Data Privacy Tips | Cybersecurity Insights #13

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Welcome back! Josh here from Absolute. In our last episode we looked at data privacy. Now, let's see how to
maintain that privacy with confidence. In 2018, 33% of successful
attacks targeted personal information. And at the same time
cyber criminals are doing their thing, data privacy regulations
are popping up all over the world. You're trying to win a battle on two fronts: Defeat the attackers and
stay audit-ready to satisfy regulators. That's hard. But here are a few tips to meet the challenge
for your IT and security teams. First, see everything. And try to think of
IT assets as more than just the machines – physical or virtual – and consider a new definition of 'asset', one that embraces devices, data, users, and apps. And start by pinpointing all the places these assets are and exactly how they're being used. This moves us away from the
run-of-the-mill IT asset management to a different mindset, one that sees asset management as an intelligent service for the rest of the organization. And having scooped up all that asset intelligence, we're ready to identify where sensitive data is hiding. Now that we can see the landscape, we can start crawling and finding all the
pockets of sensitive information. The preferred technique
is called 'lexicographic crawling', because the crawler is
continuously looking up for key data markers like names, addresses, phone
numbers, and other personal identifiers. And when you get a 'hit'
you know where the data is camped. Now that we've located all that data we're ready to move on to the next step: Analyze the Risk. By assessing risks that are unique to your organization, you're able to rationalize
which follow-up actions are needed based on your risk tolerance, instead of assumptions and intuition. And this brings us to our final step: a Rapid Response. Most legal requirements demand
not only proof of protections but also validating that you're
mitigating exposures quickly. So we need to be able to reach any device with finely tuned commands to
restore privacy protections in a moment. And by automatically
regenerating controls, apps, and agents when they are disabled, you're
positioned to thwart a cyber criminal and bring smiles to the faces
of regulators, auditors, and most of all… those individuals whose data you have. Protecting data privacy is a moral concern because it has the potential
to cause harm to real-life people, but with the steps we've outlined here, you can be audit-ready and
withstand the onslaught of cyber criminals. Pull everything into view,
crawl for sensitive data, analyze the risk and respond in an instant to restore protection. Be sure to subscribe and don't hesitate to drop your comments below. I'll see you next time!

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