Deputy Wants Me To Leave Public Property Because He Wants His Privacy-1st Amendment Audit

July 2, 2019 posted by

alrights Casey camera it's nothing going down there I see you nevermind [Applause] I know why he's the pony what were you pointing at me getting it what were you pointing to me I'm not talking about money yeah that's right No he wants me to deal with that don't have to leave I mean I'm trying to be me and you know but I'm not trying to leave as well [Applause] he wants me to leave right away I guess it's not like my microphone is gonna pick that up buh-bye that way my main microphone broke down I forgot I only have my camera microphone that's it okay I wasn't trying to be rude you know bye you know I don't have to leave right right you do have a good day sir thank you hey you want to talk for a second I'm with the press you know so I can explain to what I do that way you know yeah that way you don't think I'm just a creep or something is that fine you want to talk for a second because I hold public officials accountable make sure then about that you right that's what I show up that's pretty much it don't think I'm here just to buggy or something you know what I'm saying I don't I don't follow them that make it to police both cooking at the edge I just have to tell you I'm a cop watching Baker's show I just hold them accountable you know I care about your safety and didn't bother you right that's pretty much it all right perfect have a good day hey you want my business cards in case here oh shit I don't got none never mind I don't gotta I just look up first I'm an audit on YouTube and pretty much find my my channel I just looked up first i'ma not it cuz I move on to the next one have a good day don't I guess he wanted me to leave I mean I wasn't trying to be rude or something but he knows I don't have to mean why is he there – is he like waiting for me or something let's go to him let's see features waiting for me or something I guess they want me to be putting sidewalk I'm pretty much here for people safety you know I don't want people it's oh I think he knew well there you go all right a tick he's a camera boy he left well she said she likes the sheriff though I guess it's okay I'm not I'm not one to blame her I was gonna give her my youtube channel but she seemed to be a person not to trust for me to give her my youtube channel so I mean the first thing she told me I don't follow them what the hell over follow cops well let's see if he follows me he just gave her a business car and then what's it I guess that's it well Casey camera boys this time you tell people well I my what we do guys ah she had some pretty cool dog though let me tell you this so usually most of the times I give my YouTube channel to people but I guess this time it wasn't going to happen good morning there good morning and I want to say it looks like I'm really calm neighborhood here I don't know if is that calm too now get a walk like a like a whole block just to get to my vehicle so now I know why you saw postal worker let's see if we can hold them accountable to you might turn around they're the T fighting catch up to him dirty hot see they will my parking my car is park around here soon it's unbelievable he's like I'm trying to have a private conversation here can you say can you leave hey I'm I know I wasn't trying to be rude you know I don't have to leave her public property that's pretty much it there's a reason why I don't have to leave Larry go she left then I saw me I guess well this is a people leave a comment on the description box please go subscribe to my channel my new channel making out it's great again Kari Connie transparency go subscribe to Kacie camera boy I got three channels I hope you people love my content I'm always here outside busting it for your people I want you people to be safe or least not to have your rights being violated you know what I'm saying I'm always going to be here my email is on the description box for y'all to email me you see something say something I thought that sheriff was going to come back but he actually did it I don't think he liked me that much but it's okay though many people don't like me into this and it's okay if they don't I feel them anyways alright this is it now I'm by Beal Avenue peace up


44 Replies to “Deputy Wants Me To Leave Public Property Because He Wants His Privacy-1st Amendment Audit”

  1. C. P says:

    she could only afford half red hair dye…lmfao

  2. Baddrivercam says:

    Get a parabolic microphone so you can really get these scum.

  3. MOOSE MARINE says:

    he was wanting some Pussy & was going to get caught

  4. Big Steve says:

    At least she is keeping the cop off her property, You NEVER invite a cop into your house, that's just asking for trouble!

  5. Beth Bellflower says:

    You people need to learn a bit of respect for others. He was nice…and it was only at the request of the lady….damn…what is wrong with you people. Honestly….

