Donate to the John May Farm Safety Fund: Koval Brothers Dairy

November 9, 2019 posted by

Hey, I’m Chris Koval, a Saratoga
County dairy farmer. We are a Stewarts Shop producer and we are a 3rd generation dairy farm. Here’s Owen. He is our youngest so he’s around the farm
daily and he’s participating in some chores and learning about how our operation runs. There’s a lot of safety needs with children around. We have quite a diverse group that work here. During our safety meetings, we realized
that we did not have the correct eyewash station, and we learned about the John May Farm Safety Fund. So we applied for an eyewash station, and we received a grant, and we received funding that made that possible for us to do. And that’s something that if people need help, they should research what NYCAMH can do for
them. It’s helped us quite a lot. If the Fund continues to get money, they
can help lots of dairies, there’s lots of dairies in need. They need outreach, we
need outreach to get to people, to keep them going. This is a very difficult time
for people and the money really goes to help the on the ground issues. These people, if we can reach out to them,
and get them a few safety things, you can save lives, you can teach people to be safer. We can keep small dairies in communities. There’s lots of safety issues that still need addressing. It’s a great place to spend a few
dollars and help our farm community.

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