Defence Team News – June 19, 2017

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♪ In this episode, we highlight the new CAF pay and allowances increases, check out Defence’s interactive Canada 150 web map, announce the launch of the new online Maple Leaf, and review the release process and Pension Roadmap for CAF members. Welcome back to Defence Team News. I’m Shelley Van Hoof. And I’m Captain Shalako Smith. Here’s what’s going on at Defence for the week of June 19th. The Treasury Board recently approved increases in pay and allowances for CAF members. Starting June 30th, 2017, Non-Commissioned Members, General Service Officers and Pilots at the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, Commander and below, and all Medical and Dental Officers will be paid 6.34 percent more. These CAF members will also receive a retroactive lump sum payment covering annual increases, as well as an increase to their Military Factor, back to April 1, 2014. Additionally, former members of the CAF who left after March 31, 2014 will also receive a retroactive payment and adjustments to their retirement benefits. Also, some specific allowances have increased for those who are entitled to them. Further details, including payment estimates, will be posted on the Know your Benefits webpage on Do you want to learn more about key events in Canada’s military history that helped forge our nation? Then check out Defence’s Canada 150 web map! Click on any location marked with a pinpoint and you will find current and historical facts and events all about Defence. Some might surprise you! Just visit the link below. Happy Canada 150! The online version of The Maple Leaf was recently launched! The new, mobile-friendly website will be updated regularly to provide readers with timely, in-depth stories that are shareable across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The features on the site are categorized by theme, and you can expect to find stories on the Navy, Army, and Air Force. It will also include information about the latest operations and exercises, health and wellness, pay and benefits, as well as human-interest profiles on Defence Team members. You can go to to visit the new website. And don’t forget, you can pick up the last print edition of the Maple Leaf in July. Avoid delays in receiving your CAF pension payments by taking time to plan your Pension Roadmap during your release process. After you have created a plan using the available resources and requested your release, an initial interview will take place at least one month prior to your official release date. You will then need to request and submit the necessary forms and complete a final interview before receiving your pension payment. Check out the June edition of the Maple Leaf for full details on these steps and other items related to your Pension Roadmap. Before we go, we’d also like to celebrate National Public Service Week which wrapped up on June 17th. A belated Bravo Zulu to all of the public servants within the Defence Team who continue to serve Canadians proudly. Thank you so much. And thank you so much for watching. See you next time… …for Defence Team News! ♪

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