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always trying to help you understand the major sect to their growth themes then you can keep returning to whenever the market gets slammed which is been at me a lot lately and fortunately not today and one of those big themes is cybersecurity difficulty of stored data we now live in a world where corporate executives have no choice but to spend forces protecting their organizations from hackers failing to do so is a good way gara self fired just as Rick Smith former CEO of Equifax even handling data irresponsibly like Facebook didn't get in trouble they get cheeky I'm right in front of Congress now if you want to get your head around this kind of technology sometimes it means checking the privately held companies that are closer to the cutting edge companies a sixth era which was formed a year ago when a couple of private equity firms combined sensory links data center portfolio with medina capital's security and analytics business is a great match up the idea is so simple but i often wonder what why more companies are doing it six Darin combines fortified physical data centers with high quality cybersecurity software create an impenetrable barrier where companies can safely host their cloud infrastructure so let's take a closer look with mani Medina the CEO six turn learn more about his business model and what it means for the cyber security space mr. Medina welcome to man bunny good to see you Manny thank you for coming thank you for coming to drop by for us thank you Jim if you don't mind could you please tell us exactly because we have a lot of companies that come one about cybersecurity most of a lot of we have all the data center companies well you're assessing you giving us the best of both worlds thank you Jim it's a great pleasure for me to be here today I'm very excited to tell your viewers about six tiers so six era was founded to serve a very big purpose in the marketplace today as you read every day in the in the media all these breaches happen and enterprises and government agencies are having a very difficult time securing their IT infrastructure the primary reason for that is because their security defense is designed around a perimeter being built around their infrastructure right and that simply doesn't work today the vast majority of those enterprises and government agencies have today what is called a hybrid infrastructure right in other words part of their workload is in their own data centers the other part is in a colocation facility the other part is in a private cloud they use multiple public clouds like AWS Azura cetera further complicate matters users accessing their infrastructure from everywhere from an airplane from a star bar from home right so having a perimeter does not work anymore because where is the perimeter the perimeter doesn't exist anymore right so what can you offer that is more sophisticated a lot of the other cyber security companies that we know they protect that perimeter so what happens today in order for you to do to have that perimeter you have to do it through software you have to do what is called a software-defined perimeter around that infrastructure what's exterior has we have a number of products and services to help you accomplish your that we're very big believers in the physical data center we believe that a robust cybersecurity defense really starts with a physical security at the end of the day the cloud is not up in the sky the cloud is in that's been Hawking and you can I can show you the cloud right so basically that's exactly what happens so you start with the physical data center security right and then we also have a number of cyber security products and analytics products to help you accomplish that security the our flagship product is a photo cop it's a protocol app gate which is the most sophisticated and and widely utilized Software Defined permanent product in the marketplace today now we've had these real estate investment trusts in and they basically house data a lot of these go to them they're owned by real estate investor just they don't offer this do that no they don't and as a matter of fact is a very good point because look there's an many many providers that can build a physical robust data center we're strong believers having 2018 you have to have a cyber resistant data center right and that's really what our biggest difference is where you combine the cyber protection together with the physical protection now the CenturyLink have this or did you merge when you bought CenturyLink what happens you make it more robust so basically Centrelink ran a number of data centers which we acquired we acquired the physical data centers we had acquired a number of software companies that have this product that I was describing to your Software Defined perimeter the machine learning products and the analytics products that help then put everything together and make that protection robust now this must be an incredible advantage that you have both of them if you only have one of them you have to go buy the other that to me seems like a recipe for failure well absolutely and what happens is that today in that hybrid infrastructure you need to use different methods of protecting the different infrastructure right one of the greatest advantages of our software-defined preliminaries I used you use the same technology to protect your infrastructure regardless of where it resides okay now just in the time left how dangerous is the world right now versus even when I first met you a couple years ago Jim the world is extremely dangerous this is something that is not going to go away it's gonna add continuously worse than worse than worst and basically it's the eternal game of cops and robbers but it's not gonna stop anytime soon well look I'm glad that you're a good guy sigh I know that you have good you came you worked at aramark which was bought by Verizon you've been in this game for a long time I have been in this game for a long time longer than I care to remember but I am just I'm more excited today than I've ever been in casual it kind of reminds me a little bit of the beginning of the cloud no seven I mean there's a whole transformation happening in security and we are very very glad to be right at the forefront of it all right well now six turns out this is a private company that I hope goes public is I think it has the edge a lot of companies we talk to that's mainly deities the chairman CEO was sixth tire technology stickler Cramer oh yeah Jim Cramer here from there buddy thanks for watching see me see you on YouTube click here to subscribe and get the jump on my exclusives with CEOs plus market news investing advice and a whole lot more


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