Defence team at Avalon 2019 – vox pop with Orion Solar

October 9, 2019 posted by

Good afternoon I’m Richard Holliday from
Orion. I’m the Managing Director and vault here on the Queensland Defense Industry
stand at Avalon 2019. We’re pleased to be here showcasing our deployable airfield lighting kits. Our last involvement with Avalon 2017, we were successful in over 2 million dollars worth of project sales from
that and what we have going on with our deployable airfield lighting kits, our
deployable airfield light trailers, the relationships that we’re gaining here at
at Avalon 2019 with defense and army and RAF, combat air support group and the like, we can see that 2019 into 2020 is going
to be fantastic for Orion. Thank you.

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