Donna’s Story: Delivery Truck Driver Safety

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This is a story about Donna Markson. Donna is a delivery truck driver. It’s a job she loves, and all of her friends and family know it. “Hey wait for me!” Donna worked hard to get a good schedule that allows her to drop her kids off at school every morning and be home in time to make dinner. She has a steady boyfriend, and enjoys
nights out with her friends. “Woooo!” Most of all, driving a truck allows Donna
to take care of her kids. But one day, something strange happened. “I’ve got five trucks waiting on you!” While securing a load at one of her regular stops, Donna’s bare hands slipped off the pry bar
and it kicked back, hitting her in the face and knocking her out cold. Donna Markson was rushed to the hospital and immediately into surgery. Her kids waited at the regular place after swimming,
but their mom never arrived. Every day Donna was off work meant there was a greater chance she’d lose the schedule she had worked so hard for. During her recovery, Donna suffered terrible headaches, and often couldn’t drive. So her ex, Craig, had to take the kids
to school and swimming. “Come on Bryce, baby! Let’s make this deal.” And Craig never let anything be more
important than Craig. After saying “no” a few too many times,
Donna stopped getting invited to ladies’ night. And though she still attended her regular
game of tennis with Katie and Darren, sitting on the sidelines meant it wasn’t much fun. Her boyfriend, Rob – bless his heart – still
tried his hardest. “I almost had that one…” She got dizzy spells, so her kids pitched in making dinner for themselves and the dog. Life had taken a bad turn for Donna Markson. Wait, that’s not Donna Markson! That’s some other driver. Sure, Donna Markson secured her load that day. But, like every other day, she wore her gloves. She made sure to use a proper pry bar, and didn’t lean over it while cinching down the straps. While this may have taken a few extra seconds,
the pry bar never slipped. Donna Markson knows what can happen
if she doesn’t look after herself. She understands that staying healthy allows her to maintain a good life
for herself and her kids, and keeps her on the road. Because Donna Markson is a professional truck driver.


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  1. 45von says:

    it always pays to pay attention

  2. Marshal Jim Duncan says:

    Donna is going steady…

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