Cyberpunk 2077 w/ Keanu Reeves – Easy Allies Reactions – E3 2019

June 12, 2019 posted by

oh yeah okay yeah yeah right no-tell motel this is type or Gothel weird to go see brutal you know we're going in we're going in come on story thighs you made it you blown up all over the news are you alone I just want the money you got the cheese sounds like being around Bloodworth palace can I go to the bathroom wash up are we gonna be with you in a minute aha come on man your neck it's a mess all right in and out rich oh we are going to the major leagues today get to clinic now its toilets condition hey hey just think about all the good that we're gonna have huh oh sorry that guy was revealed last year right crazy ycg you're right Johnson weird looks really story focus this is all gameplay baby yeah that's gonna be the reveal they were good-looking hands don't go into gameplay arm9 he was ready for it so that player gets those crazy nice shake tough shift eggs every corporal cop in this city is gonna be blasting down these doors after what you and your psycho frontier we didn't need all this tension damn it how you did it soundchecks great oh she's negative that's so scary man oh and that guy's the cold arm was from Russia – he was in the limo not enough okay we have a city anyone to tell me that don't spoil no other human could have gotten that reaction with no other human on earth [Applause] Wow sweet decided [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] a while back part of their new project cyberpunk 2077 they were going on and on about how they'd create this vast open world with a branching storyline how you'd be able to customize your character through in-game choices and it's about something I knew before but I was excited by and I'm always drawn to fascinating story and enhanced mercenary working in a sleazy underbelly of this city this feels like it does yes please the feeling of being there of walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking when there's the release date mr. Hanson come on right for the job holy hell watching this with us why do you minority report okay April floated okay hell yeah that seems close but Orie seemed far it's not going on there we're hoping for


20 Replies to “Cyberpunk 2077 w/ Keanu Reeves – Easy Allies Reactions – E3 2019”

  1. GamingPug says:

    Question, why are you all fags wearing suits???? lamo!! you guys aren't doing the presentation on stage. lol

  2. VFX A-310 says:

    Im worried for this game now.
    With this much hype, i hope it doesnt ended up like watch dogs

  3. Le Michael says:

    vo va con cua chu' ay' co giac quan ong troi sky phu' se thay' chu' anh co trieu trieu ti ti dua con chien binh angel , nhieu nhu cat' tren bien nhu sao tren troi` la vay. sky de mat va thuong chu' anh

  4. Neo says:

    Look at my name, he's my role model of life! Keanu!

  5. Redentor Obispo says:

    Its like hes not know what hes doing but his charisma through it

  6. Amandine la stars says:

    What will it be like when Jesus comes back?

  7. William Vasconcelos says:

    Coming back here at 6:40 after watching E3's NIntendo Direct

  8. Ashley Hulbert says:

    I love that man so god damn much no one understands

  9. Grammar Nazi says:

    Bunch of betas

  10. BOT Xander says:

    girls screaming

  11. ED 209 says:

    "Keanu Keanu Keanu Keanu!"
    "We love you Keanu!"
    "Make love to me Keanu, please!"

  12. Marie L says:

    You know someone is basically a god when men react almost as insanely as women to this man..your reactions were priceless! The smiling faces & excitment, then the way you all watched him lovingly as he spoke haha so good! He never EVER acts like he's better than anyone, & you never get the feeling he thinks he should be treated any differently than anyone else, but he really should because Keanu is such a beautiful kind soul, on top of being a total babe at 54!

  13. Noe Coronado says:

    all of them had a gamer-gasm at the moment they watched Keanu

  14. WatsonKeen221B says:

    I heard guy who yelled Breathtaking got collectors edition of the game

  15. Ice T says:

    The guy who shouted out "You're breathtaking!" at Keanu will be getting a free Cyberpunk 2077 collectors edition from CDPR themselves. Not joking, search it up.

  16. Mr Peppa pumpkins says:

    Cyber punk:☹️
    Featuring keanu reeves:😍😂

  17. SuperComBoy says:

    6:40 damn how did he know

  18. The Jucc says:

    When the boyes see John Wick 3:40

  19. juanlash says:

    Personally, I reacted like the guy on the bottom right corner, but I screamed and then I was scared that my scream was bothering the neighbors :v

  20. Stephanie Freeman says:

    I was already intrigued by Cyberpunk 2077 after seeing the teaser trailer 6 years ago, and last year’s work-in-progress game play, but it was Keanu’s appearance at the end of the trailer, and when he made his entrance on stage to talk about the game which had me 100% sold. Already saving up for a PS4 (not sure if I want the 500GB version or the 1TB version, though), and two games, including this one.

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