Dogs Tested to See Whether They’d Defend Owner During Home Invasion

November 3, 2019 posted by

when a masked intruder Kicks down the door in Minneapolis these two pooches take off and in a home outside Philadelphia this dog runs away after a burglar hurls a plate at it so would your dog come to your defense of a burglar ever broke in this is Perry a five year old yellow lab her owner Michelle Kelleher loves her dog but she wonders whether Perry will go the extra yard I hope she tries to protect me to find out we enlisted guard dog experts Nate Bonilla and Michael de Bru’s oh then with Michelle’s permission our burglar burst Tim Mischel puts on a great performance as he pretends to assault her she screams for Carrie so what does Perry do does she jump in to save her look she heads for the door Michelle is left alone to defend herself this is called flight her tail is tucked she’s actually looking for a way out thanks Barry I’m a little surprised she almost took off next up ruby a four year old pitbull lab mix beloved by her owner Kevin Peterson I believe she’s gonna bite but I’d like to find out the so-called home invasion Goes Down and it sure looks terrified he comes running to investigate oh yeah she’s not so brave either she runs away you believe she’s part pitbulls ruby was curious she was worried about you but she was not willing to take on the attacker sorry Kevin but ruby is away now meet the duo of Frodo and Dobby ferocious-looking not even close who’s a good boy they live with Ellen i camp in Westchester County New York I think Frodo is really gonna go after the attacker well we’ll just see about that Ella puts on quite a show and when they hear mom is under attack the two come running into the room watch as brave Frodo gets right into the mix he even jumps up on our burglar and I’m out the door they did amazing mike says Frodo instinctively does a guard-dog technique called splitting he goes right in between puts himself in the line of fire and then continues to drive him out little Dobby was just as fearless once they realize that something was wrong they really both stepped up like how they work together who would have thought the littlest dogs including a chihuahua would turn out to be the bravest [Music] you [Music]


100 Replies to “Dogs Tested to See Whether They’d Defend Owner During Home Invasion”

  1. Key Livingston says:

    “Can you believe she’s part pitbull”

    What’s does that even mean? Was her being a pitbull supposed to make her aggressive? She’s clearly a princess like he said she ain’t tryna get them paws dirty 😭 pitbulls ate sweethearts in my opinion.

  2. Jestoni Mark Maceda says:

    It is really proven that size doesn't matter

  3. Devin Pace says:

    Did that guy just kiss his dog on the mouth

  4. Dylan Weber says:

    If the burglar was in my house I would slap him with a baseball bit and punch him

  5. said akh says:

    coward huge dogs

  6. Trains ‘N Sirens says:

    Yikes! I live in Minnesapolis!

  7. David Simmons son of God says:

    cant fool dog

  8. Clauce Micro says:

    😍 Little furry furies.

  9. Luxe Lady says:

    Great informative video until 1:09. How do these people let their dogs lick their mouths, it must be a cultural thing so gross…do they realize dogs lick their own balls? 🤮🤮 thanks a lot now I feel like throwing up

  10. free dahbuzz says:

    There is a difference between a pitbull and a petbull . The problem is that it is basically illegal to own aggressive dogs in the United States much less a aggressive pitbull . A dog's aggression comes with training and conditioning in aggression and obedience . So In most cases if the dog isn't trained to protect you and have all it's aggression trained out then you have 🐕 pets like these on this video.

  11. Crazy Lance says:

    My dog would leave faster than the robber

  12. Alice James says:

    Dogs can sense if it real or fake

  13. Jackie Varughese says:

    I want to put my fish to the test😂😂😂

  14. reklessluv2193 says:

    I really think dogs can sense when you’re in real danger too

  15. Karxar1as says:

    Come do this to my pit see what happens 😛

  16. yuiop T says:

    I hate dogs

  17. Giraffe says:

    I don’t know about my dog ‘cause one barks when someone is at my house but she is old so if you give her a treat your fine. Then the other one I’m scared of she’s young and has to be tied up but she can break free if she tries.

  18. PainDannyful says:

    Next movie series: “Frodo, the doggo”

  19. Joshua Moore says:

    These people kissing their dogs in the mouth is what I'm stuck at

  20. My names not important says:

    Mean thing to do to dogs. Really uncool video.

