District Attorney proposes legislation to protect child victims

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3 Replies to “District Attorney proposes legislation to protect child victims”

  1. Chris Iman says:

    Although I can certainly sympathize with children who indeed have been sexually assaulted and the humiliation, fear and trauma they must have experienced. As anyone who'd do such a thing to a child needs to be held accountable for their behaviors and if found guilty in a court of law, be sentenced to prison for a very long time and if at all possible, be castrated. But this has to be accomplished through an in-depth and proper investigation with positive proof and hard evidence, not simply through accusations alone by a "victim". Why I take this position is because at times men have been accused of molestation, found guilty, and sentenced to many years in prison..Only to have the victim later recant their testimony. Admitting that the accusations were false. Done so because they were angry at the accused and wanted to get back at them. Or because they made the accusations at the prompting of another individual such as a mother. I've read countless cases where this was the case. It's too easy today to have this happen. And it can happen to anyone. It could happen to you. You're arrested and often have such a huge bail amount that you couldn't possibly expect to post this or to be released. Your freedoms are abruptly taken away with little or no recourse. You're harassed and humiliated by law enforcement and jail officers and staff, not to forget other inmates who don't care what the facts are or what the truth is, they just want to stomp on your head or stab you to death. You lose your job, and possibly your place to live and things you own. An adult 30-40 years old can go to the authorities to accuse you of molesting them when they were a child, some 20-30 years earlier and the system will quickly jump on this and you'll find yourself under arrest. Like I said.. it's happened numerous times and turned out to be fictitious. The experts suggest, children don't lie about this sort of thing..Yes, they can and have lied about horrible things for vengeance or attention. It's no different than the Salem Witch Hunts in America in the 1600's. Those little girls caused such misery in the lives of many innocent people. Several were hanged out of ignorance. This nation has changed little since those times.

  2. Audrey says:

    Long over due!

  3. F A says:

    Since when does a district attorney write laws? Shut up and convict someone. Give them serious prison time. No more revolving door justice system.
    DA doesn't understand his job.

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