Defence team at Avalon 2019 – vox pop with QUT

September 15, 2019 posted by

Hi, I’m Ray Johnson, Knowledge and Innovation Broker with QUT and it’s a great privilege to be here at Avalon 2019 at
the Queensland Government stand. QUT is a research organisation and we have great
research strengths in robotics, material science, data science, mathematics and
what we try to do is understand what our defence industry colleagues need to know now and in the future and how best we can help them. Being part of Avalon 2019
has helped QUT engage with such companies as Defence Science
Technology Group, Boeing, Rheinmetall, and a number of others, including our local Queensland state industry. Without without being
here at Avalon 2019 we wouldn’t be able to understand what their needs are now
and into the future.

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