  21. Julian Dearing says:

    Call me crazy but taking these dogs and making them into these lazy couch bums and overly spoiling them making them fat. And then confused why they don’t do their jobs like they use to or should be doing.

  22. dalexkom says:

    yea fearless.. but useless.. now get a cane corso and watch the fun and frolics

  23. Auset Ma'at Rayay says:

    Anyone see the dog licking her in the mouth? 🤦🏾‍♀️ People this is not natural.

  24. Crimeslime99 says:

    I have a viscous pit bull sooooooooo

  25. Engr. Jessy de Castro, CH E says:

    Small but terrible. 😅

  26. Kezuki Valentine says:

    Did this make anyone else cry

  27. Jamie Caballero says:

    Burglary: Enters my house
    My dog: Imma end this whole man’s career

  28. Jay Manas says:


  29. Felisa Cortez says:

    I believe dogs sense when somebody is real or fake…..

  30. javier R says:

    Meanwhile in Dog tube: will dogs bestfriend protect you from stranger lol

  31. eko pranata says:

    Try cat next time

  32. ghosted166 says:

    What kind of person lets their dog lick their mouth, disgusting.

  33. Bobby Fang says:

    Ever thought of the dogs just being smart and know that this is faked…

  34. Sleepy Tori says:

    I have a taco terrier (Chihuahua and Toy Fox Terrier mix), my family saved her about 2 years ago (soon to be 3 in December). An officer had to visit our house due to the fact our neighbors bike got stolen and we had security cameras. Once he opened the door, Luna (the dog) bursted to the front door and unties the mans boot laces and screamed at him at a high pitched voice.

  35. John Yan says:

    Imagine seeing a guy in a ski mask go into a house, you hear screaming and barking, and you see the guy in the mask backing out with his hands up as a chihuahua is attacking him. That would be hilarious

  36. Neyon Reid says:

    Smallest dogs have the biggest balls 🤣

  37. Rishujeet Rai says:

    I knew Chihuahuas weren't all talk!

  38. Madhusudan Prabhu says:

    Only Frodo was brave. Rest all were scareshits 😂

  39. IluVe CrEaM says:

    I feel like some of the dogs probably know nothing bad is actually happening

  40. JUTStin Y. says:

    Then the chihuahua attacks then a boss song plays

  41. not today says:

    I’d seriously consider putting that dog down.

  42. buenisimo554 says:

    Lol. None of those dogs did anything. The two small dogs could've been kicked really hard with the soft attitude they approached the attacker🤡

  43. Элизабет K says:

    My female cat would make a burglar wish he never entered. She doesn't like anyone else and attacks. 😄

  44. Brian Pan says:

    My dog would push me into the home invader, then run into the kitchen to look for food left out.

  45. Feather Black says:

    Just throw the dog at him for distraction and run.
    ….and don't forget to give him a cookie afterwards.

  46. 12121212 X says:

    That guy was frenching his dog wtf lol

  47. Kevin Langie says:

    How grows the dog owners let the dogs lick their face and their mouths nasty sonsabitches

  48. SCP372PJ - The Gamer SCP says:

    My fighting fish: IMA END THIS THEIF’S CARRIER!!

  49. Kimbo Slice says:

    German Shepherd=top flight security

  50. Joel Mtz says:

    2 dogs were let go from there job that day

  51. Mike VINNY says:

    I'm 34 year old male, reasonably fit.. if I had somebody break into my home I probably just call my 86 year old grandma… she is Italian

  52. Ferrariic says:

    Why am I crying

  53. Lana Kara Mitchell says:

    To be fair to the animals; I have seen footage of men being attacked in their homes and their girlfriend/wife running out of the house. I think it's in human and animal nature either to escape harm or to search for help.

  54. Seleukos Kallinikos says:

    That's why I adopted a little gun.

  55. Joe Bob says:

    Yup my chuwawa do that

  56. Ellis Conner says:

    Feminists when trump got elected 1:52

  57. Jose Silva #Teamtree says:

    i have a bull terior and and a dog with no tail but thier big

  58. M. Saleh says:

    My pet cat would tears the intruder flesh. Forgot what breed my cat is. I bought at a black market from Africa. He came in a wooden crate box 2 month after the purchase.

  59. Maybelline says:

    Aww this is adorable but it’s true small dogs tend to be more brave than big dogs a lot of times. I would really like to find out if my pit mix and Pomeranian would defend me.

