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Hey! What’s up InfoSecAddicts Joe McCray
here at Lakenheath Air Force Base. Oh man! What a week! What a week! England! Every
time I’m in England it is always horrible weather today is no different
look at the sky it is rained pretty much every frickin
day that I’ve been here it has been cold pretty much every freaking day that I’ve
been here it’s been a pretty good time it’s been a long time since I’ve been on
air force base overseas i’ve been a lot of air force bases stateside, but, been on an
Air Force Base overseas been definitely good, laughing with the air man, kind of
reminiscent what it was like when I was in the Air Force. All right let me give
you this “bless your heart” is an important one for America’s, for America, what
happens is if someone is all kinds of effed up as long as you say bless your
heart it’s okay. You could be like, poor Phyllis she’s deaf dumb blind and stupid
bless her heart poor girl, right? You could just say, what, am i right? Now
bless her heart the poor girl she just ah! poor child, hit every branch on
the ugly tree, just, bless her heart, but, that is an American thing! You just hear when people are saying, as a smart ass, this is the proper way If is it coming from an older lady, usually, it’s genuine, the way you think it is But, if someone like him says it, He doesn’t give a shit So, I’m curious, this one isn’t just American, is military How much for you guys, was like the getting
used to being around military people the sarcasm, like, I mean, like, that we can’t
let it go, right? Yeah “living the dream” right? Like, it is sarcasm on top of
sarcasm. That is us! It is sarcasm I was in the Air Force 20 years ago, Lord Jesus
I’m old! Last episode of Joe on the road going home today, and then I got to go to
Louisiana. As far as like content and we’ve definitely been doing more talking
about Machine Learning, I really think that’s, probably, the next big thing
right? Big Data, Machine Learning and after, that I was thinking about
attacking Automation Frameworks, curious what you guys think about that stuff,
maybe, like attacking ansible, puppet or maybe like attacking and defending
like Container Frameworks? like, you know Docker, kubernetes, vagrant, really kind of
curious what you guys think is interesting, what you guys think is
important. These are things that are kind of on my mind, things that I’ve been kind
of playing with, here and there, it’d be cool to kind of give me an excuse to dig
deeper into some of these subjects. I’ve already started the machine learning
stuff that’s probably about 60, 70 percent done, the attacking automation
frameworks? that’s probably like 15 percent done, like I got a couple of them
installed, I ran some scripts against them you know found some like generic
miss-configuration kind of stuff that was kind of cool, but, definitely the
attacking the docker and kubernetes and stuff like that haven’t spent a lot of
time with that, so, that’s actually interesting to me. I love to hear if you
guys wanted to dig into that because I kind of want to dig into that, but, that’s
it just kind of let me know what you guys are interested in and I’ll start
digging into that stuff and I think I’m gonna take my butt back inside cuz it’s
frickin cold. I’m gonna try and swing by and see if I can pick up some liquor
that’s what everyone keeps telling me to do, see if I can find some good scotch
and some good whiskey, pick up a couple of bottles for the fellas back at back
home, so, I had no idea that this Joe on the Road stuff would be popular, I really
didn’t think, you guys would want to like know like where the heck I’m at every
week, but, yeah yeah this is the life signing off from England! You guys take
care! Hey! What’s up InfoSecAddicts Joe McCray
here for the end of Joe on the Road, back from England, here for a few days before
I go to Louisiana, a really good time had so much fun with everybody in England,
got a glass of scotch Cuban cigar, kind of decompressing a little bit, and then,
I’m gonna get back to courseware development tomorrow morning. I’m done
man like, I’m so done, I’m so tired, but, I’m
back on content development tomorrow updates to the Mentor-led Training
Programs, now that we’ve gotten through a couple of them, definitely really trying
to improve them, so, be on the lookout for that. Also, I think I’m gonna release
some template training plans so guys can kind of see what the Mentor-led Training
Programs, kind of go through because there’s some people who might not need
mentoring but you just might want to select from like a skeleton plan and
kind of tweak it to your needs kind of thing. I’m thinking I’ll release some of
those too, alright guys. Cheers!


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  1. Luke Avedon says:

    2 videos in one day! nice!! A Vote for Attack Docker!

  2. LibertarianGal20009 says:

    Yes, please! Fascinating material.

  3. enderst says:

    If you do container frameworks, don't forget LXD/LXC.

  4. InfoSecAddicts says:


    What do you want me to work on?

    Card 4:21

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