Do Wheel Locks Work? Gorilla & McGard Wheel theft Protection + What Tools used to Remove without KEY

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as a car enthusiast it hurts to see someone's car left in the condition like this it's a shame that there are people out there that can so easily turn a profit by stealing rims from people's cars and leave them balancing on a couple of bricks so is there anything that can be done to prevent this one such product people turn to is wheel locks which are advertised as locks that are designed to protect your rims and be virtually impossible to remove without the matching key of course all these products say they give you peace of mind but in the end as with most things if someone else wants it bad enough they will find a way to steal it in case you didn't know these devices are not failsafe the worst thing you can do is have a false sense of security now using tools you can find it in most garages you can remove these fairly easily granted you may need a bit more time and in some cases you may take you may make a lot more noise doing so there are typically three different types of wheel lock designs out there first we have splined these have a unique external security pattern in the splines themselves one popular brand that uses this type is gorilla second we have the pattern these have a unique groove the security pattern for imprinted on the top of the lock one popular brand that uses this type is my guard a lot of car manufacturers now include wheel locks and most are using the pattern type locks one thing to know about this is that the factory locks usually only have a small set of keys or small set of key combinations this means that it is easier to get your hands on a set of keys that will work on your factory lock third you have the internal these have a hollow Center that can be patterned in a typical hex key or Torx key style socket or even a unique socket pattern here are some examples of wheel locks by the two popular brands gorilla and the guard each comes with four lock nuts and one key when you buy a set of these make sure to keep the key code in case you lose your wheel lock key in that situation you will be able to order replace from a manufacturer one more thing to remember you should lock the key in your glove box or hide it in the car somewhere the thieves know that you will have to keep the key in the car and if it's just in your unlock glove box it's as easy as breaking window opening a glove box take the key and remove the rims oftentimes these companies will come out with different and new models of their lock systems it may be better to get one of the newer ones because oftentimes they improve on previous generations to resolve a deficiency or shortcoming as an example a lot of the locks now come with a metal collar around the lug that spins and is made of a hardened metal this is to prevent someone easily using a regular socket and hammering it on to the lock in a way that allows the removal of the lock without a matching key look at grille out with their original locks and compared with the guard lock or x2 in how they have improved on the original design we know that wheel locks aren't as good as they claim but what the wheel locks can do is slow down the thief a little and if you use a layered approach with other security measures you can somewhat prevent or at least make it more difficult for the thief also being smarter about where you leave your car unattended is a big one in prevention I have here a regular socket and two of the gorilla locks that I own the first is the gorilla guard – and the second one is the gorilla guard lock as you can see here it may be possible for me to remove the gorilla guard – with a regular socket as it fits snug and is able to bite into the lock itself next can a regular socket be used on the gorilla guard lock as you can see the collar prevents someone from easily fitting a socket overtop the person would need to remove the collar first or use some other method one other thing that I notice with my set of locks is that there is a potential for using a different key to open a non matching lock these two locks have different keys as you can see he here in this case my other key does seem like it could be used if that is the case then if someone were to have on hand one of these keys even if it's not matching they might just be able to use them to unlock a non matching lock and lastly you should know that most garages can remove any lock and for the better locks out there they do have specialized tools that are specific for removing those locks so the best thing you can do is use wheel locks in combination with a security alarm that has some sort of tilt detection and two-way communication then at least you can be notified if someone is messing around with your rims in my case I used two sets of lock nuts as shown in this video it was a bit overkill and an inconvenience but I'm fine with that as I'm sacrificing a bit of convenience for more security so there you go you now have a better understanding of wheel locks don't fool yourself or let others fool you into having a false sense of security if you found this video useful please share with your friends and family so that we all stay informed


42 Replies to “Do Wheel Locks Work? Gorilla & McGard Wheel theft Protection + What Tools used to Remove without KEY”

  1. Hal 2000 says:

    1: Remove the 4 of 5 that aren't locks.
    2: Grab the rim/tire opposite from the side with the lock on it. e.g. Put the locked stud on the bottom and grab the top of the tire
    3: Pull outward on the rim and break the stud with the lock.
    4: Enjoy your new rims and tires

  2. Sliding Gamer says:

    Hmm,if you used 4 different sets and an alarm?

  3. Michael Martinez says:

    I Need for BMW????

  4. P Gaven says: A surefire way to prevent this..

  5. P Gaven says:

    Nope…in Hayward, Ca there's been at least two whole wheel thefts in apartment complexes here WITH overnight security, and Cameras. Both crime victims had ALL FOUR of their tires from 2017-18 Toyotas completely stolen and the cars were put on cinderblocks. Both also had these shitty gimmicky "tire locks" on them. Both thefts likely happened within 20 minute time spans…so…I've yet to find something to Prevent or actually make things difficult. One of the cars was in a carport located directly in front of a camera AND right by a highly visible entrance.

  6. JHowl says:

    Great video. Thanks for posting.

  7. Zachary Hoopes says:

    They are wheels, WHEEEEELS. NOT RIMS.. god

  8. Aj Daly says:

    Very simple, informative and helpful. Thank you for the time & efforts you put in for this video.

  9. WhackAHoe says:

    All that damm spit in your mouth is killin me.

  10. Brandon Jackson says:

    Every lug nut on my rims is a lock😆 cost a lot of money but it’s cheaper than having to buy new rims and tires.

