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>>TAYLOR: Hello, my name’s
Blair Taylor and I’m from the Department of
Computer Science. And who likes
cyber security? Who’s interested
in cyber security? Lots of us, all
of us, right? So, I began my
career in cyber security basically preaching to
computer scientists. I’d like to expand the
horizons, OK, and welcome you all. But I’d like to let
some other people do the talking first.  >>OBAMA: America must also face
a rapidly growing threat from cyber attacks. We known foreign
countries and companies swipe our
corporate secrets. Now, our enemies are also
seeking the ability to sabotage our power
equipment, our financial institutions, our air
traffic control systems. We cannot look back years
from now and wonder why we did nothing in the face
of real threats toward security and our economy. (MUSIC)  >>DEMPSEY:
Cyber incidents have steadily increased over the past year. U.S. banks have been hit with
sophisticated denial of service attacks. Over 20 nations now have
military units dedicated to employing cyber in war. And toxic malware
continues to proliferate among militaries but
also among actors alike. This is the new
normal in cyber space.>>TAYLOR: So everybody
knows that we rely on computers. There’s not a field out
there that does not use computers extensively. And everybody who uses it
in their field – in their discipline, right? So there’s not a field
that we don’t use it. We’re also increasingly
reliant on software which we use it for
everything that we do. We use the programs, we
store our data, we no longer have – even doctors
who are always often the last to get on board no
longer have a file system, they now – everything
is digital. And we’re also
increasingly interconnected, I
mean, you know this. With the Internet, the
World Wide Web, this is good news, but guess what? This is also the bad news. So as we are increasingly
connected and everybody has access, attacks
are not a good thing. First of all, there’s more
incentive for people to do attacks – you know, see
all these scary pictures. Are we scared yet? Are we scared yet? So the attacks are out
there and it’s all fields as well that are
being attacked. So basically, we have
the perfect storm. We’re increasingly
connected, we’re more reliant upon software, and
the attacks are rising. This is not a good thing. So this is why cyber
security is considered such a crisis today and
people like me have jobs. OK? But what I’m telling
you is it’s not just for computer people, it’s not
just – it’s all of us. Anybody who’s a digital
citizen today, which we all are, face the scare
and the fear and we need to figure out how we can
start to protect ourselves against these fears. And military, obviously,
but medical, financial, the grids – our power
grids, these are all increasingly under attack. So as we educate students
in other disciplines, we need to become more aware
that this is not just a job for computer
scientists anymore. You’re all part
of this world. Medical devices are
– medical field is increasingly facing
attacks, whether it be privacy or the actual
physical devices that are implanted in systems
in individuals. So this means that anybody
in the medical field – money, we know
this is a problem. Whenever there’s money to
be gained, there’s a risk for attack. So we all have money,
we’re all concerned about the financial fields. Many of our students are
studying in these areas as well, they need to be
versed in cyber security. One of the big threats
is biological warfare. So biology faculty,
physics faculty – everybody needs
to get on board. We’re all going to have to
become disciples in order to face these cyber
attacks to make this a more secure world. All of us are worried
about our privacy – every single one, even art. So regardless of the
majors, we’re all concerned about
our privacy. So again, back to the
digital citizens, this is not a matter for computer
scientists, this is a matter for all of us. So cyber for all, woo-hoo. OK. So what does this mean? What can we do – what
can you do in other disciplines to start
introducing cyber in finance, in business, in
law, in criminal justice? Well, boy do I have
some ideas for you. OK? So we’d love to see
some of the – in the classrooms, there’s
various ways that we can do this. I’d love to see minors,
I’d love to see courses, I’d love to see modules,
I’d love to see lots of things. So basically, cyber
security needs to become interdisciplinary. It has to move out of 7800
York Road, which is where I am, and move across
the whole Towson campus. So join us, join us as
we help to face the cyber attacks and help to make
this a more secure nation and more secure world. So some of the ideas –
assignments, I can help you with that. We can work together, we
can do labs, we can do – start creating some
interdisciplinary IA minors, this is
what I’d love to do. We’re way ahead
of the game. This is the new thing in
cyber security, no longer just for CS – cyber
for all, woo-hoo. (APPLAUSE)  

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