Cybersecurity and Resilience at NREL

August 4, 2019 posted by

If I could choose one word to describe
the state of affairs in cybersecurity as it pertains to the electric sector, it
would be adolescence. The National Renewable Energy Lab does a lot of
research in integrating renewable energy, so NREL is THE place for doing the
research and security for distributed energy resources so that when their
application is integrated to the grid, the cyber security posture is consistent
across the interface. NREL’s role is to be technology and vendor agnostic
that first tries to identify what the issues are; put it in a narrative that
the business-process people, the policy people, and the technology people can all
understand using the same language and then encourage collaborative work to
address the problems all the way to prototypes, testing, and eventual
deployment. I feel the area where we can make the
most impact is to take early-stage technologies and work the kinks out in
them that way we can advance them to more mature levels of technology that
vendors could then pick up and develop commercial-grade products…so that’s
where I see our sweet spot.

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