  60. TheCgOrion says:

    My Puggle would help the robber, if they had a sandwich.

  61. Luis Moncayo says:

    They learn from owners.

  62. ados gang says:

    These dogs have any training? That thing doesn't look human. It could be a bear to the dog. Imagine a pitbull that knows technique.

  63. Writing Wren says:

    I've been wanting to do this test with my dog. Although I'm pretty sure he'd do the splitting maneuver and back the person into a corner or back out the door. He already kinda does that behavior around new people until I tell him to calm down. Not sure how aggressive he'd actually get besides sounding vicious though.

  64. J C says:

    A pitbull never bite a person.The history of a pitbull is a fighting dog dogs had to be handled during the matches.So any pitbull that bite people were
    Put down immeditly.Unless of course it was a ace .And those would only be handled by experienced dogmen.

  65. Milton Smith says:

    My pet rock never does anything when I'm in danger. I'm going to throw it away.

  66. Abdifitah Bosto says:

    I think these niggas work at chihuahuas rescue

  67. hermesten1000 says:

    Should be a lesson to all those people who think because they have dogs they don't need to do anything to defend themselves.

  68. Clement Nkosi says:

    Nah,dogs can only feel danger..look at the wiggling tails..they think its a game.

  69. TTV. N0vak1ng says:

    My dog would bite off the thief fingers

  70. Blu says:

    First dog: Here's my chance! FREEEEDDDOOOMMMMM!!!

  71. Jacob Garcia says:

    Haha dogs suck.

  72. ᗰᖴᗪOᗪGE03 ᑭᔕ4 says:

    0:20 mom i swear im not watching an old lady make out with a dog 😭🤮

  73. Will B says:

    You all like letting dogs lick you in the mouth huh lol

  74. Justin Nguyen says:

    I have a dog named ruby and look exactly like here

  75. Lord Jayson says:

    Tnis is insane why not try the gsd, malinois, rottie or doberman

  76. Samantha Gala says:

    Your pet will smell a different smell in you when I have fear. Your pet will surprise you. They new you were playing just by ur smell

  77. Samantha Gala says:

    Jc go and read these comments. Stoned dumb or just fkn stupid.

  78. XJ 900's says:

    Smart dogs….😂😂😂

  79. Shrikant Lata says:

    2:12 look at that little one. Bit confused and asks from owner.😀😀😀

  80. Shane _015 says:

    How about German shepherds?

  81. Jediael says:

    How you let your dog lick your face that's disgusting

  82. Cindy Who says:

    We’ve taken the hunt out of the dog. You need to train them.

  83. Airen Subliminals says:


    IM 13yo and i have 3 dobermans lol

    Sally, Killer and Erin

  84. phade91esj says:

    Ahaha these dog owners might as well have cats.

  85. Supernova Studio says:

    Frodo was like, "And stay out!"

  86. Why Tho says:

    Am I the only one who got mad when the person threw the plate

  87. J D says:

    Dogs kicking owners faces! 🤮

  88. Nevaeh Giordano says:

    I love how the little dogs were brave and the big ones

    Not so much

  89. saxyrep1 says:

    Why would you let a dog lick your mouth ? SMH

  90. Jason's YZ says:

    It's always the ankle biters


    owner getting beats up by a burglar
    Dog:wait i will just lock up the door andnbeat you up

  92. Ninja Kid says:

    It was funny with the end one

  93. Deza Edradan says:

    Of course some dogs wont attack because uf you dont train for it the dog wont know what their supposed to do

  94. Retheesh chandran says:

    Too many SOYdogs in USA!

  95. duhnuh pir says:

    She already wins naming her dogs frodo and dobby awww

  96. Mike M says:

    Little dogs get it in
    Rip Princess :'(

  97. Pavan Deepak says:

    It's the goddamn chihuaha

  98. Brian Link says:

    One majur truth is missing here. None of the humans attempted to fight back. If they did, it would signal to the dog what the pack needed to do. Plain and simple. Yes you can train a dog to defend. But, In a pinch, the mire act of of you defending yourself will trigger the dog to do the same. If you just hide and run, so will the dog.My 2 cents.

  99. Star Wars Gamer says:

    My boxer dogs would prob KILL the attacker!

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