Do Your Employees Have These 5 Safety Traits?

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There are five traits that if your
people have them safety will be the easiest thing they do. What are the five?
Let’s find out right now. Welcome to safety hearts and minds,
online courses and videos to help you energize safety, build teamwork, and get
employee buy-in. Gallup polling says two-thirds of your people aren’t
actively engaged in their work. So you should notice that some days it’s an
exercise in frustration to get your people to do safety. And why wouldn’t it
be? You’re trying to connect people to safety before you’re connecting them to
their work. But while two out of three aren’t actively engaged in their work,
one out of three is. And someone who is connected and engaged in their work is
also going to be actively engaged and connected to safely doing their work. And
for those people who are actively engaged, there are five key traits they have that keeps them connected and makes them
leaders on your team. So, here are the five traits. They have respect. They care
about themselves and their team. They do quality work they’re proud of. They’re
focused on helping their team. And they’re approachable. So, let’s look at
each of these traits. People who have respect, don’t act selfishly. They get good sleep, stay healthy, look after their workspace.
Respectful people care more about their work and the people they do it with. And
when you care, you certainly care about the quality of your work. When you do
your best work, you don’t take shortcuts or have many do-overs as you do it right
the first time. Which means doing the work safely. That makes you proud of your work and you want to be proud of the team’s work too. So you help the team.
That makes them very approachable people. I mean seriously. If you have respect, and
you care, and you do quality work, and you help your coworkers, how are you not the
most approachable person on the site? So, what do you do with this information?
Well, here’s your homework. You make columns on a page. Five of them. One with each of the five traits: respect, caring, quality, helpfulness, and approachability.
Then, on the left side of the page you write the name of each team member: one under the other. Check the columns with the traits they have. You may have a
few fives, some fours, a lot of threes. Twos and ones need work but now you know which traits they already have and which ones you can help them develop.
You’re their coach. That’s the job. Now, if that’s been helpful and you want to get more, subscribe to my weekly blog and my YouTube channel. And, coming in early 2020, watch for the launch of KevBurns Learning: online courses designed to help you energize safety build teamwork, and get employee buy-in.

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