Cybersecurity at SIPA: Driving Ideas into Action

November 20, 2019 posted by

Hello, I’m Merit Janow, Dean of the
School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. One of
the great innovations of the current era is, of course, the internet, which was
built as an open and permissive environment and has been an incredible
catalyst for innovation and globalization. Yet, because so many of
today’s threats occur in cyberspace all institutions must now be mindful of
cybersecurity. To consider important cyber questions, including what have been
the most effective innovations in policy, in technology, and in process that have
made a difference at scale? And more fundamentally, can we build a more
defensible cyberspace? If so, how? We should also consider
process and policy innovations that have contributed greatly? I think of the
creation of CERTs or making cybersecurity a point of focus and
accountability at boards and c-suites, of mapping threat vectors, or
improvements in operational information sharing, as just a few examples. As SIPA
continues our commitment to driving ideas into action and training the next
generation of cyber professionals, we welcome your ideas and partnership.

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