  6. John Derek Mitchell says:

    When I first heard the dog I thought we were gonna see another Chicken Shit Cop shoot a dog. Of course that Doberman would actually do some serious damage vs the Chihuahua the idiot in Arz. shot. I still want to beat that SOBs ass!

  7. uindy4 says:

    If she wants it to be private ho inside. Out in the public cannot be a private conversation.

  8. Izzy T says:

    Even the dog was barking FTP lol

  9. neilsthepoet says:

    Never drop the question
    Why are you pointing at me?

  10. Brian Henderson says:

    A mother ass wipe. He just forgot the toilet paper.

  11. william willis says:

    To stop to talk to citizens the cops still think they own the streets. The cop had his patrol car parked blocking one street while the ass end was sticking out in the other street causing two streets to be obstructed for our safety, I am sure. Let a Citizen try that shit. Power over the people.

  12. Art Mchugh says:

    Maybe she is bitching at the cop about her hairdresser! !!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  13. 3sides2everystory says:

    If he wants privacy go in his car or indoors

  14. Poor dirt farmer says:

    Seems a lot of people want freedom but don't want us to have ours. Freedom must be given before it can be received or asked for

  15. Essene Gnostic says:

    Is that California or Haiti ?

  16. Earl Hampton says:

    Looks like he was talking to a man

  17. carl lagle says:

    Blue arsehole !

  18. Todd McKean says:


  19. Dominique Pilon says:

    he is fuking that girl ,,now he is expose,lol

  20. Richard Smith says:

    <<<<< I love watching cops make a fool of themselves on video they look like cartoon characters lmao lol lol

  21. Scott Meagher says:

    Much respect ✊! Stay safe out there!

  22. Dave Blakeney says:

    He wants privacy??? Get the open job of being on your knees under the Captain piggies deskπŸ½πŸ½πŸ½πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. sugarsmacks12 says:

    Hey did you go to copblock or cock block? Either way it worked.

  24. ggtr Girl says:

    Caught that weasel. Accountability and cameras really scare most police officers. Sad crazy fact

  25. JMAC Jmac says:

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the education, sending positive comments

  26. town Biz Oakland ca says:

    Did you see him slip her that envelope and looked like as money and near he might be paying That BIT CH to FUCK her

  27. Howard Conover says:

    It's good of you to explain why you are there a lot of people can get uncomfortable not knowing why. Once you've explained that it is in their behalf most of them realize you're doing a good deed.

  28. douglas howard says:

    I ask the cops for privacy but they never leave.

  29. Wendy Wilson says:

    Good job!!!

  30. Wendy Wilson says:

    You bad ass,I love it!!!

  31. Mangel Leslie says:

    She was definitely a trailer trailer park beauty queen for sure.

  32. byebyecali says:

    Piggy is up to No Good….. I smell Pork cooking ! I think he'll be back and back and back….;-)

  33. Jonathan Ibal says:

    If you want it to be private go inside the house.

  34. Detail Enthusiast says:

    He snuck that envelope into her hand. That's definitely a snitch or side piece! Wait??? Did you just cock block?? 😜😜😜

  35. Connie Miner says:

    KC educating! Listen and learn!

  36. jerry bushman says:

    "I'm trying to have a conversation". Well, you're having it in public so kick rocks

  37. Engineering Oyster says:

    "I'm trying to have a conversation with her."

    I've got a good suggestion for how this deputy can have a conversation with her: Stand near her & talk.

  38. Betsy Rivera says:

    That’s his side piece that’s why he walked up to you. 🀣 He was sitting there listening to you.

  39. Strictly Hip Hop says:

    4:13 He's calling her, asking her what did you say. He's hitting that, man!

  40. Strictly Hip Hop says:

    She's probably his side-piece. Be careful, KC!

  41. Amy Williams says:

    She didn’t need your channel.

  42. Amy Williams says:

    I bet she does. She might be a CI. πŸ™‚πŸ‘β€οΈβœŒοΈπŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  43. V Mc says:

    That cop wasn't all ego crazy. I guess that's better than usual.

  44. PoweR-is EveryThinG says:

    Keep audit and we watching you …"can you leave" ha ha ha that was ridiculous !

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