Document and Data Safeguard Solution for State and Local Government

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State, County, and Local Governments are
always looking to do more with what they already have. Like leveraging a disjointed array of
costly scanning, faxing, and printing devices. And the software that goes along with
them. This presents some big challenges. Linking all those systems, digitizing all
the content, and helping to assure the security of
all that data. Don’t have money to replace your
hardware and software? Make it work harder! Ricoh’s Document & Data Safeguard Solution for State and Local government can help you maximize your existing
infrastructure. First, we’ll help you build fully
automated workflows that improve access and sharing in this age of mobile
information and work styles. Whether documents arrived via email,
fax, scan, or traditional mail, they can be captured and routed through
digital workflows that get critical information where it
needs to go, fast! An added benefit is that document
quality improves with text searchable PDFs, cleaner digital copies, and compressed digital storage. Next, we’ll
help eliminate the vulnerabilities in your fax lines, fax devices, data entry stations, email
devices, and print platforms so that there’s less
risk of losing or leaking sensitive information. Our streamlined platform delivers
greater visibility and control along with a verifiable audit trail, even
for fax documents. Finally, Ricoh will help you identify
opportunities to cut costs while maximizing your hardware and software
investments. Ricoh has decades of experience working
with State & Local Governments. Our unique solution maximizes the value
of your existing tools and technologies. We’ll make information work for you by
strengthening the connections between your software, systems, and devices so that you can start digitizing content,
automating workflows, and improving document and data security.
Contact us to learn more about Ricoh Document & Data
Safeguard Solutions for State and Local Government. Ricoh– imagine. change

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