

    This will be the best game of 2019

  3. Grunty 98 says:

    0:20 whats the song name

  4. Alex Alex says:

    How are we gonna make our game famous?
    1guy: advertise it on youtube
    2guy: have some celebs playing it
    3guy: simple just feature john wick
    Manager: fair enough

  5. Bluestar43 95 says:

    Cyber Wick

  6. Valeriy Kan says:

    Лучше бы ведьмака нового сделали или вообще с возможностью создания своего героя в мире ведьмака, вот это дело. С возможностью создания своей ведьмачьей школы и её развития, со своей деревней, городом, ухх

  7. Joemie Planta says:

    It's breathtaking

  8. Aldo Ortiz says:

    This is the most stupid thing i've seen in many time, haha humanity

  9. Joemie Planta says:

    It's breathtaking

  10. Gabriel Ignacio says:

    People being hyped about this game now while I've been hyped since they name dropped and did that teaser trailer way back in 2013.

  11. Theodore Marin says:

    John wick 4 confirmed

  12. Dokutovich says:

    Keanu is the main supporter in Cyberpunk 2077… So he will probably die at the point in game

  13. Анатолий Генович says:

    Big smoke №2

  14. Ste says:

    Got an add for cyberpunk 2077 on this video lol

  15. peter parker says:

    John wick new plot revealed

  16. skeletor danzig says:

    anyone else play cyberpunk with pen and paper d10's and imagination back in the 90's?

  17. Bud King says:

    We finally have a April 2020 release date

  18. ocskaplayer says:

    They made one of the best marketing choices ever

  19. dnbIhaze says:

    looks like crap

  20. YASH ganeshe says:

    Song at the end ????????????

  21. YannyYummy PORN HUB says:

    Anyone know the music that starts at 0:18 ?

  22. Dante Fox says:

    I've been a strict playstation player, but I might get an xbox literally just for this game

  23. DragFax says:

    Johnny Utah
    Jonathan Harker
    Johnny Mnemonic
    John Constantine
    John Wick
    Johnny Silverhand

  24. Jata says:

    It comes out right on my birthday, I know what I'll spend the money on)

  25. Luca Cardone says:

    Song at the end?

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