  11. Philly Accord says:

    I will buy 5 different types of wheel locks and put different lock on each wheel. So 5 different locks on each wheel

  12. Alfredo Márquez says:

    MaGard is a beautiful product made with good materials and then quality hardened, but it's nice appearance is deceiving: I lost my key and needed to fix a tire that was losing air.  At first I thought of welding a standard nut to the McGards, but stopped thinking that I could damage the wheel bearings with stray currents, so I went to a small brake shop nearby and they offered to remove them safely "at a Low cost and in No time"…  they asked 10 dollars for the four of them to be removed.
    So I accepted and less than 5 (Yes FIVE) minutes later they removed the four McGard "Safety" lugs from all my wheels by using a slightly worn 12-point deep socket that they just mounted over the so called "Best lug nuts" with some careful blows of a small (two pound) hammer, and Voilá!: gone in less than a minute a wheel.  This product is completely useless as a safety or "lock" nut, and can be a nuissance for the owner of the vehicle.  Useless.  If you wonder why did I say that they removed each in less than a minute, and then that it took them 5 minutes for the 4 wheels, it is because they used about 10 seconds to remove  each useless McGard from the 12-point socket.
    As I'm very careful with my car, I tighten my lugnuts in a cross pattern in at least three steps to the specified 100 Lb Ft torque with a good torque wrench, so I'm sure the McGards were not undertorqued, that's for certain.
    The removed McGards look almost as good as new, but the 12-point slightly bellmouthed socket only left slight scars on them.McGards look very nice, but are useless for a handy thieve or auto technician.  Save your money.

  13. Harris Caldwelly says:

    My wheel locks came in handy for a different reason…I took my car to the shop to get my breaks inspected at the time I had Vogue tires and hubcaps I had the rim locks hid under the hubcaps when I went to pick up my car the mechanic told me I needed $1500.00 worth of brake work done ..I asked him how did he get my tires off to do the inspection? I never showed him where I hid the key to the locks he just looked stupid & give me my inspection fee back. took the car to another shop had a leaking brake line!…. Fixed $60😀 l thank the wheel locks for this.

  14. Jay Harvey says:

    Good video – very informative – Thanks!

  15. Samy Belmont says:

    That was a very interesting video. You have a very soothing voice. Very relaxing,

  16. Jack Angel says:

    I'll leave my pit bull in my car

  17. Jack Angel says:

    Wheel locks don't work

  18. T- Mills says:

    You put wheel locks on a Nissan Altima?! Why?

  19. alex delgadillo says:

    Great Video.

  20. K W says:

    I don’t ever park my car on a street!

  21. David Woodard says:

    Gr8 info. I lost my key and number.. So i gonna have to theft my own wheels. 😁

  22. Mike Gose says:

    If the wheels are expensive enough, I would use a wheel lock on each lug.

  23. joseph spellman says:

    I have the sleeve guard from Gorilla and my normal tuner lug key fits over lug and between the sleeve…

  24. Hennessy Smith says:

    Cant a theif just buy a kit and use the key off it?

  25. koch says:

    locks keep honest people honest… that is about it..

  26. Jeff Kakashi says:

    Well your missing the point, it's not to secure the wheels is to make it more difficult for the thief, even though if they want your stuff they are going to get it however lets put this example if you have the same wheels I do but I have different combination wheels and your car doesn't who do you think they are going to target? exactly that's why people use them nothing is safe in this world just make it a little harder for people and they will target the easy prey.

  27. JackNixon619 says:

    Brazen crooks stole all 4 wheels & tires right in my driveway using the Gorilla brand with the notched outer spline for the key.. Thought these locks were better than that.. Big Fail Gorilla…

  28. joapps says:

    indent stamp a serial number on the EXTERIOR of each wheel… the more stamps and the more visible the better

  29. iParadox says:

    Just carry your wheels inside with you duhh

  30. Andrew Andrew says:

    A mechanic lost one of my official Honda lock nuts so they replaced all of them with McGard lock nuts and handed over the 3 Honda lock nuts. Should I just put back the Honda nuts and 1 McGard lock? What would you suggest?

  31. Edward Acevedo says:

    I got the gorilla original acorn lock 24pack with the gorilla swivel outer ring 4 pack. Hoping to install. Viper 5706 alarm for when my rims come late july/early august

  32. Kanye West says:

    I use them on all my lug nuts in all my tires

  33. Alex F says:

    I didn't know gorilla have different patterns/types. Recently bought acorn type but will rtn and buy type that cant slip a lug nut. Thx for info dude

  34. gphillimo says:

    I will just use my 45. Blow the mfs head off.

  35. Peter Balogh says:

    I had a different kind of set for my beloved Evo 9. It was Rays brand and actually a whole set of 20 very light yet strong aluminum lug nuts. 4 out of the 20 had 7 sides only with a groove on one side. The position of the groove gave difference from other sets. I kept my baby on a fenced yard so I don't know if it would protect my Wolk rims. I liked it cause they looked alike with the non locking ones.

  36. 5 Star Wheel Locks says:

    Hello thanks for doing this video you explained it very well. We are a new company with a wheel locks that cannot be removed. The name of our company is 5 Star Lug Locks. I would be happy to send you a set of our locks for your review.

  37. SANTA MUERTE says:

    Most spline come off easily with a 17mm socket

  38. w0lvez1 says:

    RED Thread-Locker

  39. sparks 1 says:

    Weld the rims to the car.

  40. LeopardLover LeopardLover says:

    I just had my airbag stolen afterwards I was advised to buy this and the club

  41. Bruce Wayne says:

    I just weld my lug nuts onto my rims. I love seeing thief shake their head and walk away. Thief probably say in their head " fuck, if this dude is this crazy, I'm ain't even going to try".

  42. Steven kilvington says:

    When I lost my lock but I got a 18mm socket put a tack weld in and Beat it into one of the splines on the splined nut had all 4 off within 10 mins

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