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Hey Vsauce Michael here today I’m at West
Career and Technical Academy right now I’m going to the cybersecurity build-
Linus tech tips? Oh hey whats up its Schlatt & Co. I didn’t know I didn’t know you were coming bye Were here with an epic safety video ohhh yeahh Please don’t hurt me I could really use a RAM stick right now. Protection? *Electricity noises* No you dummy your supposed to use protection it’s actually kind of unnecessary how much RAM I have I should just throw it away WOAH WOah woah kid kid calm down What are you doin? Thats not the proper way to dispose of RAM or any other computer parts How was I supposed to know that? Your supposed to put in- oh hmm your a stinky nut That’s what you are your a big stinky nut Epic Meme After being insanely harassed by Michael and Alton for 30 minutes I have finally learned about how to dispose of technology You dont throw it in any (Speech impediment) trash Because they yelled at me for it You actually throw it in a local hazardous waste facility Now if you don’t have one of those around you perhaps you can find some specific bin for throwing away technology. But other than that don’t throw it in the trash can It can start a fire people will die don’t
do that Please let me go know Oh yeah what a lovely day to be lifting computers AH My back This is the right way to pick it up OH I’m learning :0 An MSDS also as known a material
safety data sheet is a sheet is a sheet that shows the chemical mixtures chemical compounds
and chemicals present in computer materials they can show environmental
hazards health hazards and fire hazards of any materials that one might have oh my god you disgusting pig this is awful you need
to organize it you could get ants you could lose files oh my gosh
organize this right now we’re I’m firing you thank you Linus (Audio broke here) Well Well Well It seems like you have cleaned up your work space your bloodline will not be eliminated by
Schlatt & Co now Oh no there’s a really lit fire going on
Oh God oh no to where they should go after exiting
the building I wanted remain calm and I cut the
building and orderly fashion thank you for watching our schlatt & Co. flat
IP Department safety video

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