Data Protection with Veeam

September 23, 2019 posted by

The amount of data created minute to minute
is growing exponentially. It is more important than ever for IT professionals to keep data
secure and free from corruption. Due to stringent demands
many organizations are moving their data from on-premises to off-premises
as part of their data protection strategy. But even this approach is not foolproof. On average it takes nearly five hours
for physical servers to recover after a catastrophic incident. Virtual servers take approximately
four hours of recovery time. This can translate to millions of dollars
lost every minute. What if you could recover
everything in minutes? What if your recovered data is secured
and the backups checked within minutes? Veeam can help with this. Veeam’s backup and replication solutions
are built to support any work load, regardless of where the asset is located. They are powerful, easy to use and affordable. To learn more about how Veeam can help you,
help your customers protect their data, another top I.T. priorities, visit the ProPartner Portal
or contact Veeam today.

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