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To guide you in your personal quest for digital
security, we have compiled a list of best practices and tips for your apps, passwords,
devices, personal information and money. Most apps offer privacy settings for users,
enabling you to determine how much and what types of information are shared and stored.
Many hackers have successfully guessed passwords through trial-and-error methods, using combinations
of common information easily found on social media. Two step verification requires a password and verification of a numeric code sent to
your phone via SMS. It’s tempting to write your password on
a post-it, but this is on a par with keeping your house key taped to your front door,
there is no easier way for your data to be stolen. It is a good idea to have different passwords for different sites, or at least have a special
password for your most sensitive information. If you find it impossible to remember all
your different passwords, use a password manager. Encryption encodes data so that it can only
be read by someone who has the right encryption key to decode it.
Create a duplicate copy of your data so that if a device is lost, stolen, or compromised,
you don’t also lose your important information. Leaving computers on and connected to the
internet leaves your device open to attacks from malware and cybercrimes.
Some sophisticated hackers can hijack your webcam and use it to collect keystrokes and
other details about your life. We suggest you tape over your webcam.
Using your PIN instead of contact less payments mean you can keep better track of your outgoings.
Look at your statements regularly for suspicious transactions, be vigilant with your own finances.
Firewalls assist in blocking dangerous programs, viruses or spyware before they can infiltrate
your system. Did you know that your mobile devices can
be protected with anti-virus software? Consider using AVG Free or McAfee LiveSafe.

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