Cybersecurity: Why You’re Failing at the Basics

September 11, 2019 posted by

[MUSIC PLAYING] I think the most
surprising thing to see in today’s threat
landscape is that organizations are still failing at the
basic blocking and tackling. We’re still seeing challenges
with patch management and configuration controls. Really the very bare
essentials and the basics that organizations need to do
to shore up their environment. I’m sometimes surprised
when I walk into a customer and I see that they don’t
have a clue about where their sensitive data flows
within their network. Two teams don’t
talk to each other, so they don’t have
a full picture. They’re whiteboarding a
network diagram right there in front of us. Teams haven’t been
really communicating. They don’t have
things documented. There’s so many
changes that happens to infrastructure on
the fly, without really thinking about impact. What’s surprises me most when
I do a risk assessment is certain elements of a security
program are effective, and certain elements are not. And I rarely see an organization
that has an effective security program across the board. They tend to ignore certain
elements of their network, like things like segmentation. And then they want
move into cloud, and they don’t
realize that they have to apply segmentation controls
in the cloud environment as well. Organizations are investing
in emerging technologies, unified threat
management firewalls, those types of things. But they’re failing to configure
them properly on installation. So they’re not getting the
benefits of those devices. So having a security consultant
come in and help you configure some of these devices
that you’re acquiring is truly going to benefit
making use of that investment. The challenge they have
is pulling it all together in a cohesive
solution, and making it work so it best improves
their security posture. AT&T consulting can help you
stitch those pieces together to give you the best benefit
of those technologies.

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  1. Janene Edgar says:

    Proud to work for an organization that is so conscientious of the needs of our clients – particularly as it pertains to cybersecurity.  Keep up the good work, AT&T!

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